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This Macbook would be perfect for my dad. Last year he got himself a top of the line 15 inch Macbook Pro - just because he can - and now he keeps asking me what all those ports are for ... he mainly uses his computer to Skype, mail and Google ...
I second your thoughts: There are way too many physical options to achieve basically the same thing.  The bubbly home screen and pill shaped button dedicated to contacts are pointless to me. The video review from the Wall Street Journal seems to confirm this (the bubbly home screen).
 I am not sure if you're ready for it, but here's a video review from a witty woman of the Wall Street Journal.
I do not get the outrage against the Verge.   They did a very solid review, bringing up new challenges* for Jony Ive and his very talented crew. This will definitely give them better focus for  watch 2.   *The bar scene was very informative. It shows that the watch is not meant for all kind of notifications. Perhaps you should only get a tap from your VIPs or when you have to move on to the next meeting. Twitter notifications are just plain silly on your wrist.
One word: Karma   Now, where's that infamous "Unbox Therapy Guy"?
Anything that makes the phone less prominent is a good thing.  watch clearly is a first generation product. It does indeed have some flaws. However, it is a solid watch that offers intelligent time. To me, this is a significant feature justifying the existence of the watch.
"Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should"   My one-sentence advice to the NY Times
This could work both ways. "Continuity" makes the 3.5 inch iPhone a sensible product: leave the phone in the bag and use your  watch, iPad, Macbook ...
iPhone miniiPhoneiPhone + sounds better thaniPhone 6CiPhone 6SiPhone 6S +
I agree. The 3.5 inch phone has much better proportions. The 4 inch phone looks stretched in comparison. Oh, and Apple should call it the "iPhone mini". "Six C" sounds horrible.
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