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 Adding options is a sign that you are clueless and lacking focus. Your user will feel confused no matter what.
 Being complacent is not going to be very helpful, is it? This is Apple we are talking about.While I do agree that comments on the  watch have been very harsh - to say the least - despite being it a first generation product, I do disagree about your take on Apple Music.Apple is not a newbie in the world of Music: iTunes on OSX is 10+ years old, their music app on iOS is 5+ years old. So, I am mystified at their half baked attempt to break new grounds in Music:The UX of...
iTunes 12.2 in OSX is a disgrace to Apple's UX standards:   http://www.engadget.com/2015/07/04/itunes-12-2-new-version-a-missed-opportunity-for-apple-music/   Here's what they could do:   http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/187044/how-to-remove-connect-from-apple-music-in-ios-8-4#post_2743873
Yes. Concerning iTunes in OSX, it doesn't help to have ... TV shows, iPhone apps iPad apps Books (tells you to go to iBooks) iTunes Uni Podcasts Tones and Internet Radio ... in one place. Now they've added ... Radio Connect ... as well. Again, you could simplify iTunes ... by moving the iPhone and iPad apps to the App store (perhaps 'Tones' belong there as well?) by moving Books and iTunes Uni to iBooks (why not rebranding this to 'Apple Books'?) by moving TV shows and...
 Although the watch would be a great companion on my daily run, I'd be reluctant to wear one as my wrists get very sweaty. Especially in Summertime: it gets smudgy with the sweat & suncream. Perhaps I should wear one of those wrist bands? But won't they neutralize the benefits - heart monitor - of the Apple watch as the watch doesn't touch the skin anymore? If they won't, then I'd be very tempted to get both the watch* and the wrist band. (*) The watch hasn't been launched...
 I share your feeling. As the saying goes: a camel is a horse designed by a committee. Perhaps it is because the design team wanted to please too many egos? They need focus and clarity. What they could do is split the app into three interdependent seperate apps.
Introducing  watch 1S  
I found it in iTunes OSX, there's a link in the right hand corner that will bring you to the Connect stream. Having said that. You have to use the back button to go back to the stream once you have selected a connect profile?
I got that too. Looking at iTunes OSX, where is the stream of updates from the artists I follow?
Okay, I played around with the Apple Music free trial.Oh man, Apple is making this way too complex: You cannot listen to the complete song in the iTunes Store? What the heck? There's no newsfeed of all artists in Connect? Am I supposed to check their stream in OSX one by one? The intro bubbles are obscure. Especially when they ask you to select artist names. I didn't know half of them. For You is Not For Me. I prefer discovering music through other people. As I do right...
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