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I am in favour of paying one Internet rate for combined use on my home computer and iPhone. Hence my 60$ question: is the unlimited data (email/web) also applicable to your home computer? Or are you paying both seperately? It is a bummer though that you do have to enroll in an expensive subscription program (60$/month = 1 iPhone every 10 months) in order to acquire what also happens to be an amazing all new widescreen Video iPod. Cingular should be (very) grateful to Apple.
I am disappointed that AI did not send his reporter to spearhead the iPhone line. We, AI readers, are expecting a full report in unwrapping the iPhone and disassembling it right in front of the genius bar at 18:02 local time On a positive note, our lunatic is making friends already! By Friday, he will have about hundreds of friends with a common interest …
You shouldn't! The European iPhone will be like the American iPhone without the glitches! I am holding my breath though The iPhone offers an amazing user experience, but it's single weak point is gonna be Cingular. It could prove a strategic blunder on the long term when the iPhone mania has cooled down … So, bring on the true internet Phone by replacing the classic Cingular phone with a true Skype phone! You allready have the internet in your pocket!! Dammit!
Let's do the math: 129$ for Leopard + 79$ for iLife = 208$ If you buy your iMac before September 16, you get a free iPod after mail in rebate (199$). >> 208$ - 199$ = -9$ You will eventually loose … 9$
Yeah, I second your opinion. The G4's were sexy as hell as opposed to the early G5 brick. The sculpted intel iMac is an improvement: they could make it sexy if they made the chin a little less pronounced (I don't want to start a chin thread here!). But I'd be happy already if they introduce the click wheel in the remote.
I think the Front row interface was introduced in autumn 2005 with the final update of the iMac G5 which saw the introduction of the Apple remote and Front Row. It did not change since then. In Autumn 2006 Apple introduced Coverflow into iTunes. I was surprised they did not apply the Coverflow concept into Front Row. Even in Leopard, Coverflow is gonna be all over the place, but not in … Front Row. Hence the question, why not introducing the Coverflow and Quicklook...
haha Did it really take you so long before noticing his irony Oh and by the by, does anyone have a clue what they're talking about? I hope they redesign the Apple Remote (no irony involved here)! Something offering you a nano-esque user experience with click wheel! Oh, and please get rid of this awkward linear Front Row user interface! We want Front Flow i/o Front Row!! Hmm, something like this would do: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyd8O-2mkgk
Ohno Absterdualcore! You're turning into a Wilco! I advice you to immediately 1/ stop eating sugar and 2/ stop drinking coffee! Get peaceful asa you can and hug the ones you love I am a PowerPC and PC user. I am using both at the moment as I need to run 1 PC only design program. I am willing to get myself an Intel Mac asa the Boot thing isn't Beta and the MBP has got a magnetic latch (yes, I know, silly me, but it does matter to me)!
Cover flow x Mighty mouse = Mac magic. Please, more of the same for iPhoto and Addressbook!As a negative:1/ Safari 3 looks old school with the brushed metal + I don't like the extra tabs I just wanna give stars and tags to my 200+ bookmarks.2/ .mac is still a joke though, especially homepage
You might be right. iLife wasn't upgraded either. iCal has got a low profile intro on the (beautifull) new web site and Addressbook isn't mentionned at all. Expect great things when iCal meets Addressbook. And vice versa …
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