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… this looks more like a pretty iPhone accessory. But not a shuffle here's a few remarks: 1. how do you go back to the previous song? 2. what's wrong with the iconic click wheel? It's far more intuitive than the current hold and press gestures! 3. why do I want to hear the name of the song if I can't write it down? read: what's the use of the voice over?! this product is a mistake.
… why not getting rid of tabs alltogether?! You always have to guess read your tabs once you get a bunch of them! All it takes is to add ONE tab button and you'll have a great view of all your tabbed windows in one window. Yes, something like Apple has done allready with Top Sites view! I hope Apple does change their mind about this silly cluttered tabs on top idea. They should stay true to their design ethos which is about getting rid of complexity and leaving out...
I really like the top sites view, but please replace the blue neon (when hovering over a site) with something more subdued. Neon is just too aggressive.
oh no! when are they going to get rid of those horrendous aqua sliders?!
TABS Why not introducing the little bubble in the top right corner?! Like they have done allready in Mail & Pages?! It's a great way to get rid of all the commands (and tabs) when you don't need them! iCAL & ADDRESS BOOK Here's a thought to introduce a feature from Mail I found very useful. Make dates & addresses selectable! It's a great way to add events to your calender with a direct link to the web page! These two allready existing features would make this great...
Why not preinstalling windows 7 on all Apple computers?! This could be a very basic yet powerfull version. Skipping the media center but with improved security and performance optimised to the Apple gear. It's a winwin for both.
Apple should take iDVD out of iLife and include it as an extra share option in Final Cut Pro/Express. It would be another great way to set FCE apart from iMovie. The iLife suite has enough value now, especially with iPhoto 09. Also notice how iLife is taking advantage of the web 2.0 sharing capabilities (Facebook, Flickr).
I can see the refreshed iMac with a new Cinema Display foot. It's very subtle, but it gives you such a nice feel
It would make sense to offer iWork for free when you get yourself a new OS or computer: Apple can merge iwork.com and mobileme into one service. Revenue will come from the subscription fee and upgrades.
… why not preinstalling iWork with Leopard?! It'll be great if they start preinstalling iWork from Snow Leopard onwards! The iLife concept allready shows that people are more likely to upgrade afterwards!
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