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I cannot see Jony Ive writing "wireless" on his products ... so 'no', most likely designed by beats.
How many Alexa's do they have in the house?   Apple could integrate Siri in a blink. Continuity will make us speak to our computers.   "Siri!?, Close Safari and open my most recent document in Pages. I got to do some work."
Oh, and one more thing:   Can I move my .mac, .me and .icloud account to just one account? It is annoying having to sign in/out in order to update the different apps on my various accounts I accumulated through the years.   e.g. I always have to use my .mac account to upgrade iPhoto and iMovie. The Yosemite upgrade was on my .me account. It does get very cumbersome.   Perhaps Apple should make use of the touch id on your iPhone (via continuity)?
Here's an idea to take out the clutter from iTunes:   Why not have the mac, iPhone, iPad and  watch apps in one unified App Store?   It does not make sense to me to have:   Mac apps in the Mac app store iPhone and iPad apps in the iTunes store   Just rebrand the Mac App Store to App Store in order to cater all.
The 12" iPad Pro could be more productive for creative pro's than the 11" Macbook Air.   Throw in continuity and you might have a disruptive product for creative professionals: You could switch between Adobe illustrator on your iMac and your iPad pro.   Apple should team up with Adobe. And have a brief look at wacom's graphic tablet.
- sigh -    They just don't get it, do they?
I am all for gender equality, feminism, BLGT and oppressed minorities - no sarcasm intended here, I genuinely do support these causes because they contribute to a more diverse and richer society - but seriously ... the new hello Kitty headphones from Beats are pushing things a bit too far for me. #WTF   It is time Jony Ive & his team of designers re-imagine the iPod as headphones. Docter Dre is driving me insane!
What about charging your watch with wrist movements?
Yes! And "Continuity" & "Handoff" are taking the Revolution to a whole new level.This feels like 2001 when Steve Jobs introduced his vision of a Digital HUB. I suspect despair and panic in the Google offices, much like 2007 when Apple presented the iPhone to the world. How are they going to replicate this? They have to up their Android game on all levels: phone, tablet and desktop. It's a crazy challenge. Even Microsoft still looks clueless with Windows 10 ...
 It probably is. It's nice to have. It gives comfort, but it is not essential. Although I must say Adobe is making it really hard for creatives to ignore the iPad. Their digital ink & slide concept is awesome and way more productive than using a laptop.
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