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I agree. This would be the correct use for the  watch. But still, 19 hours is surprisingly short for a device that is meant for glancing and quick short interactions.
I wonder if Apple would do better to limit the functionality of the  watch in favour of better battery life?   I mean, there's always going to be an  watch 2 ...
Someone didn't read Apple's usability guidelines:   Apple told developers to measure user interaction in seconds.   It's not because you can, that you should. Playing games on your wrist is defeating the purpose of the  watch: notifications and short simple interactions.
 Notice how Microsoft's vibes have changed. Those three middle aged hipsters are a far cry from the Balmer monkey we used to know. Dare I say MS is getting cool again, in a mad way   Disclaimer: Coolness does not guarantee Product Excellence. I am aware of that.
It might look weird as a standalone pair of glasses, but imagine these being build into a helmet ... It certainly is going to save lives, both on the motorway, and the battlefield!Augmented Reality is the way to go for glasses. Microsoft did nail that one.
 On the contrary. People still have schedules and attend meetings. Timekeeping could evolve to "intelligent Time" if Apple manages to re-imagine iCal for the  (= ALT + 1) watch.
I think he realizes he is not only up to Apple, but also a legion of bright iOS developers.
 I do not want Apple to compromise on the ergonomics of the stylus, just to make it fit inside their ultra slim iPad Pro. The main purpose of a stylus for creatives is to draw, not to chuck it away in their iPad. It is not a gimmick for us. The stylus needs to have substance and feel balanced in the hand. I'd be very happy to carry my stylus around in a separate stylus case.
This is fantastic news for creatives! Adobe did an amazing job already with Ink & Slide but I am confident Apple will outdo them because they do both, the iPad and apple pen hardware and software.   Most of the criticism regarding Adobe's Ink is the lag. Some say it has to do with wifi. Apple is in a good position to address this. It is going to make drawing on an iPad more natural. Oh man, Apple's pen will bring the productivity of the iPad to a whole new level. Xmas...
Well impressed. Swift is one of Apple's breakthrough innovations of 2014. There's also a plentitude of good Swift courses on Lynda.com and One Month, which helps as well.
New Posts  All Forums: