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What about having an eye scan using the FaceTime camera instead?   This way apple could get rid of the home/fingerprint button?
Looks like Jony Ive and Craig Federighi lost their bet :D
They gotta change the name next year, "6C" sounds silly.
@pedromartins   Why not getting an iPad mini and a feature phone?
Tim, there sure is room for a sub 500$ 3,5" iPhone mini? Here's what I think Apple should do to cater 95% of the people: 1. iPhone, 4" screen 2. iPhone mini, 3,5" screen 3. iPod = iPod touch, 4" screen 4. iPod mini, 3,5" screen 5. iPod nano = iWatch 6. iPod shuffle 7. iPad, 9,7" screen 8. iPad mini, 7,9" screen
Thanks for sharing. This is one of my top five apps. It truly clears up my head. My favourite passtime before going to bed.
In a way it would be great if Apple distinguishes the iPhone from the iPod by having black faces for the iPhone and white faces for the iPod.   This is meant to be a reply to Pazuzu, post #5.
This is getting very juvenile.   I hope Apple is NOT getting into the "my-screen-is-bigger-than-yours" race.
The 5C should have been a sub 500$ 3,5" iPhone mini. The 5S should have been simply, the iPhone.
I am hopeful Apple will realease a cheap iPhone mini with a 3,5" screen to replace the iPhone 4S.
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