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 I am not talking about us, mere mortals. I am talking about the music industry finding loopholes to get more pay/plays.
It works both ways. I can see pop songs getting even shorter: Short pop songs = more plays/minuteCan anyone actually explain to me what Apple means with pay/play?: Do you have to play the complete song or just the first thirty seconds?
 Paying per play favours the sugar coated 150 seconds pop song. Paying per second would counter that.I wonder how the Apple Music subscription works out. I really hope they abandon this fraud pay/play business model of Spotify. You want to encourage diversity instead of a single music category.
You're not alone. I got my numbers tangled up as well. $1,00 = 1 Dollar$0,10 = 10 Cent = One tenth of a Dollar$0,01 = 1 Cent =  One  hundreth of a DollarApparently you could take this one level further:c1,00 = 1 Centc0,10 = 10 microCent? = One tenth of a centc0,01 = 1 microCent? = One hundreth of a centYou could push this system even further:mc1,00 = 1 microCentmc0,10 = 10 nanoCent? = One tenth of a microCentmc0,01 = 1 nanoCent? = One hundreth of a microCent
To be fair they should pay per second. Here's an idea for Spotify: $0.0002/second This way you don't discriminate between songs. It would actually even out to $0.007/play as a pop song lasts 150 seconds on average.
 One click (online advertising) takes a fraction of a second. One song could last for several minutes. Which brings me to the second question: Do you need to listen through the complete song or just the first thirty seconds? If you do have to listen to the complete song, then this system would discriminate between songs: Sugar coated pop songs got an advantage as they only last 150 seconds on average. Classic music or alternative music (like Pink Floyd) could last 20+...
It is ridiculous, isn't it? Before today I did not realise you could charge less than a penny? Well, apparently you can. Also, what does Apple mean by 'play'? Is this the complete song or the first thirty seconds?  Just my 0.2 cents,   If I were an artist I would put my songs on autoplay, 24/7.
   Uh Oh, Am I getting my math wrong  2 cent = $0.02 20 cent = $0.2 = $0.20 because $1.00 = 100 cent Right? So, $0.002 is actually one fifth of a cent => $0.002 x 5 = $0.01 = $0.010  - - - - -EDIT:Okay, I got it. Apple is paying 0.2 cents, which is a fifth of one cent! I misread the title as 2 cents. You're right, Spotify is the more generous one:$0.007 (Spotify) > $0.002 (Apple)
 TYPO:Apple is paying 2 cent/play, which is $0.02 and not $0.2And apparently Spotify pays a little more: $0.007 instead of $0.005 Still Apple is the more generous one: $0.02 versus $0.007
  Apple usually gets it right from the fourth generation: iPod 4 iPhone 4 iPad air (which was actually a fifth generation product, 1 year after the mini)
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