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I hope they just call it "iPhone", like they did with the "iPad" name.
I am having troubles watching some of the youtube videos in Safari. The video never plays or attempts to play. Ultimately it is asking me to force reload the other open pages. I am now watching youtube videos on Firefox. No problems there. Yes I am using the latest Apple's operating system and I am doing regular updates.
I don't understand. Jonathan Ive & his team are doing a great job. Why having a big ego like STARK ruin the Apple aesthetic? There's no need for a marketing gimmick.
It is not the weak that die out, but those who are unable to adapt. This is a common misunderstanding of Darwin's theory.
Here's an idea for Microsoft: They should call their phone Microphone! Concerning Apple: I realize that the 4Steve phone is the iPhone 5. 1. iPhone 1 2. iPhone 3G 3. iPhone 3GS 4. iPhone 4 5. iPhone 4S { at present } … 6. iPhone 5 7. iPhone 5S etc. …
Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field is needed right now …
Dark "green blue" would be my Dream colour
I am mystified why Apple isn't offering a great camera with their iPod Touch. It feels like Apple is not confident that the addition of a phone to the iPhone is not a big enough differentiator?
I wonder how the iPod Classic fits in the Post PC era? You still need a computer to activate your iPod?!
Yes, you're right. I can indeed but I am not sure what they mean with … "still photos (960 by 720) with back camera" How many megapixels is that? It clearly is not in the same league as the iPhone 4Gs?
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