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Owmygod ThunkDifferent, I recommend you reading Mellgross post (at the beginning of the second page)! The so called hallelujah matte screen is a disaster in sunlight! Every morning I have to keep my curtains down as the sunlight makes my clean matte 20" cinema display look dusty and unreadable. Okay, there's no glare, but all the colours just fade away in the sun! Maybe you should try this with your G5 and experience it yourself …
Mac. The keyboard is switched on automatically from the moment you start typing.
I think Apple should release a 22" iMac. It is amazing how I got used to the 20" screen. At first, I thought it was huge. Today, I am surprised to experience it is just not big enough. As to Ireland, forget about the food paradigm and go for the 24". I guess you might find it HUGE today, but you might get used to it (finding it just not big enough in a couple of years ).
Oy, I think the Genius was speaking in practical terms. Sorry for the misquote, but I found it very confusing at the time so I was just playing the smart guy by nodding my head on everything he was saying
Same here … 24" is slightly too big, 20" is slightly too small \Today, I spent one hour travelling between both iMacs. The Apple Genius told me that there's no difference between the screen of a 23" Cinema Display and the screen of the 24" iMac as they both have the same resolution. So, technically speaking, the 24" iMac is actually a 23" iMac.However, the dilemma was easily solved by the food paradigm: it is better to stop eating while you're still a little hungry i/o...
Gosh, I am very tempted by the new iMac only to realise that they did not release a 22" iMac. Dammit! Looking at the myriad of recent design innovations by Ive & his team, it is very exciting to imagine the successor of the MBP: 1/ a magnetic latch 2/ a new keyboard (iMac/MB) 3/ a black border around the screen (iMac '07) 4/ a glass screen covering the actual screen surface and the black border (yummy, iMac '07) 5/ a black Apple on the outside (I love the...
It already happened to the Nano, the Shuffle and the Mac Pro. I am curious to witness the imminent successor of the Shuffle and the Nano design. I guess they can still play with colours, textures and materials though, but what to do with the Mac Pro?!
1998: the candy \ 2002: the sunflower 2004: the brick 2007: the helmet
Guys, guys! I need you to have another look at this marvel! It is a worthy and stunning replacement of the white brick! The black border is grabbing your attention. You are sucked into whatever application that is running on your iMac! And it does make the chin look a lot less pronounced unlike the previous white iMac.
I prefer the rounded one. It's alotmore friendlier than the one with the sharp edges.
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