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To be fair,America and its allies have made a big mess in the Middle East for the past 20 - twenty that is - years: Gulf War OneGulf War TwoAfghanistanSyria... We ended up with more - not less - terror. Heck, they treat us all as likely terrorists now! Wouldn't it be better to invest the tax money on renewables instead? The  car won't need oil ;)
 The big advantage of keeping the watch dumb is that it will outlive your phone. Again, same analogy as the external Cinema Display. You upgrade your macbook while you keep the external display.
 Give it time. This is  watch 1. Jony Ive and their design team got themselves a great baseline for the future.
It is the same reason why you would buy a Cinema Display*. It is for comfort. You can leave your phone in the bag and have all e.g. notifications on your wrist. You could apply the same for  pay, car keys etc. ... I get a sense what Tim Cook is getting at with the watch concept.(*) For the Cinema Display it is productivity. Connecting your macbook air to a big external screen dramatically increases your screen estate and thus productivity.
I imagine Apple creating a bespoke after-service that takes care for those buying the  watch edition. It'd be like a Lifelong Apple care, for the battery. This way they will be on par with the after-service Rolex and other luxury brands are offering. This service would only work if the  watch is designed as an external screen for the iPhone, which it appears to be.
Let me rephrase that as a fellow Human Being:"These people shouldn't exist. We should eliminate the breeding ground that drive them into Terrorism."
I agree. It also creates a different mindset: You are okay to replace your iPod every other year. A watch on the contrary, is supposed to last significantly longer. Apple really needs to figure out an after-service where they replace the batteries, especially for the  watch edition ... they're in with some serious bespoke after-service competition of Rolex and the likes.
The good thing what I have been hearing about the  watch is that it is designed to be an external screen for the iPhone. This is a very smart way to tackle the obsolescence issue. Want to upgrade your watch? Get a new iPhone!   I bought a 20 inch Apple Cinema Display in 2005 and I am still using it. The only thing I am changing is my mac mini and macbook pro.   So yes, smart move from Apple to make the  watch "just" an external screen for the iPhone. It will justify...
In the mean time Western Governments are doing good Business by selling arms to Terrorist organisations and regimes that violate basic Human Rights.   How SICK can you be?: Condemn Terrorism while supplying them with weapons?!   source, the Independent: Blood Money: UK's £12,3bn arms sales to repressive states source, the Guardian: UK condemned over arms sales to repressive states
Jony Ive  and his design team got themselves a very good baseline for the future. The  watch will gradually evolve into its own archetype, just like the iPhone and iPad. It is what Apple design is known for, their relentless pursuit to unclutter the product experience.
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