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I do not like the current trend to turn the iPad into a Macbook with its floppy subpar keyboard. What's next? A smart keyboard with soft trackpad?     Key is to have a dedicated iPad OS. Something that fills the gap between iOS and OSX. The screen size with touch control and the pencil are great differentiators. The iPad OS should make full use of that.   watch OS iOS for iPod and iPhone iOS for iPad OSX for macs   ADDENDUM: While I am not in favour of the...
I am looking forward to  Watch 2.   They could actually just sell the watch body as most of the first generation buyers already have the watch band(s)?
My mistake: I meant 'smart keyboard cover', not 'smart cover' as you rightfully pointed out.
 The tragedy is that the iPad's smart keyboard cover validates Microsoft's weird vision of hybrid PC/tablets. I sincerely hope people would stop wishing the iPad to be a Macbook. There's a Macbook for that, only a fraction more expensive than an iPad pro with smart keyboard. EDIT: changed 'smart cover' to 'smart keyboard cover'
 Yes, this will be the case once the full iPad line-up is compatible with the  pencil and 3D touch.
What I do not understand is why  TV is not built into the iMac? The iMac already has a nice retina display, so why the need to have a seperate apple TV box that needs to be connected to a dedicated TV screen? I for one do not have a TV screen.
I don't get the fuss of using the iPad pro with a hybrid keyboard cover. It is a gimmick that belongs in Redmond. I'm planning to use the iPad air with a proper magic keyboard I use for my desktop computer. EDIT: The pencil and 3D touch are key to create a more engaging iPad experience. They offer you more fine grain control.
This will change when all iPads wil be compatible with the  pencil:   An iPad Air with pencil will most definitely replace my Moleskine. It's the perfect size & weight.
 Some clever accessory maker should design an iPad cover with integrated sleeve for the Magic keyboard.
New Posts  All Forums: