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… euhm, I think you lost me It's not mentionned in "Mail help"!?
You can get rid of the "big imposing grey block" at the top of the active window by clicking the horizontal tubular thing on the right side of the grey block. Speaking about Mail, I am still using Gmail as Mail is not able to streamline and elegantly manage my many conversations. When is Apple going to address this issue? Mail should be treated like a messaging program, just like Google does with Gmail. In Gmail, I am also giving multiple tags to my messages. One message...
What do you mean?! I love time machine, but I am a bit affraid of the 3D arrows and the tubular things on the right side of the screen. Also, the green flurry (in the middle of the screen) is a bit of a concern … The new Finder is great though, very iTunes like.
The 3D Dock is amazing (no kidding). And so are the stacks/fans! Finally no more clutter! I wonder if Spaces let you run windows in one space and Mac OSX in the other three spaces?
The new Finder is making it easy to switch between computers. This way you can drag files from one computer to the other without the hassle. Meaning that my next Macbookpro is gonna have a new buddy (read: a new 20" iMac i/o a 20" cinema display).
I am looking at you "Wacom" …http://www.wacom-europe.com/uk/index.asphttp://www.wacom-europe.com/bamboo/?lang=en
This looks like Apple is gonna get rid of the physical keyboard on the Macbook/Macbook Pro! Imagine a smart virtual keyboard like the iPhone (but much bigger). A backlit keyboard is suddenly so last century as the virtual keyboard will shine anyway! Also, the option of having a second screen when you don't need your keyboard is very appealing. And it will make your Macbook (Pro) alotmore portable as dust won't get into your keyboard as it is easier to wipe your screens...
Snowdog74, you truly made my day 1/ Multi touch allready made its way into the current Macbook series. Hopefully the Swiping, Pinching and Scrolling gestures will soon become part of everyone's Macbook life. 2/ The iPhone's current interface is amazing. It's the end of the scroll bar and the cursor!
aaah, the Irish temper While 3G might have the edge, I am more concerned when Apple (read: Universal, Dreamworks, Disney and the likes) is gonna release movie flicks and tv episodes to the European iTunes store … The European iPhone desperately needs video content (other than the home made stuff).
I am in favour of paying one Internet rate for combined use on my home computer and iPhone. Hence my 60$ question: is the unlimited data (email/web) also applicable to your home computer? Or are you paying both seperately? It is a bummer though that you do have to enroll in an expensive subscription program (60$/month = 1 iPhone every 10 months) in order to acquire what also happens to be an amazing all new widescreen Video iPod. Cingular should be (very) grateful to Apple.
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