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Why can't Apple adopt the iPhone logic of having one button to return to the home screen where you can select your app?! It looks very static at the moment. Encaged. The intro screen suggests alotof playability. Alas, it isn't The big icons are spot on, but what follows is very unApple like: an obscured power switch to log out, your iDisk as the default second screen C'mon Apple you can do better. And - please - get rid of the depressing shades of grey and black ...
… but why having a glossy finish The back looks very cheapo now Not mentioning the glossy kitchen white back They only have to change the sweaty bling bling back to an iMac like satin textured black to turn this iPhone into a heavenly hardware experience!
… frankly, I hope they take the Air approach by leaving the slot loading drive out. Unlike the picture of the mock ups, the black edge is gonna make your applications look very zen on the screen!
It could coincide with the announced iPhone enterprise software update at the upcoming Macworld in June. Also, we belgians expect to embrace the iPhone legally around Summer time. I hope the new 3G phone will get rid of 1/ the black chin, 2/ the Nokia chrome edge and 3/ the brick styling in favour of a more sensual Macbook Air style approach.
… it'd be great if the remote erase idea would be introduced on the Macbooks & Macbook pros. And the new iPhone OS touch could be a new foundation to build the new almighty mouse upon. Boo to the current Mighty Mouse, die mouse die!!! ngngnghh Almost nothing to do with this tread, but just first thoughts.
dear Wilco, I am with you on this one!
Silly me, I might just write them in Firefox …
The latest version of Safari does not let me write capitals in my Gmail without always jumping to the subject box. It is pretty annoying as I have to write my messages in Pages and copy paste them to Gmail. I haven't lost my mind just yet
… indeed, people might not be reading novels, but they are reading alotof books about cooking and food. Not to mention life style magazines (Dazed & Confused, I.D., Vogue) and newspapers! I do think Amazon's Kindle concept has a future (if only they would hire Jonathan Ive).
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New Posts  All Forums: