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 Apple happens to make the best products out there. It is a seamless experience between software and hardware which I am happy to pay a premium for. I am expecting Apple to invest their profits back into society. Right now they are sitting on a mountain of half a trillion $ of cash. I am not being unreasonable here.
Not all people have access to money. Those factory workers, working 60 hours a week, still won't be able to vote with their hard earned cash. This is why we need to re-think Capitalism. The current system is neither good for the planet and society as a whole.
I expect Apple to strive for excellence, just like they do with their products.    Apple can do better regarding the supply chain. Comparing yourself to lousy sub par companies is not what I expect from Apple. Good enough won't do. It is a recipe for complacency. I expect Apple to set new standards and push the Human race forward. This is why I am happy to pay a premium for their products/services.      If Apple - a highly profitable company - cannot solve this issue,...
Apple's recent watch SDK and User Experience guidelines stems me hopeful: Developers are encouraged to measure User tasks in seconds, not minutes. By the sound of it, it looks like Apple envisions the watch as a satellite to their phone. Which is great. So, the  watch would be a notification center and data tracker. So yes, the current interface looks a bit naive  - especially the silly Photos app - and the hardware interface could be simplified here and there, but this...
Porsche's interface is a mess, despite being it a premium brand. It's like buying a macbook pro with a Vista operating system. It runs in the family as Volkswagen's interface is hopeless as well.
Isn't it more likely Apple will follow the  pay concept: wave your iPhone or  watch in front of your screen?
The question is:   Will Facebook survive an Apple Sandstorm?    Apple already produce the hardware.   They are well placed to put people back into control over their own data.   RIP facebook, RIP twitter, RIP Google
Ah, the concept got in the way of the content.   It would've looked cool to have it in the final five seconds though. It is a nice closure.   As for the other stuff: The add is too fast paced. The music is overkill as well. It's hyper hipster stuff.
This one's for you, Samsung:   This the Season to be Jolly   Fa La La La Laa Fa La La Laa ...
Those tough looking don't-shoot-me-gangstas are actually both holding their "hello Kitty" headphones in their hands. Shame the black and white picture got cropped ...  
New Posts  All Forums: