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 I agree that the user interface of the iPad needs to mature.However, I don't see how making the iPad screen smaller will create a better user experience?Aren't they mixing two scenarios?1. On the go = iPhone2. In the couch = iPad3. At the desk = MacI'd be very surprised if Apple would release their 5.5" iPhablet. It would be too clumsy when you're out in the world and too small for in the couch. 
 I agree.The only flaw Apple had in their reasoning of one handed operational use is that people do indeed have different sized hands.Small hands - like mine - love the 3.5" iPhone.Big hands will love the 4,7" iPhone.Of course, I'd run into troubles if I were to buy the 4,7" iPhone. As much as a Basketball player - with giant hands - will feel clumsy with a 3.5" iPhone. In short: different hands, different sized iPhones.
 Ah, the Sapphire edge won't work.You need to raise the front facing glass of the phone from the surface of the table (if the phone is laid down with its screen on the table). The silver edge solution of the iPad already offers the solution. It is both beautiful and protective to the screen.
Definitely not me! My hands are way smaller.  Make one for yourself out of paper. It measures 138mm x 64mm.
4.7" will probably work out for the big handed fellows amongst us. I prefer the 3.5". It is nice & cute. It is perfect for my small hands.   Concerning the bezels: Perhaps Jony Ive could apply the iMac trick? Have the (Sapphire) glass cover the complete front with diamond cut chamfered edges? It depends how durable the Sapphire Glass is. The chamfered edge would give a nice shine …   I somehow think the next iPhone will have a perforated back. Like the amazing Leica...
The 4.7" iPhone doesn't look too bad. In a way it looks proportionally more balanced in this mock-up.   http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=19003343&postcount=485   It is the 5.5" iPhone I am worried about.
Ha! You soon will have to … when the rumored iWatch comes out :)I have a very different mindset when designing for the iPhone, iPad and web. It is very different scenarios: on the go, in the sofa and at your desk.
Constraint breeds creativity.The bigger the screen the lazier you get (as a developer).The 3.5" screen of the iPhone necessitates creative thinking. As a developer you take advantage of the touchscreen technology to create gesture based interfaces. Hence the importance of all areas being accessible with one hand. The 5.5 inch iPhone challenges this concept. It is already flirting with the iPad experience …
 People are fooling themselves if they think they can be more productive on a 4.7" instead of a 4" screen. My iPad Air is already on the edge of usability. It is because the iPad interface hasn't fully matured yet.Apple is sending out the wrong signal to developers by making the screen size bigger. Some well developed iPhone apps - like Clear, Rise and Mailbox - do not need a bigger screen.I really hope Apple updates the 3.5" iPhone. For the colorful. I'd be more than...
 The iPhone already has two screen sizes: 3.5" and 4"It is a mystery why Apple would suddenly add two more screen sizes to the iPhone range at once?4.7" and 5.5"Will this device still be called an "iPhone"? Or is it the new iPod?
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