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I don't understand.   Why not buying Soundcloud instead?
Why not buying Soundcloud instead?   It is a great social music platform to discover and stream music. Twitter has been courting Soundcloud recently.
All I want is a silver thermos flask shaped mac mini that would fit in my bag.   I foresee a brighter future for the mac pro and mac mini than the iMac. iFixit would agree with me on this. Both on reparability as sustainability. You keep the screen and just change the brain/computer if your mac dies.   It would be awesome if Apple springs a surprise in June. After all, it is the anniversary year of the mac this year, isn't it?
Update* the iPhone 4S as a sub $500 multi colored iPhone mini and it will sell like hotcakes.     (*) All the iPhone mini needs is an updated camera and better processor. The size is perfect. Apple got that right from the beginning. Perhaps they could fit a 4" screen inside the 4S body if they can get rid of the home button?
Ohmy … that first gen iPhone looks so sexy! I really like the 3.5" form factor. It is perfect. Here's hoping Apple manages to get rid of the home button in favor of a bigger (4"?) screen without increasing the size of the 4S. Otherwise the 3.5" screen is great as well. I don't need a jumbo phone.
Yes, but can't the screen just lay on top of it? It already lays on top of the battery and the electronics next to it?
I am confused. Does it mean the iTunes model doesn't work?   Why the need to buy beats? Their headphones are okay (but well below Apple standards). I don't really understand the fuss about their music service either?   This acquisition makes it look like Apple is clueless and they are buying themselves back into a niche?   I don't understand the hype about this acquisition. On paper it looks exciting. I don't see the benefits in real life though.
This is awesome freediversx!It would make the current 4" iPhone 5S as big as the 3.5" iPhone 4S.Genius!
A redesigned Mac mini would be awesome.   I imagine the new Mac mini to be like the Mac Pro: Same concept of having the computer as a brain, but in silver and a smaller radius. A bit like a thermos flask. I'd have a maxed out Mac mini.   I am looking forward to the new flat look OSX. iOS7 looks stellar!
Somehow off topic:   Isn't it about time to streamline the various mail extensions: @mac, @me, @icloud?    I have to use two different Apple email addresses - @mac and @me - to update my apps on my computer.
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