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Ah, Benjamin Frost! He is a macrumors regular now. And yes, I can confirm he thinks the watch is a flop   source: macrumors
Apple allready is the market leader in the smartwatch category and the watch hasn't been on sale for a full three months. They are well on their way to equate the very first iPhone sales (6,124,000 units).   [ no sarcasm intended ] 
'wOS' sounds awesome! Much better than 'watch OS'OSXiOSwOS  
You're right: the economics of digital content is a sinking ship.
I do not understand why Apple fell out of love with the iPod? It could be another gateway to Apple Music? I can see the iconic iPod brand coming back in the not so distant Future.*   (*) Streaming music will be free one day. The Family Plan is just the first step. (Wired)
Isn't it symptomatic how much confusion there is after the keynote presentation?   The Apple Music presentation is one to forget:   Too long (30+ minutes). Too many speakers/characters (3 different presenters with no lead presenter). Too many video interruptions. Too much feature laden, clearly lacking focus.    Businessinsider sums it up pretty well.   For those of you who are confused, I recommend you reading about Apple music on Apple's website. It is well...
'Connect' is a top down social network   Color me surprised if Apple pulls this one off. It'd be an industry first.   Right now I save myself 120$/year by   following my artist's whereabouts on facebook and expanding my music horizon through other people's curated playlists on Soundcloud.   Seriously. Apple should consider buying Soundcloud. 
 I recommend you reading re/code's thoughts on Apple music. (via Walt Mossberg)Mashable's thoughts on Apple music are a bit harsher, but they do raise some valid points.
10$/month or 120$/year + streaming costs   It is a win for Apple, a win for the music industry,  and a win for the data carriers.   What about us, mere mortals?
How do I delete my account on Appleinsider?
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