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What I do not understand is why  TV is not built into the iMac? The iMac already has a nice retina display, so why the need to have a seperate apple TV box that needs to be connected to a dedicated TV screen? I for one do not have a TV screen.
I don't get the fuss of using the iPad pro with a hybrid keyboard cover. It is a gimmick that belongs in Redmond. I'm planning to use the iPad air with a proper magic keyboard I use for my desktop computer. EDIT: The pencil and 3D touch are key to create a more engaging iPad experience. They offer you more fine grain control.
This will change when all iPads wil be compatible with the  pencil:   An iPad Air with pencil will most definitely replace my Moleskine. It's the perfect size & weight.
 Some clever accessory maker should design an iPad cover with integrated sleeve for the Magic keyboard.
   Apple updated the scissor key mechanism instead of adopting the new butterfly keys.
Well equipped coworking spaces offer laptop stands for their coworkers. You'd need a bluetooth keyboard to take advantage of the laptop stand.However, my point is that you are better off with a 99$ magic keyboard than a 169$ smart keyboard because its use is limited to the iPad pro only while the magic keyboard is compatible with all Apple devices (including the iPad Pro).
 Well, Apple's Cover and Case double up as a stand. And the Magic keyboard could be used for your desktop computer or laptop as well. So, why  the need for a dedicated iPad Pro keyboard that needs to be hooked into the screen? Notice that the magic keyboard allows you to have your iPad screen at a further distance.
 I am puzzled why Apple introduced the Smart Keyboard Cover: Why would you spend 169$ for a wannabe smart keyboard while you can get the amazing 99$ magic keyboard? Also, the magic keyboard will work with all your Apple devices while the smart keyboard requires you to plug in your iPad Pro.  No, really. The Smart Keyboard belongs in the odd PC world of Microsoft. Let them be happy with their awful hybrids. I hope Apple's Smart Keyboard Cover is a one off.
From an aesthetic point of view, I prefer the rounded top edge of the previous Magic trackpad and keyboard. It creates a much gentler feel towards the screen than the abrupt sharp edge of the current trackpad and keyboard.
The solution to iTunes is iCloud. Move it from the desktop to the web. If you like, you could download the seperate desktop apps for offline listening. Just like Slack. This way everything would still be unified (on the web) while you could tailor your desktop experience by downloading the seperate apps according to your needs. Somehow I hope Apple merges iCloud.com into Apple.com as I already have a profile page (with credit card details) on Apple.com. EDIT: One more...
New Posts  All Forums: