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What if Apple bought Tesla?   Here's 9 reasons why they should.   In a way, 'Tesla' could remain 'Tesla'. Just like 'beats' remains 'beats'. It would be a clever way of Apple to buy themselves into the electric mobility industry without diluting their core activity. Both could learn a thing or two about battery technology. 
Open your Heart mstone, and thou shall be blessed!
To be frank. I've had it with all the old car manufacturers. This is 2015 and they are still selling cars with tailpipes  I really appreciate Tesla's efforts. They are pioneers. It'd be great if Apple followed suit and joined the new Mobility Revolution with Google, Tesla & Über. It is about time this industry got a complete overhaul.
This feels like a response from the car manufacturers - Toyota, vw - to last week's  car rumours?   Or perhaps Toyota got offended by the comments Jony Ive made in the New Yorker interview?
 The clever bit is that all the heavy batteries are laid out on the floor. It brings the weight of the car as close to the tarmac as possible.
 "Hydrogen is an excuse for automobile manufacturers to delay battery powered electric vehicles and promote the status quo." (source: autoblog)What a crazy week. The more you think about it, the more you realise that Apple should shake up this old industry of petrol powered cars. Tesla is doing this already. We are at the advent of a Great Mobility revolution. It'd be a shame if Apple would miss out while sitting on their huge pile of cash ...
 Benjamin! You are in desperate need of an Oatmeal.
I can't believe car manufacturers get away with their bland and unimaginative products. I can actually imagine those "designers" making "vroom vroom" noises when drawing a car on their wacom tablet. Seriously. If you would ask me what my favourite car is, I'd say "Brompton".
Agree, the interface is horrible. Especially the bubbly home screen. It just seems very awkward to navigate. But this is something that could be easily fixed in a software update. I don't understand why you think the hardware development has gone wrong?: There's nothing wrong with hiding the rectangular edges with vignetting? It actually has inspired the design team to get rid of the chamfered edges of the iPhone 6.The thing that does seem to go wrong is focus. It sounds...
This could be a good thing in the end.   Focus on one thing only and do it very very well: Intelligent Time. For it is a watch after all?   As with the iPhone, developers will come up with uses Apple would never have imagined.   But first, make sure you got a hell of a Timepiece.
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