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What happens if Apple releases  watch 2?:   Will we all need to buy the complete watch? Or can we just get the body (because we already have the band from the previous watch)?   I think Apple is making this overly complicated. They should just offer the body as is, and sell the bands separately. It will definitely simplify their supply chain.
 I agree with the demo. It was indeed a bit weird to see Kevin demo the watch from the desk. Perhaps it was because there was a cable connected to the watch to display the interactions on the big screen in real time?  Another strange thing is that Kevin got notifications from the watch despite him not wearing it.  Correct me if I am wrong but I've read somewhere that the watch sensors need to touch your skin in order to get notifications? Which would have been an awesome...
The DODO Charging Stand is something I can imagine putting on my bedside table.   Are there any Alarm Clock apps for the watch already? The Rise Alarm Clock is my personal favourite for the iPhone.
Perhaps one day we'll see an  watch inspired inductive recharger instead of the forlorn MagSafe cable? I also loved the way the MagSafe cable snapped off when you tripped over the cable. You'll have to be more vigilant in your coworking space now ...
Cheers. I was afraid the sweat might take off the brilliance of the shiny stainless steel.
You don't want to answer phone calls from your wrist? 
Will the stainless steel version of the watch be suitable for running (read:sweating).   I fancy the Stainless steel watch with Milanese loop. I'd change it with the black silicone sport band for my daily run.
One More Thing:   They should change the wording of the 'Force' Click. It sounds very brutal and drastic. Like 'Force' quit or 'Force' reload ... things you only do in desperation/frustration.
Wonderful Design.   The Only Thing that I would change is the 'Macbook' writing on the screen. I prefer to have it written at the bottom case, like they did with the Macbook Pro. Right now it is a bit of a disturbance of what would otherwise be a pristine experience.
Those first  watch apps will look ohso naive in a few more years. Kinda like those first iPhone apps Steve Jobs demoed on the original iPhone.
New Posts  All Forums: