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It could be even more subtle: A white Apple logo on the aluminum Macbook and a sexy black Apple logo on the aluminum Macbook pro.
I am a bit confused. Isn't the Newton supposed to be the ultraportable?! Speaking about ultraportable. This brings back memories of the first iPod introduction where Steve was talking about portable (the iBook) and ultraportable (the iPod).
Exactly my thoughts! This Bento thing could be obsolete asa Apple starts putting more thought into the seperate apps (iCal, Address book, To Do, Numbers).
… but could boot camp make its way to the iPhone? Meaning: one OS from Apple with limited third party applications and one OS from Google with unlimited third party applications? Apple did say they were going to open up the iPhone to the world somewhere around spring 2008. Which is pretty close to Google's Android.
Owmygod, AI, you almost gave me a heart atack … All the addresses in your address book should be updated by your contacts! This way you don't have to adapt your address book all the time. People move and change houses. 10% of your contacts a year actually! So, who is gonna keep track of that?
I wonder why the border around the 2D dock is so prominent I am starting to appreciate the 3D dock. I do like the idea of looking upon your goodies , this might explain the funny angle as it is supposed to be for your eyes only. GR, mr O is going smart with his mailboxes but finds himself hooked to Gmail.
Mailtags (a third party Mail plug in by Jonathan Paisley) is a great start. However I must say that I am not really tempted to use it. It is just too much. Apple could draw inspiration from this. They allready have a great concept of the stationary menu that appears on top of your message. I could imagine having a tag button next to your stationary button to activate the tag bar that appears on top of your inbox message. One can add as many tags as you wish. Your message...
Well done Moss! I hope Apple will forget about their secret features and start focussing on basic features like writing messages to each other (Mail): 1/ Please get rid of this (to do) notes idea inside mail if you cannot send them to your team members! Notes should be a different app. Or it should be part of the stationary template. 2/ How do I start a group discussion inside mail? vs Google groups 3/ Why can't we have apple chat integrated inside mail? vs...
I am unpleasantly surprised by the new 3D dock floor. It just looks awkward when your screen is not on a 30 degree angle, especially when your screen is up straight. > http://www.apple.com/macosx/ My suggestion to Apple: why not dropping this fixed angle of the dock?! Every time you change the angle of your screen, the dock floor adapts itself to a pleasing angle in order to create this otherwise great 3D illusion.
Three years is a reasonable and healthy life span if you're a creative pro. If you want to hang on your computer for 5+ years, then you probably won't be bothered by not having the latest and the greatest.
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