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Gimme Some Slack!   Siri is well positioned to become the next Scarlet Johansson.   She'll be up close & personal on your wrist  
It would mean adding another button - read: complexity - to the keyboard. Having said that, the backlit keyboard could switch its light off when there's no typing for 50 seconds? So yes, we could have a backlit keyboard without causing bedroom issues and draining the battery.
Expect the new desktop keyboard layout to be influenced by the Macbook keyboard:  Please, do not offer the desktop keyboard with backlit keys. A backlit keyboard is an annoyance for those who have their computer in the bedroom.
I must admit, at first I was smitten by the Milanese Loop, but the Modern Buckle has grown on me.   Has anyone got experience with a Modern Buckle  watch?:   How comfortable is it to wear? My concern is that the Buckle might touch the desk surface too often when typing on a Qwerty keyboard?
 Read the findings of the Nielsen/Norman Group. Their Evidence-Based User Experience Research on the  watch is very revealing: source: Nielsen/Norman
A square would make sense if information display is of concern. The question is: Does it matter? The early User Experience findings of Nielsen/Norman begs to differ. (A square watch for optimal) information display is not paramount for a watch. In fact, the bubbly home screen - copied by Samsung - is a UX disaster.
Frankly I believe the bubble homescreen is one of the weakest links in the  watch OS. It needs to go in the next iteration. It is of no use.
I am very much looking forward to an auto without a steering wheel, gear shift, pedals and dashboard. Just me, my iPad/iPhone and the  auto. No sarcasm intended.
Both the Air & mini should be compatible with the  pen. I expect them both to get the Force Touch treat. I call this rumour fiddlesticks!
And that is why the User Experience is such a disaster: Apple Music and iTunes are a 'Jack of all trades, master of none'. Concerning the bugs ... I have iTunes 12.12 installed over here. Not exactly a 1.0 product.
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