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A 7" iPad sounds like a Newton. And not an iPad. Nor iPhone.
WTF How did they do that? So fast! And how did they get it that thin? Without the unibody structure? They don't have the magnets though … and the smart cover. And the Apps. And the integrated user interface. Good to see iPad 2 has a little friend to play with. It'll make iPad 3 only better.
Yes, but will the components be contaminated?! That is the question. Will the components make your iPad radioactive ? I hope I am asking silly questions here …
I don't understand. Microsoft manages to sell 10.000.000 Kinects's in only four months. How come Apple is still surprised by the success of their iPad? iPad 1, okay. But iPad 2? Come on! On a side note: Microsoft's Kinect is the fastest selling consumer product … ever. They too were surprised by their success, but they managed to overcome their problems. The question is: How did they do it?!
On the contrary! iPad 2 owners will gift their iPad 1 to their relatives. It is the ideal ripple effect to expand the user base of the iPad …
The magic cover really adds a laptop feel to the iPad … wow, I am well impressed!
All I am trying to say is that Ive will never leave his best friend. Especially not with all the health issues Steve is having at the moment. It is actually all human stuff …
Ive and Steve Jobs are close friends. If someone knows about Steve's health, it would've been Ive. Steve is the vision, Ive is the execution. You cannot simply replace Ive by someone else, no matter how bright that person is. Ive is the gatekeeper with an out of this world ability to merge all the brilliant ideas from his team into a solid product we all crave/lust after. Without Ive we are very likely going to end up with gadgets … I am sorry for this sad post
hello Chris,Not everyone is having a private secretary updating their contacts. Apple has integrated facebook in iPhoto allready. I do hope a similar partnership concerning addressbook will materialise. It is a tripple win to Apple, facebook and the end user.Regarding your business contacts. Apple could approach linkedin …Whatever Apple plans to do. I hope they make the Addressbook more dynamic. Leave it as a standalone app, but don't limit yourself to fancy eye candy!
Same here.I hope the addressbook hooks up with facebook. This way my contacts will be updated automatically.It doesn't look like you can activate (A) facetime or (B) a mail message or (C) text message right from your address book? That doesn't mean Addressbook should be like outlook. I like the way the apps stand on their own. I am a man and I can handle only one thing at a time
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