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Why would Apple confuse us with another great portable product? I think a refresh from the Mac pro and Cinema Displays are going to be more likely.
I strongly believe the Air was a primer to the next generation Macbook Pros. The MBpros won't be as thin as the current Air, but it'd be great if they get more sculpted with extended battery life.
The iPad could mark the end of the macbook Air: it is as productive, lighter, more compact and cheaper than the Air.
The article says "by June". A May release will be very likely: April: iPad May: Mac Pro, Cinema Displays and Macbook Pro June: iPhone What's happening to the Macbook Air? It looks like the iPad is a better deal than the Air. It is much more compact, lightweight and it does all the basics an Air does. And it is much cheaper.
adieu Jerome, c'est dûr de mourir au printemps … tu sais I am sure this song would have put a smile on your face. It is a very cheerful song, with very uplifting lyrics despite the very sad content. Thank you for believing in the positive message of Apple when Apple was facing grim times. We've lost an inspirational and brave man. Rest in peace Jerome York.
hello Tekstud, what about these costs? 1. cost before manufacturing: research & development, design, financing 2. cost during manufacturing: financing, quality control, safety, maintenance, selling cost, logistics, distribution networks, information 3. cost during consumption and usage: maintenance, information, complaints handling, invoicing, software upgrading 4. cost after consumption and usage: waste management, re-cycling
yesyes! this is a great opportunity for Apple to drop the iPad name! Change the name for the better. Don't waste your time and money in court. It is just a silly name! 1. "iBook" would be so much better. "Newton" being my favourite. on a side note: 2. iBookstore does not sound as sexy as the "app" store. Just call it "book"store, it is easier to pronounce than "ibooks" store (notice the hissing of the s'es).
I can't believe they went for the "iPad" name … Is there a chance they could change the name again? Other then iSlate or iTablet? iBook would've made so much sense.
wait a minute … 1. no INTEL chip inside the iPad! 2. and no update of the macbook pro! Are we going to see a custom designed Apple chip in the new MBP in June? That'll be a stellar move by Apple. Intel dropping nvidia. Apple dropping intel, in favour of nvidia. It is a winwin to Apple and us. We get better computers, with better battery life at a competitive price! 3. gotta love the new design of the iPad. I hope the new iPhone is going to look similar. 4....
… what about acquiring Nvidia?
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