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Apple is losing me here.   Why having a crippled iPhone 5S as a 5C? As if Siri and finger sensors are a deal breaker to me?   Why not just having a 3,5" screen for the 5C? 3,5" is a cute size and a REAL differentiator. Some value screen estate, others value portability. Having said that, I wouldn't make the screen bigger than 4".   And why not calling the 5C, the iPhone mini? Like iPad and iPad mini. Mac and Mac mini? And hopefully soon, iPod (= Touch with 4"...
Here's hoping for an iPhone mini and iPhone.   Let's get rid of the iPhone 5S name. Soon people start craving for iPhone 6 …
"Can't innovate anymore my ass. Like a boss! "   I wish he wouldn't have said that. He is not far off from Balmer. Really the bragging is a bit juvenile, very PC like and unlike the poetry of the mac. I did not at all enjoy the product presentations despite the products being jaw droppingly beautiful. Phil just blew it. Shame. Ive really need to stand up and present the products himself. We need someone with genuine passion.
Craig truly is a joy to watch. Very engaging.   How come Jonathan Ive is not doing the product presentations? I am feeling like a teenager listening to Phil. His enthusiasm comes across very juvenile: drooling about specs and the product's awesomeness. Shame, as the poetry gets lost.
This iPod touch is a bit of a mystery to me? We're only three months away from the traditional iPod refresh? There's no need in leaving the camera out. Apple could offer an iPod touch mini with a 3,5" screen instead.   Here's how I imagine their new line-up:   1. iPhone and iPhone mini = black face, silver back 2. iPod (touch) and iPod (touch) mini = white face, silver back with loop
Here's hoping Apple will introduce a redesigned iPhone and not an iPhone 5S.   "iPhone" and "iPhone mini" works for me. Plain & simple:   (A) a 4" screen for the iPhone (B) a 3,5" screen for the iPhone mini
Haha :D That sounds like me: iPod Touch 5 + Samsung feature phone from 2007 (before they went evil).   Really. This is 2012. Who is making phone calls? I'm using facetime and skype (to non Apple devices).
… erm, I thought Apple was prepping to break into the point & shoot camera market with the iPod Touch? Hence the loop?   The Touch fits nicely in Apple's product line. Small enough to fit in your pocket, big enough to have comfy facetime calls with other Apple devices. If I were Apple I'd make the Touch the flagship of the iPod line up. They somehow need to figure out a way to add GPS to the Touch.
We're all waiting for the 15" macbook air, aren't we?!
It's not the body, but the white face I am talking about. It's a blatant copy from Nokia's Lumia.
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