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PJ is going to look ridiculous if Apple manages to turn the  watch into a Life saving device.   The craftsmanship is there already. It is up to the developers now.
I just hope "Continuity"** paves the way for a return of the iconic* 3.5 inch form factor.   A 3.5 inch iPhone mini in unapologetic plastic like the 5C and rounded curved glass like the 6 would be awesome.   (*) iconic because the original iPod had the same form factor. (**) Continuity would offer me the best of both worlds. A pocketable phone & camera when I am on the go. In transit and on the couch I could use my iPad mini to type and answer phone calls. The iPhone...
 I believe Jony had to make a choice here:He first settled for a bigger screen.Which gave him the grip problem.He rounded the edges for a smoother grip. He also made the phone as thin as possible.His problem was the camera and its lenses. It needed more vertical space than the other components inside the iPhone.So, instead of adding more thickness to the rest of the phone (and compromise the grip), Ive and his team decided to have a protruding camera. As a bonus the...
No Pictures of an iPhone 6+ testing?   I recognised an iPhone 6 and macbook air?   Perhaps Apple should show us a video of an iPhone 6+ going through the testing process. All we have seen now is a well equipped testing lab.
Bring back the 3.5 inch iPhone. It is ideal for your pockets.   Lesson of the week:   Do not put your iPad mini or phablet in your back/front pocket.
 I agree with waterproofing the iPhone.I disagree with your assessment of iOS 7/8. I find the color scheme cheerful. It is simple yet colorful and instant recognizable. I actually wish they transferred the iOS icons to OSX to create a more coherent feel.I still believe Apple shouldn't have taken the phablet route. Especially with their amazing Continuity technology around the corner. The Verge editor used to be a fan of Apple's phablet. After one week he is rightfully...
 What do you mean? Didn't Tim Cook just released an open letter about Apple and Privacy? It is Google and Android that you should be worried about. They subsidize their phones by collecting and selling your data from the phone they sold you. 
I am actually surprised it is bending. I thought the curved glass was going to add rigidity.   Has anyone performed a bend test on the iPhone 6? And the iPad mini?
What about the iPad Air and iPad mini?    It is a larger aluminum surface, yet no bending issues  
 That was a great Kickstarter project! I never really understood why Apple killed off that project by releasing a stretched iPod nano. 
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