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Please correct me, but someone at Microsoft told me that Apple's iCloud is making use of the Azure servers? So I am a bit surprised that Apple got such a high ranking. Which I would be genuinely happy about if true.
When is Apple going to apply the flat look to OSX?   The Pages, Keynote and Numbers icon look awful in OSX. I very much prefer their look in iOS.
Here's my guess: iPhone mini = 3.5", taking design clues from the iPhone 5CiPhone = 4.7" replacing the 4", the idea is to differentiate the bigger iPhone from the original size. iPod (Touch) = 5.5" , targeted to gamers. Definitely not a phone anymore.
To be fair, they should picture the phones with a hand to give us an idea of the scale. One will notice how ridiculous a 5.5" phone looks like. Could it be that the screen sizes are meant for the iPod Touch instead? Unlike the iPhone you don't hold an iPod Touch next to your head … .
It feels weird. Didn't Oculus crowdfund their product on Kickstarter first? 
 You are mistaken. It was Steve Jobs who urged Isaacson to also highlight the parts of his Life where he was "not very proud of".You are also misquoting Isaacson. He indeed said that Apple is not the greatest innovator in the world right now. Google is. However, he added that Apple is much better than Google in implementing innovation.I'd recommend everyone reading Steve Jobs biography. It is well written and very honest, balanced book about Steve Jobs life. Even Jobs wife...
If she really is that confident about her book. Why does she need to quote Walter Isaacson's on the front cover?   To me it feels like Walter wanted to do her a favor back as she might have helped him out with the research of his book about Steve Jobs. It is a human act of kindness which she clearly took advantage of (by ostentatiously putting it on the front cover). It doesn't add to the credibility of her book.   I agree with Tim. She fails to grasp the essence of...
There actually is. 3.5" and 4" are the perfect size if you're looking for an on-the-go iDevice. I love my 3.5" iPhone. 5" and 5.5" are already changing the Nature of the product. It could work as an iPod Touch as you don't use it as a phone (read: you don't hold it next to your head like a phone).
I like his Leadership. Very very focused. & Calm   The only thing I would improve is the product roll out. All the product updates seem to happen in the Fall season? Why not having new iPods and Macs in Springtime?
You're right. My interaction with the iPhone is very limited. It is mainly making calls and short on the go interactions with some very good apps (I am loving Clear, Rise, Solar, Mailbox, Instagram and Adobe Kuler for instance). When I am out in the world I do not want to be immersed in my iOS.I am using the iPad for media content, surfing the web being one of them. The iPad is something to get cosy with. Usually in the evenings and on Sunday.
New Posts  All Forums: