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Yes. I've already made clear I was mistaken in a previous post.In my defence, it is confusing that they write this advice for the 27 inch iMac with the 21.5 inch iMac. 
 When you configure the iMac you can click the Fusion drive header to read additional information about Fusion drive.
Ok, my mistake. The wording is a bit confusing (to me).
How am I turning this around?Here's a screenshot of what the Apple website states:
How does that work out?:   Apple advices you to have 32GB of RAM while the maximum you could have with the 21.5 inch iMac is 16GB of RAM   From the Apple website: "The 2TB and 3TB Fusion Drives pair a larger hard drive with 128GB of fast flash storage, providing even more space for your most frequently used files. For the best performance, iMac systems with 32GB of memory should be configured with a 2TB or larger Fusion Drive or all flash storage."
I don't understand why the top row keys have the same size as the regular keys? They could have made the keyboard smaller (and lighter) by having the top row keys match the keys of the Retina Macbook.  I also do not understand why the magic keyboard still has (wobbly) scissor keys?  
I am a bit in shock as well.A 1TB Fusion Drive only has 24GB of Flash storage. A 2TB Fusion Drive has 128GB of Flash Storage. Compare this with the mac mini, its 1TB Fusion Drive upgrade has 128GB of Flash Storage.What to do? What to do? 27 inch is just way too big. Perhaps I should hold out for a 23 inch Skylake iMac? I do not get Apple's logic that a smaller screen means less pro features.
  In Iovine's defence, iTunes was a mess way before he joined Apple. Having said that, Iovine and Eddy are clearly not visionary designers*. They are shrewd business men that should focus on the business to business side of Apple Music instead. (*) Iovine should not dictate the Design and User Interface requirements of the music app. His idea of "having everything in one place" is fraud and jeopardizes the User Experience. Let the Design team figure out how to create a...
  Soon we'll be able to wave our  pencil in front of the computer screen and exclaim magic spells like Harry Potter.
It does make sense. No more fiddling with batteries, instead just plug in the lightning cable and you can continue your work with the same keyboard. Right now I have to switch to a wired keyboard while my batteries are charging.
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