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I agree completely with your assessment of the loss of local sync for iCal and Contacts. It's bogus. In fact, I personally find this change INFURIATING, particularly given that my own experience with iCloud has been so DREADFUL. Despite my philosophical misgivings about having all of my contacts and calendar info in the cloud, I went ahead and tried to use the iCloud syncing feature. I ended up with the much discussed "hang" for which there are many attempts at a remedy...
Yes. I am down with that, for sure.
Yes. It's by turns frustrating and sad.Needed: Macintosh desktop computer with multiple internal ssd hard drives in raid configuration, Thunderbolt out, high end video card, latest Intel chips. Will pay cash.
This has been my experience on my Macs at home. I oversee a collection of Macs at my place of business, and I have kept them running Snow Leopard. Lion has seemed like a step forward in a few respects and several steps back in others.
Elegy of elegies. All is elegy. -Book of Lemony Bon Temps Elegy
Exactly. It's a simple proposition and easily accomplished. Apple would be foolish to let this small but significant area of the business slide, for the many reasons mentioned in this thread.
Precisely. I know that ECC is the rationale—and as Intel's own website says, "The Intel® Core™ i7 desktop processors and desktop boards typically do not support ECC memory"—but your point about a single chip core i7 makes sense as an entry-level offering.
So true. In Mona Simpson's eulogy for her brother Steve, printed today in the NY Times, we see that Jobs was great precisely because he put aesthetics first. Sales were secondary, coming in droves as a consequence of building beautiful products. It would be a terrible irony if, within weeks of Steve's death, Apple were to kill a line of machines that many ARTISTS rely upon.
Dan Hesse has brought renewed vigor to Sprint. This bodes well both for iPhone users and Hesse's Midwestern-based company.
I understand completely. If I were you, I'd wait until the coming upgrade, whenever that may be—and then I'd buy a Mac Pro. The strengths of the update—Thunderbolt and SATA III (with the option of 6Gb/s SSDs)—are very much worth the wait. To the extent that any current technology is "future-proof," that is the way to go.
New Posts  All Forums: