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Ha! You soon will have to … when the rumored iWatch comes out :)I have a very different mindset when designing for the iPhone, iPad and web. It is very different scenarios: on the go, in the sofa and at your desk.
Constraint breeds creativity.The bigger the screen the lazier you get (as a developer).The 3.5" screen of the iPhone necessitates creative thinking. As a developer you take advantage of the touchscreen technology to create gesture based interfaces. Hence the importance of all areas being accessible with one hand. The 5.5 inch iPhone challenges this concept. It is already flirting with the iPad experience …
 People are fooling themselves if they think they can be more productive on a 4.7" instead of a 4" screen. My iPad Air is already on the edge of usability. It is because the iPad interface hasn't fully matured yet.Apple is sending out the wrong signal to developers by making the screen size bigger. Some well developed iPhone apps - like Clear, Rise and Mailbox - do not need a bigger screen.I really hope Apple updates the 3.5" iPhone. For the colorful. I'd be more than...
 The iPhone already has two screen sizes: 3.5" and 4"It is a mystery why Apple would suddenly add two more screen sizes to the iPhone range at once?4.7" and 5.5"Will this device still be called an "iPhone"? Or is it the new iPod?
 Do people really want a bigger screen? Or do they want to simplify their subscription plan to just one device?I believe the innovation is not a bigger screen but a simplified subscription model with the carriers: Have one subscription fee that gives you access to various sized screens. E.g. the iPhone, iPad mini, iPad Air … your subscription fee shouldn't be tied to one device. Instead it should be determined by the data you use across your various devices?This would be a...
-sigh- I guess it is a sign of the times we're living in.   I just hope that Apple updates the 3.5" iPhone as well. It is the perfect size for an on the go device.
Please correct me, but someone at Microsoft told me that Apple's iCloud is making use of the Azure servers? So I am a bit surprised that Apple got such a high ranking. Which I would be genuinely happy about if true.
When is Apple going to apply the flat look to OSX?   The Pages, Keynote and Numbers icon look awful in OSX. I very much prefer their look in iOS.
Here's my guess: iPhone mini = 3.5", taking design clues from the iPhone 5CiPhone = 4.7" replacing the 4", the idea is to differentiate the bigger iPhone from the original size. iPod (Touch) = 5.5" , targeted to gamers. Definitely not a phone anymore.
To be fair, they should picture the phones with a hand to give us an idea of the scale. One will notice how ridiculous a 5.5" phone looks like. Could it be that the screen sizes are meant for the iPod Touch instead? Unlike the iPhone you don't hold an iPod Touch next to your head … .
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