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In a way I am happy Apple did release the 6+ this year (only). Appleinsider is a quieter place now ... common sense will come back. The presence of the phablet will be short lived anyway, Continuity is going to save us :)I am eagerly awaiting the iPhone mini next year. 3.5 inch, 4 inch or in between, as long as it is not bigger than 4 inch. It'd be the perfect companion for my 7.9 inch ... iPad mini.  
Well, the iPad mini is considerably cheaper than an unsubsidized iPhone. The iPod should have at least the same technology/features as the iPad. 
Bend Man is back with an uncut version of bending an iPhone 6+. He seems to be hurt by our comments.
 Actually, anything is going to be an iPhone with Continuity. Even your 15" Macbook Pro.I think Swift and Continuity are Apple's biggest breakthrough innovations of 2014. It signals a paradigm shift. It's HUGE, even more so than the 6+
 I hope you'e right. The iPod is indeed a declining business as it is still using a chip and a camera from yesteryear. Its decline has been manufactured.I find it strange that people don't see a future for the iPod while the iPad is actually like an iPod, only bigger (and updated with the latest technology). The smart money is actually on the iPod if it would benefit from the same technology as the iPhone. Here's hoping that Continuity and the beats acquisition throw a...
 Anything below 5 inch is an iPod.Anything above 5 inch is an iPad. I agree, a 5.5 inch iPad nano does make sense.
It is crazy but you seem to be right. Apple will kill off the iPod.Shame. As the iPod does make sense in the new Continuity paradigm. The current iPod touch is still Apple's finest design in the sub 5 inch category.It would sell like hotcakes if they ... (finally) update the camera (finally) update the chip add the M chip add touch ID add  pay (like the  watch)With Wifi getting ubiquitous, an iPod (touch) is a smart choice. And continuity is going to bring the iPod -...
Today I've had a chance to play around with the iPhone 6 and 6+ in the Apple store.   Final verdict: even the iPhone 6 is too big.   Apple should do something in between 3.5 inch and 4 inch without compromising the screen ratio.
 A dedicated music app with storefront.A dedicated video app with storefront.A dedicated photos app.That'd be awesome indeed. It would lay the foundation for Apple to go social in the cloud:Beats as alternative to myspace, mixcloud and Soundcloud. video as alternative to youtube and vimeo. photo as alternative to flickr.
... H O L Y C A N O L Y , Marc ! What have you done to the Mac pro ?
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