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I am rejecting Volvo because their logo resembles the male sex symbol: a circle with an arrow pointing upwards …It is very juvenile from the swedes. And not done in Belgium.
Oh, this would be great if true. Judging by all the chromey bits on the current VW's it seems that their design department is feeling clueless at the moment, severely lacking any kind of vision and creative leadership. I remember reading an interview where Jonathan Ive was amazed about the big challenges of designing in the automotive industry as opposed to the relative easy world of designing computers. A car could be his next challenge after the iPhone.
A bigger screen Nano cannot coexist with the current iPod. The Nano and the classic iPod will thus morph together into one product. It is a shame because I really like the current Nano design. After 905 the iPod family might be like this: 1/ Shuffle 2/ Nano 3/ Widescreen iPod
If you look at the column (A,B,C,D, …) and row (1,2,3,4, …) headers, you will notice that (after scrolling down) the content of your table shines subtly through.Good point. I meant you should be able to change the menu bar from transparent to solid.This should be an option in "system preferences" as well. I prefer the dock to be hidden. Whenever I need to open a program, I touch the bottom of my screen with the cursor to activate the dock. Apple should offer the same...
The new menu bar is gonna be opaque. Opaque, not transparant! Just like in "Numbers" (from the iWork suite). I think it is a great & subtle move. But I'd love to add two more things to it: 1/ One can alter the opacity of the menu bar in the "system preferences menu" from opaque to solid. 2/ No matter how much I am in love with the opaque menu bar, it would be great if the menu bar would disappear like the dock. It will appear automatically from the moment your...
Addabox, it is great to see how passionate you are about iMovie. It illustrates how iMovie 06 has become a genuine part of your creative life. iMovie 08 is a new beginning. It is going to attract new people to the magic world of moving image. Only time will reveal the true ambition behind this seemingly draconian move.
I wouldn't call the 79$ iWork a rip off. Excel is already looking like a dinosaur compared to Numbers. 79$ really is not an issue compared to the insane three digit price of Microsoft's Office suite!I did have several close looks at the new iMac and it does look stunning unlike the previous white brick. It is lightyears ahead of the current Dell look. It truly is a marvel with state of the art materials and textures.For the record, Vista's menu bar is a shiny solid black...
Addabox, you have reached maximum velocity!
There seems to be a bottleneck problem here.Apple finally did go back to basics with the already infamous iMovie '08. I strongly believe that iMovie '08 is gonna prove a solid foundation to attract newbies (like me) to the world of moving image. Which iMovie '06 was failing to. The problem however is not iMovie '08, but Final Cut Express. Apple should address this problem urgently. At the moment FCE is just not cutting it, making iMovie '06 the desired application for the...
Clive, get A Live! … and get yourself to the next stage by ordering Final Cut Express at the online Apple store. Today!
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