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Wouldn't it be great if your address book was being updated by your contacts themselves?
sorry Cruel me … your third post truly is a stellar one
An external bluray drive would be even better.
Dear Nate, you'd better rush to the Apple store right now as I have this feeling that the new MBP will be blessed with a glossy screen only Amen, mrO
Bergmeister, I am faderblasted: only one port is needed from your MBair to connect with the Cinema Display! At present I am using 3 (T H R E E, yes three) ports to connect a 20" display to my 12"PB! This truly is great news as the CDs are a great way to dramatically expand the number of ports
Dear Ross, at the moment it is wishfull thinking over here, but these problems you are rightfully pointing at could easily be solved by a new concept of cinema display that syncs wirelessly with your MBair The current cinema displays do allready have the much needed extra ports (USB, Firewire etc.) but today you cannot connect this screen with the MBair. Something Apple needs to address very urgently as the idea of people having multiple computers for personal use seems a...
Ive has got a problem here. This new Macbook Air looks stunning! All of a sudden the Macbook Pro - Macbook - iPod Touch and iPhone look like common "bricks" … I also love the way the new power cable connects to the MBAir. It just flows from your desk i/o coming sideways … it is a little detail, but it gives the user such a nice feel. I also love the way the cooling vents are integrated into the curviness of the shape. It is sensual minimalisme. The way the ports are...
… welcome to 2008 gentlemen! And fasten your seat belts as Steve & Ive are getting ready for the next wave of daring product releases. We are talking innovation, right?
It truly is a daring move from Apple. And the external optical drive is just perfect: this way you can choose between an external Bluray drive and HDDVD drive yourself. Apple wins (zero gamble risk) and the consumer wins (freedom of choice). I hope the new 15" & 17" MBP will follow this trend. With a black iMac border this time …
Dear Clive, I am sorry to sound like your dad but as a daily 12" powerbook user I can only tell you that anything smaller than 13,3" is way too small to have a pleasant workflow (despite spaces). It's like wearing tight underpants all day long, it's sexy but doesn't feel like
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