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… owmygod, this was well worth the wait! It has made my week. I'd like to be grateful to Jony & his team to make the world dream again. This design truly is otherworldly! It is very exceptional that designers go the extra mile. Thank you I am only puzzled by the use of the flickering battery status lights Isn't that going to be annoying after a while? They created eight tiny lights, each representing 30 minutes of power?
… well said paxman! It is not about the product, but about perception! These ads are so subtle that they will eventually undermine Apple's bragging Mac man vs PC man campaign. Remember Apple's "think different" campaign in the mid nineties?! It was right before the iMac and iPod era.
I know Apple is making some state of the art desktop applications. However, the internet does have a different set of rules which only Google seems to understand. It is about sharing and connecting. Not about showing off your shiny website (unless you're a creative) and doing online desktop applications! Who wants to pay to communicate? Eddy did a great job wih iTunes, but he really screwed up with .mac. And now he's back at the helmet. He will make it run smoothly and...
Didn't Appleinsider report some time ago about a very talented employee leaving Apple because he did't agree with the way Apple was treating the web 2.0 thing?! Did he see the MobileMe failure coming?! Does anyone remember the story? I hope Apple won't be too proud to get back to him and have a cup of tea?!
well, talking about you having tea with your friends. With Facebook you can skip the polite chitchatting of "what have you been up to" and get straight to a good old friends conversation. I agree there's alotof crap on youtube, but it is the best gateway to people's lives - ahum profiles. So, if you ever feel the need of spreading your love! Make a quality vid with iMovie and post it to Youtube and maybe it will find its way to my Facebook wall of posted items
one day in the life of mr O: 1. internet : Facebook = addressbook which is being updated by your friends, mail with friends, sharing & tagging pictures and creating events 2. internet : Gmail = work mail, Facebook notifications and newsletters. 3. desktop : Apple mail = reading and replying to messages fom my various Gmail accounts. 4. internet: Youtube = sharing videos with your friends which can be linked to the various social networking sites. 5. internet:...
what about using a softer plastic? something like the black plastic of the iMac. it also has a nice soft satin finish with a big gloss apple in the middle. that'll be
Unfortunately they did. Their cars look very juvenile with a playstation inspired interior. And Porsche became very boyish as well when managers (Wendelin Wiedeking) took over the helmet. The 911 interior is a joke, as is the beefy exterior:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVytpZs2haQ Jobs is a great leader who manages to inspire his very talented crew. I really wish him the best as Apple should not become an exercise in brand marketing (like Porsche & Ferrari).
… nono, but a little less heat would be a great welcome. My powerbook sounds like a hoover. Oh, and Leopard is making my mail go bananas. It crashes several times a day. Cooler chips + Snowleopard: I am looking fwd to a cool Summer in 2009
thanks a lot, that is greatly appreciated it is now time to wow an Apple genius!
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