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Well, it does. As long as Autodesk is Windows only Bootcamp gives the best of both worlds. But I prefer Apple's workflow (OSX, iLife, iWork).
Does the background gets more blurry if you tap the object in focus several times? It looks like Apple is totally redefining the world of picture taking. They should take this further and offer iPod touches with high quality built in photographic lenses! Something that sets the iPod Touch truly apart from the iPhone, apart from the freedom of not having a data plan.
Tabs on top were of big annoyance when you wanted to grab a window. I ended up selecting tabs i/o dragging windows It's a good thing Apple put them back below The new Safari is a beauty! Thumbs up to the Safari team!
… isn't the shiny back coming back on iPods this year?
Well said Mr. H The clickwheel of the 2G shuffle is very idiot proof. The new shuffle isn't. Apple needs a video to explain the new Shuffle. It won't appeal to new entrants that are not too familiar with technology. Hence the tragedy. The new shuffle will appeal to the high end (iPhone/iPod touch) user however.
same here I hope they make it iMac like with a silky matte back and a shiny black apple. My only worry seems to be the disparity with the copy paste thing. It's two taps in Mail and one hold tap in Safari? Because two taps in Safari equals zoom? Also the shake to delete is making me nervous to hold the phone. Why not Ctrl - Z? And what if you want to delete the second last copy paste you did? Do you have to delete the final copy paste as well? Hmm, I guess I will have to...
okay, if the clickwheel really has to go: why not adding a macbook inspired battery indicator on the front?! this way, you'll get an idea on how much juice there is.
oh wait, it's actually two clicks on the old shuffle. One to go to the beginning of the song that was playing, and one to go to the previous song. So that makes three clicks on the new shuffle to go to the beginning of a song. And another three clicks to go to the previous song?! So, that makes SIX, 6 clicks in total
1. nono, it's only one click on the clickwheel to go to the previous song! 2. it's very sad Apple kills the concept of a clickwheel. It's such a straightforward user interface. 3. why do you wanna know the name of a song? will you still remember it a few songs later? The shuffle lifestyle is about surprise. It is a very basic music player to enjoy your music on very unusual places. If you want all the gadgets: get yourself a nano. Or an iPhone
1. three taps to go to the previous song vs one tap on the old shuffle 2. I did watch the demo and got confused by the end allready. The clickwheel is very straightforward and pretty intuitive. The new hold & press gestures aren't. It's a bad thing you have to watch a demo to understand the user interface. 3. why would you wanna disrupt your musical experience by a nerdy voice oh god, first tabs on top on safari and now voice over on the shuffle. There must be a mole...
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