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Those tough looking don't-shoot-me-gangstas are actually both holding their "hello Kitty" headphones in their hands. Shame the black and white picture got cropped ...  
 Wacom and especially Adobe are revolutionising the workflow for creatives. The 12 inch iPad Pro could play a part in that too as more and more creatives use their iPad instead of a Wacom tablet.  I am not saying Apple should offer a pen, but they should at least work closely together with Adobe, if they are serious about the 12 inch iPad. Adobe is doing awesome stuff for the iPad. A bigger screen would be a blessing for the creative professional (that makes use of Adobe's...
My suggestion would be to use Descriptive names to suggest their capabilities and use Screen sizes to further differentiate between the models within the same category:iPad miniiPad (air)*iPad proJust as they do with their laptop line-up:Macbook (air)*, 11 inch and 13 inchMacbook pro, 13 inch and 15 inchAnd desktop line-up:Mac miniMac proThe iPhone is a bit of an exception as the "pro" moniker doesn't make any sense here:iPhone mini (something in between 3.5 inch and 4...
iPad Air Plus?   The naming is getting a bit silly.   It is like saying: "The  Macbook Air Plus to indicate the (non existing) 15 inch Macbook Air?"
I really love the Milanese loop  watch.
Here's another creative use for your iPad. This time it is for videographers. It is time for Apple to get serious about creatives again. Why can't we have those accessories on the Apple store      To end with controversy: A 12" iPad would certainly trash the 11" Macbook Air.
In the mean time creatives are using their iPad more as a replacement for their wacom tablet.
I solved the issue by restarting my computer. The corrupted files are no longer on my desktop.
I still have an issue with Dropbox:   Dropbox regularly creates corrupted files after I have taken a screenshot picture. Some of my screenshot pictures end up on my desktop instead of my screenshots dropbox folder.  > I cannot view and delete the screenshot pictures on my desktop. > The screenshot pictures that ended up on my desktop do not show up in Finder either. > They even don't show up as hidden files in my terminal window.    I have the latest OSX Yosemite...
This is lame ... What's next? ISIS?
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