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I'd love to have an "auto", or "self driving car" if you like: No more fiddling with pedals, sticks and steering wheel. The auto's interior is going to look dramatically different. Like an extended living room. The exterior design of the auto is going to change dramatically as well. An auto is no longer engineered for high impact crashes. So, no more bulky looking cars. Zero road kills! Better mobility for your grandparents. They no longer have to rely for transport on...
Question: Can you share your pictures on pinterest from Apple Photos?
Did you notice? The dreadful iPhoto icon has finally gone!   Shame most Mac OSX icons are circular, I prefer the rounded rectangle of iOS.   Craig?
Could it be that the iPhone 6 plus is already cannibalising the sales of the iPad mini? The sales of the iPhone 6 plus have been massive last quarter.   In a way, I am surprised. Isn't Continuity making the iPad more connected than ever?   The iPad pro and stylus will certainly appeal to the (Adobe) creatives.
What about the ghost accounts on Twitter, like mine?   Twitter is like a non stop 24/24, 7/7 ongoing reception - the horror the horror - . I use it as a human RSS feed now, checking it once a week. I rarely craft a tweet myself. My life feels much more peaceful now, without the endless stream of mindless (re-)tweets.
All I expect from Apple is to offer me an awesome photo management system that works across all my devices and creative software. Professional photographers do not need Aperture as they make use of Lightroom & Photoshop. Two powerful apps from Adobe, available at a very low monthly fee. However, if done well, the Photos app could replace Adobe's Bridge. That is not to say that there is no future for Aperture. It could appeal to the semi-professional, someone who doesn't...
Yes, especially RAW pictures and photo management. Some of the Adobe Bridge features save you a lot of time and give you instant focus on the pictures that really matter.
A stylus is going to bring the iPad to a whole new level of productivity for creatives. Sure, an artist can use his fingers to create a painting, but a pencil is just a better tool for the job. That is not to say that a pencil is going to replace the intuitive touch interface using fingers. The pen should be sold as an accessory.
Here's a pen Jony Ive did as an intern.source: Quora 
The  watch has got haptic feedback. It is going to be very discrete: your watch will tell you when it is time to go to your next meeting with a subtle tap on your wrist. No one will notice but you. You no longer have to worry about being late. Your watch will tap you earlier when there is a traffic jam on your way to the next meeting because of a recent car crash on the motorway.  That is Intelligent Time: a seamless integration between iCal, Apple Maps and Notifications....
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