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-sigh- here we go again.   What's an iPhone for? Yes, it is primarily to make a phone call and to be connected at all times because you want to stay up to date with your social life! Apps are basic and focused on simple straightforward tasks: Checking and tapping.   iPad apps already look and feel different than iPhone/iPod apps. They are focused on basic tasks as well, but in a more laid back manner. So, here's my remark: Why the need for creating something in...
Actually, Apple could incorporate a virtual click wheel inside iOS. It could be a little icon inside iTunes next to the play bar. Selecting this will generate a virtual click wheel overlay which let's you skip (or skim?) inside a song.   I do miss the fine tuning capabilities of the click wheel in iOS.
iPod Shuffle = The Shuffle has a low price barrier. It is a great intro to Apple's iTunes eco system. I believe they will keep it. ? - iPod nano = Will Apple drop the nano in favor of the new iWatch? ? - iPod classic = The click wheel remains the best interface when skipping inside a song. Will Apple keep a dedicated music player? They could combine the click wheel with a touchscreen? I hope they do. The iconic click wheel still makes sense on an UX level. iPod mini =...
I got introduced to iOS through my iPod touch. What I miss is the scroll wheel. It remains by far the best way to skip inside a song, especially if you're listening to a long DJ set.
"Gestures" have a better chance of being incorporated into Laptops and Desktop computers than "Touch". "Gestures" could make use of their already built in iSight camera. There's no need to smudge your screen.   Actually "Gestures" could be integrated into the iPad as well. Some cooking apps are already taking advantage of this: One has to wave at the screen in order to progress to the next step.
This could actually work very well with their desktop computers as well. Instead of touching the screen - which is awkward after a while - you could do gestures.
I can't see this happening. It would be unlike Apple to enter the phablet market.   Instead Apple will focus on going smaller. The iPhone Nano will be the new iWatch.
I like the new Safari. It is much more simplified. The only thing I would change are its dull colors in Top Sites view. One more thing: I prefer the flat iOS Safari logo to the OSX Safari logo.
Apple need to rethink the OSX logos of Numbers, Keynote, Pages, iBooks, iTunes, iPhoto and Safari. They look bland and uninspiring.   I actually prefer the flat look of iOS7.
A sub 500$ 5C with 3,5" screen would sell like hot cakes.   A smaller screen is a big differentiator. It is cuter and more pocketable.
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