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They'd probably moan about the price.I am proud of Apple that they did not give in on the netbook trend. Instead they created a new category: the iPad. Let's hope they do the same for the phablet (= 5+" devices). The pressure to release a phablet is getting enormous though …
One of the studies is commissioned by the European Union. What I worry about is Apple not telling us otherwise. We're just test dummies experimenting with state of the art technologies. No one knows the long term consequences.What Apple could do is encourage us to change the way we use our phone. I see a bigger future for FaceTime. It is making use of internet technology and encouraging us to speak to our phone instead of holding it next to our head.Yes. I do miss the...
In short: we'll soon be talking to our phones. FaceTime style.The phone interface needs to be redesigned. It should look like FaceTime if two users have a camera. If not, it should be just a picture you're talking to?
Recent studies show that holding your phone next to your head does impact your brain and DNA:   http://www.mobilitytechzone.com/topics/4g-wirelessevolution/articles/2014/04/29/377325-cell-phone-radiation-causes-dna-damage-says-several.htm http://rinf.com/alt-news/breaking-news/30-minutes-exposure-to-4g-cell-phone-radiation-affects-brain-activity-new-study/ A solution is to use a headset.   So, if we are going to use our phone in a different way than there is a...
 So, the real problem here is the carrier plan and not the "small" screen size. The data plan shouldn't be limited to one device. Instead it should be a seamless - iCloud like - experience across several devices.
So, why don't you get yourself an iPhone and an iPad mini? Or cheaper, an iPad mini and feature phone?Believe me, a 5.5" iPhablet is still too small to be productive. I expect you on this website next year craving for a 6.7" iPhablet …Frankly, I don't care if Apple releases the 5.5" iPhablet. As long as they don't axe the 3.5" iPhone. It is the best form factor you can get to be contactable and in case of emergencies. It is the perfect on the go device.
hello Tallest Skill,Think about it. Some people have small hands, others are blessed with big hands.Apple is planning to do the same with the rumored iWatch: Have one model for small (female) wrists and one for bigger (male) wrists. It is about proportion and ergonomics.The 4.7" does make sense to a certain demographic. My hands are more suited to the smaller 3.5" iPhone.
No. 5.5" is neither big enough to be productive nor small enough to use it at all times. I'd have an iPod Touch with a feature phone.Yes, I mean Apple should offer both the 3.5" and 4.7". The 4" doesn't make much sense.
4.7" is not a phablet, 5.5" is. Anything bigger than 5" should not be considered a phone. The 4.7" iPhone is going to be great for people with bigger hands.I agree Apple should start making a range of iPhones like they do with the iPad:iPhone mini = a sub 500$ iPhone*iPhone = the 4.7" iPhone.(*) I really hope Apple is ditching the 4" iPhone in favor of the original 3.5" iPhone. There's not much difference between 4" and 4.7" as there is between 3.5" and 4.7".
This is awful and very confusing Tallest Skil.Why not just having:iPhone mini and iPhone?The 5.5" iPhone is the iPad nano.
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