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Not really. An iPhone comes with a data plan. And it has got a phone, the Touch hasn't. Apple should market the Touch as a digital Moleskin sketchbook.
I don't get it either. I prefer to chill with the still! No need for moving images, a Touch that is able to capture great images would be a perfect companion during my urban dwellings.
Yes, it seems to be too early for a refresh. However, a release right before the shopping season will give the MBpros enough time to shine before the much anticipated Tablets will be announced in January 2010?!
That'll be great: 1. It will give us the option to attach a seperate BluRay drive afterwards whenever we like! 2. It will bring the cost down as the seperate drive will be an option. 3. It might extend the battery life. 4. And as Solipsism mentions, it will give us a cooler Macbook Pro
dammit … they didn't opt for a white macbook with black border. Now, that would be very Miami Vice and sexy as hell!
I am surprised they offer a wireless keyboard and mouse to the iMac … wouldn't it be better for the environment to minimize the use of batteries and have a wired keyboard and wired magic mouse?
… what to do what to do? My sister bought a Macbook last Friday! I've told her to keep it in the box because a refresh is imminent. She even went to the Apple store on my premises. At the moment she is getting fed up with me … so what should I say other than blaming Appleinsider
hey pws, you go tell this to the flooded people in India …
Apple is a little paranoid here. What about Apple stealing the apple logo from the Beatles? Now, that is what I would call confusing: a green beatles apple selling music and an apple company selling music software! The Beatles should reopen their case and force Apple to drop their Apple logo … There are too many lawyers in the world What a waste of money. We need more engineers and designers to face the challenges of the future. All those legal people can go * themselves!
- Edge to edge glass display - Black border - Glass trackpad … the new white Macbook is going to look sexy as hell!! Especially the beautifull contrast of the black border with the white casing
New Posts  All Forums: