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I like this new "helmet" design. It's kinda eighties with the black. This iMac will blend more subtly in the living room than the white one. It is an improvement but I will wait when they get a LED screen.
Has anyone examined those pictures included in the article? The Apple campus really does look like a crematory It doesn't look like a place where you want to have a cheerfull time. With no windows in the room, I hope it's gonna be a short announcement. 1/ It seems like the days of the Minimac are numbered. 2/ 20" is gonna be the new 17". 3/ I am so much looking fwd to the new 22" iMac. It's just perfect: bigger than 20" (which is slightly too small) and smaller...
That makes the two of us. Mine does not crash however, the Safari browser window dissappears all of a sudden. After that, I am kindly requested whether I want to reopen Safari. So, I have to say bogus to Apple. I am now using Firefox which allows PDF friendly tabbed browsing. It even has a horizontal tubular thing on the right top corner, so one could get rid of the big imposing grey block …
I very much prefer Pages to Word as Pages is so much easier to use. It should be about writing, not about processing. The most obvious part missing in iWork is Options, euhm sorry, Excel. But I wonder how Apple is gonna redefine Windows' holy grail?! Excel truly is an amazing application. It is the only huggable Windows software that you wanna be friends with!!! To summarize your wish list: 1/ Word processing: no thanks, don't make it too complicated 2/ Page lay out:...
Gentlemen, please, gentlemen. Apple does have a state of the art machine to rapidly build great looking prototypes within 24hrs. This prototype is now ready for usability and likability tests.My personal opinion on this protoype? Interesting, but it does not turn me on. If I were to be Ive I would get my team members back to the drawing board
Yes! 100, One Hundredth, post! I am now part of the 3 digit club
Melgross, what does your experience and gut feeling tell you?! > Do you think the buggy Leopard Beta is gonna make it?! Of course, there are 31 days in October … It is actually only 9 weeks from Steve's keynote in January. Maybe it's better to introduce Leopard with an all new MacBookPro. Meaning, you will have to look for another Xmas present for your relatives
Wait, I thought only the top menu bar was gonna be transparent?! < Which is great as it will add a little feng shui to the desk top! It will also make the menu bar a little less prominent. I hope they do not make all the little menus transparent?! eg. like the inspector palette in "Word" and "Excell". This is just plain silly
Owmygod! This sounds absolutely brilliant! Thanks a lot! I'm gonna try it
iTunes is the sexiest Jukebox out there! Coverflow works great with Mighty Mouse! And play count is giving me instant feed back about my current mood iTunes even let's me add images to the official cover art of the cd!!Coverflow should be introduced into Safari as well. It's allready being the case with the iPhone, but imagine all of your bookmarks being displayed like updated web flicks inside Safari!And finally: Coverflow should be introduced to Address book, Front Row...
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