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 The day your doctor declares you unfit to drive, you'll be very happy to have an auto (read: driverless car).You do not want to rely on your grandchildren to drive you around once every Sunday. I believe Autos are already fully operational in big warehouses, like Amazon?
I am not too keen on the bubbly home screen. Some of the interface graphics - like the beating heart or the animated emoticon - are horrible as well. I thought Apple had abandoned the skeuomorphic fad? I'd like to see it go in the next software update.
It certainly is a nice touch. That sucking feel & reaffirming click, transforming your watch in a boudoir alarm clock.Most people use their iPhone as an alarm clock, which is not a good idea. In that respect, the  watch will improve our sleeping habits.
Waxing has a longer lasting effect. You don't want stubble wrists.
The Loop concept is a perfect fit for any wrist, no predetermined stop gap cut outs. I am expecting "Infinite Loops" for  Watch 2. Engineered in solid materials for hairy arms. Actually, Apple already has a leather version of the Milanese loop. It is called the "Leather Loop".It doesn't look as elegant as the Milanese Loop though ... 
The Milanese Loop is Sexy as Hell! It is the Sexiest way to put your watch on and take it off. No fiddling with knobs. You just swing it off (in bed). Gotta love the Sensuous Swoop. 
To be fair,America and its allies have made a big mess in the Middle East for the past 20 - twenty that is - years: Gulf War OneGulf War TwoAfghanistanSyria... We ended up with more - not less - terror. Heck, they treat us all as likely terrorists now! Wouldn't it be better to invest the tax money on renewables instead? The  car won't need oil ;)
 The big advantage of keeping the watch dumb is that it will outlive your phone. Again, same analogy as the external Cinema Display. You upgrade your macbook while you keep the external display.
 Give it time. This is  watch 1. Jony Ive and their design team got themselves a great baseline for the future.
It is the same reason why you would buy a Cinema Display*. It is for comfort. You can leave your phone in the bag and have all e.g. notifications on your wrist. You could apply the same for  pay, car keys etc. ... I get a sense what Tim Cook is getting at with the watch concept.(*) For the Cinema Display it is productivity. Connecting your macbook air to a big external screen dramatically increases your screen estate and thus productivity.
New Posts  All Forums: