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It does make sense. No more fiddling with batteries, instead just plug in the lightning cable and you can continue your work with the same keyboard. Right now I have to switch to a wired keyboard while my batteries are charging.
Well, if it charges in fifteen seconds - like the  pencil - then it'd be truly magical.
I thought Apple was going to get rid of the batteries?: You charge your magic keyboard and trackpad with a lightning connector.
Ireland, you've lost me here ... Are you telling me that Apple had to acquire beats to improve the beats audio products?  
23 inch would hit the sweet spot, just perfect to have the edges in your peripheral vision. The immersive experience of the 27 inch is too intimidating to me. I'd love to see the boundaries.
Great! The ads are as short and focused as the interactions with the watch.   My favourites are 'Ride' and 'Cycle'.
The original iPod had the magic and simplicity of the scroll wheel. Suddenly I had fine grain control on one hour long dj sets from my favorite dj's. This is something that got lost with 2D touch based interfaces. I somehow hope 3D touch paves the way for a digital scroll wheel.
It is not going to be an easy fix.I'd recommend them to design  music from the ground up and abandon the idea of having everything "in one place".
I hope 3D touch will bring the scroll wheel back to the iPod/iPhone.   Right now skimming a one hour dj set is near impossible. I am missing the fine grain control I used to have with the iPod classic. A virtual scroll wheel would be a very welcome addition to  music.
Forgive me my excitement, but the Future is really near, like, November 2015.  It is happening (in the Netherlands).
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