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 Hold your horses!The  pen and Force Touch are bound to change the game yet again.  Really, we haven't seen the last of the Post PC era.
Now, this is what I call a great ad for the Apple Watch:      No complex interface, you just DING! (and start the meeting)
 It works with the iPad and your Mac (laptop + desktop).  Apple doesn't mention the iPod. But isn't the iPod a very small iPad Wifi? Perhaps Appleinsider or someone from the forum could try this out? I don't have an iPhone, just the new iPod Touch and feature phone. It could be a nice workaround for those in favour of the 4 inch form factor.
Out of 800 million iTunes users, 10 million subscribed for the free Beta.   Out of those 10 million, how many use the service - excluding their music library - regularly?   And out of those recurring users, how many are willing to subscribe for a monthly fee?   I subscribed to the service, but I am not a recurring user. I am also not willing to pay for the service.
 Keep your old iPhone and instead get the new iPod Touch. You'd be able to answer phone calls on your iPod through Continuity*. (*) Continuity turns your Apple device into a phone by taking advantage of your iPhone's antennas. If I am not mistaken it happens through Bluetooth, a very low radiant.source: ars technica
 Apple is basically giving us a FREE 3 month BETA. They should've warned us. Now some of us have lost their music because they unwittingly tried out an unfinished service full of nasty bugs and UX disasters.  iTunes has been around since 2003. Apple Music is a direct descendant from Beats music. These are hardly first generation products, don't you think?
They're lucky Apple Music has major UX issues. Basically, Apple screw up.
A 23 inch retina iMac would be awesome. If not, I'd settle for a 21.5 inch model. It is a tad too small, but 27 inch is just too big for me.
Yes. Apple's fiscal 2015 third quarter ended June 27, 2015. This means that the launch of the massively updated iPod Touch (July 15) is not taken into account. So, very impressive indeed as they were selling yesteryears iPods at the time.
I cannot believe how smug they are on the complexity of their hybrid systems. What's next? Hydrogen? LMAO And don't get me started on the complexity of their UX, let alone dashboard: How many drive modes can a Sportscar have? They're lucky that the baby boomers (60+) have lots of money to spend.
New Posts  All Forums: