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oooh, stop it Can't you allready imagine all those people jumping off this famous red bridge in San Fran this WE!? So mean of you!
Euhm, I wouldn't advice you to buy Vista right now. Their very first service pack will probably be released around Leopard time That is October for you And if you do wanna buy Vista today! Great!! Save your copy for Leopard so you get the best of both worlds!!
Well, it's gonna be a long long spring in Appleland! But hey, this is 2007, Al Gore did warn us! I'm pleased to witness Apple's concern in delivering a smooth state of the art user experience It is actually good news, they could've taken the rush & cash route! One question however: does the delay also apply to iLife & iWork? Or is iWork gonna be included with Leopard? This would make sense though as many PCs come with Office included. www.climatecrisis.net
We should offer our apologies to this other rumour site
If I were to be a parent, I'd buy an iPhone for my beloved son/daughter if they accept my 2 year subscription service plan of mowing my lawn, ironing my clothes and washing my car Of course I'd give them free hugs from time to time.
While Tiger is great to manage/fulfill my Life and Office needs, I still desperately need Vista as Autodesk Inventor only runs on Vista/XP. So, I am actually eagerly awaiting the Leopard release as it will get rid of the Bootcamp Beta label! So, my Vista experience is gonna be limited to using Inventor and listening to Sasha's dj sets that appears not to work on my mac (ASF/ASX? music files). :O
Only Microsofties wow!! Please make sure you save the WWDC07 date. So, what's gonna happen in October?: 1- my Bday! 2- an all new video iPod with touchscreen!!
1- euhm, no Director MX 2007? It should have been included in the Design Premium edition i/o Flash & Dreamweaver. Wanna make a web site, go for the Web Edition. 2- Also Adobe CS Design Premium and Adobe CS Web Standard are very confusing?! Don't you allready have the basics of Web with the Design Premium? The Web Standard edition does seem a little bit crippled without photoshop (extended) and illustrator. 3- I wonder what Photoshop extended means!? Is it just a...
Maybe he has been watching all of the 400+ movies on it …
Dear milestone, please help me out! I can't grab a picture on a Flash site. The picture seems to be frozen. A ctrl click with my mouse shows me a play-pause option Flash is so not web 2.0! It is a great tool however for experimental visual artists! But not for sharing information (& building my mood board in iPhoto)!
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