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 In this case I am totally mystified by the added benefit of the beats deal: Apple knows how to do software.Apple knows how to do services.Apple knows how to do hardware. Or perhaps there is one thing Apple is not good at: Apple does not know how to be a social platform. Remember Ping? Perhaps this could be the added benefit of beats? To create the new myspace/soundcloud/mixcloud? But then again, beats didn't have a social platform either?  I am sorry beats, but I am not...
 It must be for Apple TV, don't you think? I really can't see the added value besides Iovine's connections in the music and movie industry. I am not too keen on the beats brand itself. This is the second clash already: First you had the deal that got leaked before the official announcement.  … and now we have this below par ad. What the heck was that?
So, despite the phablet fad sales remained flat … ??   One more thing: How much did they earn producing retina screens for Apple?  
 I'd beg to differ. Apple's vision of the desktop computer is translated in the Mac Pro: the computer as a central brain. The “everything crammed into one computer” model is going away according to Apple. In return you get a computer that is easy to iFixit ;) and much better to recycle. You don't have to throw away a good functioning screen when your computer is dead. I actually see no future for the iMac. It is neither sustainable* nor practical**.Here's hoping the new...
hello Developers out there,   Is Yosemite compatible with Ruby and Ruby on Rails? I don't want to mess up my development environment.
All good and well. But how is Apple going to recycle* the unbreakable saphire glass?    (*) The Lifespan of an iPhone is only 12 months until the next generation pops up, 48 months until you can't update your phone with the latest iOS.    My point is:   Shouldn't it be better to make the iPhone waterproof instead? That'd be a useful feature relevant to everyday life (It's raining right now in Belgium). Having unbreakable glass that can withstand 1 ton sounds like a...
Apple should modify the Swift bird app logo.   Right now it looks like the bird is crashing down.   It'd be better to make it fly up from the bottom left to the up right corner.
I'd like to hear from the analysts now. I really do!   >>> Selling the phablet at a loss in order to gain marketshare (and eat your own tablet sales). <<<   Say again?   I am looking forward how Continuity is going to shape apple's products in the near Future.
Why not just having:   Touch ID, to prevent someone opening the case? Find my Mac, to prevent someone stealing your Mac?
 I'd buy an iWatch in a blink if it would turn my iPod Touch into an iPhone (via Continuity).Think about it. Having all the antenna's around your wrist would turn all Apple devices into an iPhone. In this scenario the iWatch is a must have item.On a more controversial note: Having the antenna's around your wrist would greatly reduce the amount of potential hazardous radiation as your wrist is on the outer end of your body. 
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