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B R E A K I N G   Apple removed "iPod" from their main menu on the updated Apple website!   They actually replaced "iPod" with "music"?
Force Touch is going to bring the iPad to a whole new level. Especially if combined with the optional  pen and amazing Adobe apps.
  Not all artists paint with their fingers ... some of them use brushes.The stylus will be to the iPad what the mouse was to the computer*.(*) Sure you could also control your computer by writing out your commands with the keyboard. A mouse however made everything feel more natural. It revolutionised the user experience and made the computer more accessible to the world.
I hope not. It is proven that multitasking has a detrimental effect on productivity.
Adobe got a whole range of really interesting apps for the iPad. The extra screen estate is going to be heaven for creatives if combined with Force Touch and a stylus.However, I am a bit surprised by its size ... the size of the 12 inch Macbook hits the sweet spot.
SOFTWARE: Apple will most likely have to design the interface from the ground up again. The flow just isn't coherent enough, which is very un-Apple like. [My judgement is based on the Apple watch video tutorials.]   HARDWARE: I can see the Milanese loop concept being applied with other materials. What a great design that is.
Ryan Smith from Anandtech wrote a balanced review on the Macbook.
Kasper! You should hand over the macbook to your dad ... he'll love it!   (We'd like to hear his thoughts)
To be fair, the iPod hasn't been updated since a long time. It has got yesteryear's technology. No wonder sales are down. This is 2015, not 2012.The "iPod" is an iconic brand that is firmly rooted into music. Apple would be foolish to kill off this legacy, especially when they are getting serious with music again. Perhaps the iPod will evolve into a headset that is being controlled by your  watch or iPhone? It is all about the music and the quality of sound … a headset...
C'mon Apple, finish off the Point & Shoot camera's.   Thank you, Continuity.
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