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Tesla is an amazing brand name. It refers to Tesla, the visionary inventor of the electric age. However (speaking about Tesla the company), its mobility future clearly is not with Human Controlled Electric Cars. They stand no chance if Porsche's full electric concept car is going to materialise at the turn of this decade:       Tesla needs Apple badly to design the real mobility Revolution: Self Driving Electric Cars. It is where the traditional car manufacturers...
I don't have a separate TV screen at home.  tv is of no use to me right now. However, it'd be great if Apple could make the  tv remote compatible with the iMac. Hence my interest in the User Experience of the remote.
Can someone explain me the difference between the 'menu' and the 'home' button on the  TV remote?   It looks like they could simplify the remote even further?
An iPad Air 3 with  pencil will make my ever present Moleskine redundant. Perfect weight & size for sketching on the go.
It'd be great if we could give her a custom name. EDIT: on second thoughts, perhaps not. It'd be confusing to remember the different names of your devices.
Will  pencil transform the iMac as a painter's easel?
Does the  pencil work with the new iPhone 6S?   With a Force Touch* trackpad on the Macbook?     (*) I am glad they renamed 'Force Touch' to the more imaginative '3D Touch'.
 I really cannot see Clarkson presenting a Self Driving Car without making fun of it. He ridiculed a Human controlled (!) electric car already. Just ask Elon Musk.  Seriously, Clarkson is king of the Petrolheads: the more horsepower the better. He's great entertainment for the bored English white middle class. 
Disoriented Alienated Bored Disconnected Flashy without substance   The ad captures the  music experience rather nicely. 
This man was living his Dream according to Re/Code. He even has the 'Next' logo tattooed on his leg. I can hardly imagine him giving up his Dream at the first hurdle? 
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