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Addabox, it is great to see how passionate you are about iMovie. It illustrates how iMovie 06 has become a genuine part of your creative life. iMovie 08 is a new beginning. It is going to attract new people to the magic world of moving image. Only time will reveal the true ambition behind this seemingly draconian move.
I wouldn't call the 79$ iWork a rip off. Excel is already looking like a dinosaur compared to Numbers. 79$ really is not an issue compared to the insane three digit price of Microsoft's Office suite!I did have several close looks at the new iMac and it does look stunning unlike the previous white brick. It is lightyears ahead of the current Dell look. It truly is a marvel with state of the art materials and textures.For the record, Vista's menu bar is a shiny solid black...
Addabox, you have reached maximum velocity!
There seems to be a bottleneck problem here.Apple finally did go back to basics with the already infamous iMovie '08. I strongly believe that iMovie '08 is gonna prove a solid foundation to attract newbies (like me) to the world of moving image. Which iMovie '06 was failing to. The problem however is not iMovie '08, but Final Cut Express. Apple should address this problem urgently. At the moment FCE is just not cutting it, making iMovie '06 the desired application for the...
Clive, get A Live! … and get yourself to the next stage by ordering Final Cut Express at the online Apple store. Today!
A brilliant example of proactive vs reactive behaviour She truly is a creative entrepreneur! About the link: is that her customised Blog iweb page? About iPhoto 08: love it! I never touched iPhoto 06 but now I am tempted to get myself into moving image! Yes, I am an idiot
Glossy surfaces are not a bad thing. They give us alotof mental energy according to Feng Shui. It is also refreshing, like water which has similar properties of glossiness.
Ohlala, the black apple logo on the silver casing is looking sexy as hell to me! This could be a great differentiator with a white Apple logo for the new aluminum Macbook and a black Apple logo for the new aluminum Macbookpro.
Owmygod ThunkDifferent, I recommend you reading Mellgross post (at the beginning of the second page)! The so called hallelujah matte screen is a disaster in sunlight! Every morning I have to keep my curtains down as the sunlight makes my clean matte 20" cinema display look dusty and unreadable. Okay, there's no glare, but all the colours just fade away in the sun! Maybe you should try this with your G5 and experience it yourself …
Mac. The keyboard is switched on automatically from the moment you start typing.
New Posts  All Forums: