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Apple is updating the Apple Store right now.   #JustSaying
It is a shame as the iPod is an iconic brand. I don't know the Apple II story, but there clearly is a future for the iPod. Especially since  music allows for offline listening.A redesigned  iPod nano would actually make toast of the Fitbit. If only Apple would give their iPod a little love ...
Ditching the iPad mini could pave the way for a miraculous return of the iPod?
hello Appleinsider, Could you do a feature on your first 100 days with the %uF8FF watch? There seems to be an issue with skin sensitivities. Especially for the Milanese Loop and the Modern Buckle (my favourite): https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204665
Awesome tweet by Craig Federighi parody (@_HairForceOne)*     (*) I am not sure if this is the real Craig, but it is hilarious anyway.
I am glad you are giving some context. It is still early days for the wearables. It is like Apple would have launched the iPhone in 2005 instead of 2007. 5 Million watches would be a great success already as it would set a new industry standard.
Apple Music basically is a free Beta version. Just like iOS 9, but in a dire state. Especially iTunes 12.2 in OSX. I hope they get their act together when the Beta ends.
 Adding options is a sign that you are clueless and lacking focus. Your user will feel confused no matter what.
 Being complacent is not going to be very helpful, is it? This is Apple we are talking about.While I do agree that comments on the  watch have been very harsh - to say the least - despite being it a first generation product, I do disagree about your take on Apple Music.Apple is not a newbie in the world of Music: iTunes on OSX is 10+ years old, their music app on iOS is 5+ years old. So, I am mystified at their half baked attempt to break new grounds in Music:The UX of...
iTunes 12.2 in OSX is a disgrace to Apple's UX standards:   http://www.engadget.com/2015/07/04/itunes-12-2-new-version-a-missed-opportunity-for-apple-music/   Here's what they could do:   http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/187044/how-to-remove-connect-from-apple-music-in-ios-8-4#post_2743873
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