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I really hope they stick to the Newton name. It'll be a great statement as if they were continuing the legacy. This way the new product won't be perceived as a me too product. On the other hand, the Newton name might trigger off the wrong expectations?
Hasn't Eight mile got a deal with Universal? If so, it is Universal Eminem should be after. As Universal has been clumsy with the copyrights while doing business with Apple iTunes?! I can't see Apple stealing music from artists. It looks like a misunderstanding with Universal.
The credit crunch has taken all the headlines, but there's still a climate crisis going on This a mature answer from Apple to the misleading Redmond ads of cheap PCs. Remember, it's not business as usual. The world has changed for the better. And it's good to see that Apple is at the forefront
FM radio?! What the hell was Apple thinking Seriously, the nano is turning into a clutter of gadgets. It's a great feat to Apple's usability team to keep it organised. But honestly, I think the nano wants to be too much. I am also worried by the odd position of the lens? Is it thumb proof?
I can't believe Apple is acting like a 45 year old virgin when it comes down to music and the social web. Maybe it is because the music industry is looking over Apple's shoulder? It's a shame though as iLike on Facebook is an utter disaster from a usability point of view.
I think the classic is here to stay. Next year the flash memory will be up to 128MB. I can see Apple introducing a basic ultra slim iPod classic in black & white.
hell yeah … we're heading to the next pussy
… this is very unlikely! The classic is doomed. I can't see a camera on a nano either … it's too small. However, the iPod touch will transform in a great camera. Introducing different models: from high capacity touches with high end compact lenses to low capacity touches with low end compact lenses.
R.I.P. AppleTV & Mac Mini?
You don't understand. This is about ignoring basic human rights. Growth shouldn't come at people's & nature's cost! Of course China has got to learn, but western companies should not take advantage of that by exploiting their human capital!
New Posts  All Forums: