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Can someone download this image from my .mac gallery and post it to this thread? I am quite pleased with my Photoshop job and I made it web friendly
I am puzzled why they didn't put an iMac like black edge around the screen It is looking so much better and it sucks you right into Leopard! mr O http://gallery.mac.com/ohsoquiet#100008 < in case the picture did not come through.
Slewis & Solipsism … yesyes, but at this moment I am using nearly all of my ports on my Powerbook! My poor babybook is not free anymore as it has been tied to a 20" cinema display The current cinema display concept does not make any sense as it locks my portable to a big screen. All of a sudden your portable is not a portable anymore and you are hooked to your desk … for ever and ever and ever … mwhahahaha (evil laugh)The apple tv concept would solve this issue however....
Apple tv shouldn't be a box! It should be a cinema display with built in apple tv capabilities. This way you don't have to add another box in the living room. And the screen would pick up any signal from your macbook - iMac - iPhone - iPod … Also, one would not need any wires to connect your macbook to the cinema display.
As to cyrusthevirus, I am afraid it is only the reflection of the window of a bus on the iPhone calling screen picture
An all new collection of 20", 24" and 30" cinema displays that connect with your laptop without using any wires. That would be great as now I am losing 1 USB, 1 Firewire and some other port just to connect my 20" screen to my 12" Powerbook.Hell yeah! Ultraportables and new cinema displays! That really would make my day
I am thinking the same. Apple is going to redefine the 13", 15" and 17" portable by getting rid of the slot loading optical drive (Combo Drive and Superdrive) in favour of extra battery and Flash memory. At home you will be able to connect a drive to your portable. The new macbook will be in aluminum as well. The only difference being a white apple for the macbook and a black apple logo for the 15" and 17" macbook pro. This way their portables will blend with their desktop...
It could be even more subtle: A white Apple logo on the aluminum Macbook and a sexy black Apple logo on the aluminum Macbook pro.
I am a bit confused. Isn't the Newton supposed to be the ultraportable?! Speaking about ultraportable. This brings back memories of the first iPod introduction where Steve was talking about portable (the iBook) and ultraportable (the iPod).
Exactly my thoughts! This Bento thing could be obsolete asa Apple starts putting more thought into the seperate apps (iCal, Address book, To Do, Numbers).
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