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I am all for gender equality, feminism, BLGT and oppressed minorities - no sarcasm intended here, I genuinely do support these causes because they contribute to a more diverse and richer society - but seriously ... the new hello Kitty headphones from Beats are pushing things a bit too far for me. #WTF   It is time Jony Ive & his team of designers re-imagine the iPod as headphones. Docter Dre is driving me insane!
What about charging your watch with wrist movements?
Yes! And "Continuity" & "Handoff" are taking the Revolution to a whole new level.This feels like 2001 when Steve Jobs introduced his vision of a Digital HUB. I suspect despair and panic in the Google offices, much like 2007 when Apple presented the iPhone to the world. How are they going to replicate this? They have to up their Android game on all levels: phone, tablet and desktop. It's a crazy challenge. Even Microsoft still looks clueless with Windows 10 ...
 It probably is. It's nice to have. It gives comfort, but it is not essential. Although I must say Adobe is making it really hard for creatives to ignore the iPad. Their digital ink & slide concept is awesome and way more productive than using a laptop.
  What's this thing with Broadwell? I hear intel is going to release Skylake in 2015 as well? This means Broadwell - which hasn't been released yet - will be very shortlived. Intel is pushing Skylake as a radical new departure. Does that mean Apple will skip Broadwell altogether and instead focus its designs on Skylake? Skylake will allow Apple to re-imagine their desktop/laptop computer.
Awesome update!   I am loving the look and feel. With the exception of the colour of the folders. It is too bright and in the face. Apple finally made me clean up my desktop. There's no folders on it anymore. I am not a big fan of the typeface either. Helvetica clearly was not meant to end up on a computer screen. Oh, and please. Bring all the icons in synch with iOS. I do not understand why the icons have to look different from iOS 8.1? I thought the skeuomorphic...
 Well, that was before "Continuity". You could be right if Apple decides not to update or re-imagine the iPod with the latest iPad/iPhone technology. However, Apple's invite stems me hopeful. It has indeed been way too long since Apple updated: the iPod (the touch still has an A5 processor) the mac mini (its design is still based upon the cd drive and it would be an awesome way to celebrate the anniversary of the mac) the cinema display On a side note: I agree the days of...
 Max out your mini and you have one.
In a way I am happy Apple did release the 6+ this year (only). Appleinsider is a quieter place now ... common sense will come back. The presence of the phablet will be short lived anyway, Continuity is going to save us :)I am eagerly awaiting the iPhone mini next year. 3.5 inch, 4 inch or in between, as long as it is not bigger than 4 inch. It'd be the perfect companion for my 7.9 inch ... iPad mini.  
Well, the iPad mini is considerably cheaper than an unsubsidized iPhone. The iPod should have at least the same technology/features as the iPad. 
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