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I am otherwise having a great time getting in contact with all of my friends though: "Facebook" is a great self updating address book. "Flickr" is a great online tool for sharing your pictures. "YouTube" is great for sharing your videos. And "MySpace" is great for discovering new artists. The interface experience might be awkward, but at least I am having a great iLife on the internet. Don't be confused by all the crap 2.0 out there, its core message is that a stand alone...
If Apple is to seduce the Windows user, then the Mac Mini is definately not the best way to do so. Neither is AppleTV. Hardware is not gonna be the answer. It's time for .mac to raise its game! This highly neglected and overpriced internet tool should come for free, open to all windows users and with all the features to be a worthy alternative to Facebook and the likes. There's no better way to give people a flavour of the Tiger/Leopard user experience. Your .mac...
The future generation of birds have something to worry about as those birdhouses will get slimmer and slimmer when the flat iMacs will find their way to wasteland.
How come we'd rather believe an unproven source than an official spokesman?
This link summarizes the graphic history of the OSX visual interface design: http://veerle.duoh.com/blog/comments...ard_interface/
My dearest Solipsism, 2007 has started with a big delirious iPhone bang and a big implosion of Leopard disbelief only a few months later. While I am amused to read about the 300+ passionate outcries of the allready infamous AI October Leopard delay post, I do admit Apple has lost me as well with their 2007 strategy so far:1- I don't think the iPhone would create more revenue than a widescreen iPod with touchscreen would've done. Remember, it's the early adapters who are...
oooh, stop it Can't you allready imagine all those people jumping off this famous red bridge in San Fran this WE!? So mean of you!
Euhm, I wouldn't advice you to buy Vista right now. Their very first service pack will probably be released around Leopard time That is October for you And if you do wanna buy Vista today! Great!! Save your copy for Leopard so you get the best of both worlds!!
Well, it's gonna be a long long spring in Appleland! But hey, this is 2007, Al Gore did warn us! I'm pleased to witness Apple's concern in delivering a smooth state of the art user experience It is actually good news, they could've taken the rush & cash route! One question however: does the delay also apply to iLife & iWork? Or is iWork gonna be included with Leopard? This would make sense though as many PCs come with Office included. www.climatecrisis.net
We should offer our apologies to this other rumour site
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