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That'd be great! It'd be the best of both worlds: 1. Apple has a great music service but a poor social user base. 2. Facebook has a great social user base but a poor music service (I don't really like iLike).
nice … but when will we be able to add a little HTML5 to the web using iweb?
I cannot believe Apple gave the option to artists to PIMP their page Norah Jones page looks horrible on Ping! Apple, please keep it simple.
okay, this one has already been done by Nokia … but why not just having a simple dock system on your bike that charges your iPhone while you push those pedals?
This could be a great foundation for the new Macbook Air: imagine an ultra slim computer with no computer inside.
What's going to happen to the 24" screen? I can't see it on the Apple website?! DSM's claryl picture framing glass could be an elegant solution to the reflective glass on the Apple notebooks & desktop computers.
Here's some good sex advice: Don't panic if you come early … just have another go
Could it be that Steve Jobs was encountering the same issues during his iPhone 4 keynote event? He did blame the bloggers in the room at the time, didn't he? Anyway, this is turning into a nasty soap for Apple. Half baked explanations are making their - otherwise state of the art - design & engineering team look silly. I don't really buy into the software fix explanation. I am getting very wary of this phone now. How come Apple does not counteract the findings from...
Apple needs to move the antenna to the very bottom of the phone. It would actually be an ideal spot: 1) away from the hand (grip) 2) at the farthest end of the phone (and your head) Of course, they will need to reposition the speakers which are located at the very bottom as well …
I am confused. How come none of the reviewers - David Pogue, Walt Mossberg, … - weren't having these issues? Untill iPhone 5 we'll have to make pinched phone calls. It's yet another way to distinguish ourselves from the "others" making grabbed phone calls. (1) The Pinch = using your Thumb, Index and Middle Finger (very feminine & sophisticated) (2) The Grab = using your Hand (very masculine and android) … (3) The Earplugs = handsfree phone calls (4) The Bumper =...
New Posts  All Forums: