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The Car Manufacturers are doomed. Their sole income is from selling petrol powered dinosaurs.   With apple you could get the infotainment tools first, and the car later    No seriously, the car manufacturers should really start expanding their product portfolio. Restricting mobility to cars only is a short sighted vision. Electric powered bicycles or motorcycles should be on their radar as well. I can't see them developing an online mobility platform either ...
I have it here on my mac, 19:33 GMT. On a serious note:I just imported the event from the Apple website to my iCal. The strange thing is that the event didn't adapt to my time zone. It says it starts at 10:00 San Francisco time? And there's no way to adapt it to my Time Zone? It now sits snuggly with my other appointment at 10:00 am GMT, which is inaccurate as the live event happens seven hours later for me.
What about washing your hands in the restroom? It'd be dangerous to take off your watch and wash your hands in a public restroom.
If for whatever reason the link doesn't load, here's the cached version of the article: 9 reasons why I think Apple might buy Tesla Michael Graham Richard (@Michael_GR)Transportation / CarsFebruary 23, 2015Share on FacebookApple plus Tesla logosPromo image Apple/Tesla logosForget about Apple vs. Tesla, what about Apple + Tesla?It's an interesting idea. Various people have suggested in recent years that Apple should buy Tesla (or Twitter, or Netflix, or whatever), but it...
What if Apple bought Tesla?   Here's 9 reasons why they should.   In a way, 'Tesla' could remain 'Tesla'. Just like 'beats' remains 'beats'. It would be a clever way of Apple to buy themselves into the electric mobility industry without diluting their core activity. Both could learn a thing or two about battery technology. 
Open your Heart mstone, and thou shall be blessed!
To be frank. I've had it with all the old car manufacturers. This is 2015 and they are still selling cars with tailpipes  I really appreciate Tesla's efforts. They are pioneers. It'd be great if Apple followed suit and joined the new Mobility Revolution with Google, Tesla & Über. It is about time this industry got a complete overhaul.
This feels like a response from the car manufacturers - Toyota, vw - to last week's  car rumours?   Or perhaps Toyota got offended by the comments Jony Ive made in the New Yorker interview?
 The clever bit is that all the heavy batteries are laid out on the floor. It brings the weight of the car as close to the tarmac as possible.
 "Hydrogen is an excuse for automobile manufacturers to delay battery powered electric vehicles and promote the status quo." (source: autoblog)What a crazy week. The more you think about it, the more you realise that Apple should shake up this old industry of petrol powered cars. Tesla is doing this already. We are at the advent of a Great Mobility revolution. It'd be a shame if Apple would miss out while sitting on their huge pile of cash ...
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