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Expect the new desktop keyboard layout to be influenced by the Macbook keyboard:  Please, do not offer the desktop keyboard with backlit keys. A backlit keyboard is an annoyance for those who have their computer in the bedroom.
I must admit, at first I was smitten by the Milanese Loop, but the Modern Buckle has grown on me.   Has anyone got experience with a Modern Buckle  watch?:   How comfortable is it to wear? My concern is that the Buckle might touch the desk surface too often when typing on a Qwerty keyboard?
 Read the findings of the Nielsen/Norman Group. Their Evidence-Based User Experience Research on the  watch is very revealing: source: Nielsen/Norman
A square would make sense if information display is of concern. The question is: Does it matter? The early User Experience findings of Nielsen/Norman begs to differ. (A square watch for optimal) information display is not paramount for a watch. In fact, the bubbly home screen - copied by Samsung - is a UX disaster.
Frankly I believe the bubble homescreen is one of the weakest links in the  watch OS. It needs to go in the next iteration. It is of no use.
I am very much looking forward to an auto without a steering wheel, gear shift, pedals and dashboard. Just me, my iPad/iPhone and the  auto. No sarcasm intended.
Both the Air & mini should be compatible with the  pen. I expect them both to get the Force Touch treat. I call this rumour fiddlesticks!
And that is why the User Experience is such a disaster: Apple Music and iTunes are a 'Jack of all trades, master of none'. Concerning the bugs ... I have iTunes 12.12 installed over here. Not exactly a 1.0 product.
Does this mean you get more work estate on the 21.5 inch iMac?   It'd be great if the iMac comes with (1) a Butterfly Keyboard and (2) Force Touch Magic Trackpad. 
 It is related to peripheral vision. Although offering a less immersive experience than the 27 inch iMac, the smaller iMac is gentler to your vision because you have the borders (of the screen) in your view. 23 inch would be the max.  source: wikipedia
New Posts  All Forums: