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I hope the new unibody design gets some clues from the Macbook Air: 1. No optical drive. 2. Tilted keyboard. 3. The power button as part of the keyboard. But please keep … 1. The ambient keyboard lighting. (Dropped in the Macbook Air) 2. The external battery indicator. (Dropped in the Macbook Air)
Very good point. They'd better do it now because the iPhone 5 is allready around the corner …
What's the fuss with the optical drive? Just plug it in … and watch your movie on the plane if you like. You were carrying a DVD case anyway. So, you wouldn't mind to carry Apple's portable external optical drive, would you?! I love the tilted keyboard of the Macbook air. Wish it would make it to the new Macbook pro. For that reason alone I want Apple to leave the optical drive out. Other (more obvious) reasons are more storage capacity and longer battery life.
I hope that … 1. they bring back the ambient keyboard lighting. 2. they introduce the external battery status update from the macbook pro to the macbook air.
You don't understand. Innovation and entrepreneurship is what drives him. In a way, he is a bit like Kubica (F1), a true blooded racing driver.
This could be the reason why they did not include iWeb to the iLife suite. It'll be offered as a separate update in the new Mac App Store.
Adobe would be a better acquisition. It'd be a very strategic one: 1. It'd be a great way to end the Flash wars and fully focus on HTML5. 2. Oh, and didn't Microsoft show interest in acquiring Adobe as well?
… here's another 12"powerbook (°06/2005) speaking to you. The new Air looks very sculpted without the optical drive. I hope the Macbook Pros will follow suit. A Lion powered redesigned 15" Macbook Pro sounds like heaven to me.
Apple, please: don't let artists customize the background colour of their Ping page. It is very tiresome and very Myspace like There's a win win here: Apple has the music, Facebook has the social network.
urm … not all members. You need Snowleopard to make use of the mobileme calendar.
New Posts  All Forums: