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I wonder how the iPod Classic fits in the Post PC era? You still need a computer to activate your iPod?!
Yes, you're right. I can indeed but I am not sure what they mean with … "still photos (960 by 720) with back camera" How many megapixels is that? It clearly is not in the same league as the iPhone 4Gs?
How come you cannot take pictures with the iPod Touch
You're right. The article says:" … prompting the company to slash orders by 25 percent and potentially enact a price cut." It is not a "price cut", but a "potential price cut".
It doesn't make sense to me. Why would Apple cut the price of their iPad AND lower the number of units being produced That feels like a sellout? I think iOS 5 will make the iPad sexy again. It will make the Post PC era truly happen (there will be no need to connect your iPad/iPhone/iPod (touch) to a computer ever again. Having said that, I am looking forward to the new iPod concepts.
I think he went to one of those fake Chinese Apple stores
Hopefully they keep the backlit keyboard
I strongly believe Apple will do what they did with the Air last year and this year: release a great new design with existing chips only to update it a few months later with state of the art chips. It all adds up: 1. new 15" Macbook Air spotted this Summer (which is actually the new 15" Macbook Pro) 2. a modest upgrade of the intel chips 3. the start of the holiday season It would be a fitting tribute to Steve Jobs who might not be around this time next year …
This is great! There's no point in stealing a Mac anymore, is there? I will be able to leave my computer unattended without having to worry too much
And what about iWeb? Hype feels like the spiritual successor of iWeb. Not mentioning Adobe, who introduced Edge to the world. How long is Apple going to wait? It is very telling that the Hype company is created by two former Apple engineers …
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