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I do not get the outrage against the Verge.   They did a very solid review, bringing up new challenges* for Jony Ive and his very talented crew. This will definitely give them better focus for  watch 2.   *The bar scene was very informative. It shows that the watch is not meant for all kind of notifications. Perhaps you should only get a tap from your VIPs or when you have to move on to the next meeting. Twitter notifications are just plain silly on your wrist.
One word: Karma   Now, where's that infamous "Unbox Therapy Guy"?
Anything that makes the phone less prominent is a good thing.  watch clearly is a first generation product. It does indeed have some flaws. However, it is a solid watch that offers intelligent time. To me, this is a significant feature justifying the existence of the watch.
"Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should"   My one-sentence advice to the NY Times
This could work both ways. "Continuity" makes the 3.5 inch iPhone a sensible product: leave the phone in the bag and use your  watch, iPad, Macbook ...
iPhone miniiPhoneiPhone + sounds better thaniPhone 6CiPhone 6SiPhone 6S +
I agree. The 3.5 inch phone has much better proportions. The 4 inch phone looks stretched in comparison. Oh, and Apple should call it the "iPhone mini". "Six C" sounds horrible.
Force - horrible name that is - Touch is paving the way for the iPad pro &  pen.
 Good catch! And what a contrast with Macrumors: their discussion thread is seven pages already, without anyone taking notice of the anomaly ...
+ The picture is a turnoff as well. I never take my iPhone in the bedroom.
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