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A colourful iPhone mini is going to look great in tiny - not fully grown - teenage hands.
 That's pretty scary. Who knows what is going on in the Samsung factories? The BBC should take an undercover look ... 
CNET reports that Apple will cease production of the 5C in mid 2015. It looks like Apple is planning to already phase out the 32bit architecture.Also, the current 5C doesn't have Touch id and  pay. It would make sense to design a new small iPhone from the ground up.
The iPhone mini would make so much sense. Especially with Continuity around: Who needs screen estate if you have the iPad mini and (12 inch) macbook air? You just leave the phone in your bag.
Fair point.My argument was based upon Apple being a shareholder of Disney.
My point is that launching an innovative pay service on xmas eve testimonies of bad taste, which I am not used from Apple.  The magic of  pay is - deliberately? - being confused with the magic of xmas eve. One has nothing to do with the other as Apple's true magical Holliday ad campaign testimonies. Anyone is welcome to respond to this post. Please keep it on topic: Apple misrepresenting xmas and contradicting their holiday ad campaign. Don't make it personal, I already...
I am always trying to be constructive in my arguments. Never attacking the person. However, the xmas eve thing struck an emotional chord with me. Apologies if I have upset you. I am a human being after all.I've learned something from sog35's xmas video in this thread. Perhaps it is time to re-imagine xmas, as they've done throughout history? Something's got lost.End of story.
There's a rumour that the 12inch MBA is to replace the 11inch and 13inch MBA, which makes sense. A 12inch iPad could take the vacant spot of the 11inch macbook air.
Christmas Eve, 1914   — THE END —
So, I guess Joseph and Maria - both poor and illegal human beings - wouldn't be allowed to celebrate with Mickey mouse?Geez, I am not even a religious person, but the xmas story is a universal one: It is about sharing from the heart. That is true magic. It doesn't come with a 100$ entrance fee. Yes, it is naive. But can't we keep the magic just for one night?Merry Xmas to you all.
New Posts  All Forums: