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Thanks everyone for the help. I managed to save all the data off the iBook using DiskWarrior. I couldn't believe it, it was like magic. Now we've got 2 copies of the pics.
Here's a desperate cry for help. -My father has an iBook G4 800, 640 ram, 60gig hdd. He takes a lot of pictures, and has a huge iPhoto library. He told me that his computer has been behaving really slow, and that when he deletes a photo from iPhoto, a white blank icon with a question mark shows up. Really weird, so I decide to back up his iPhoto library on my external just in case his hdd will crap out. -I drag the iPhoto lib onto my external. I leave, come back...
I havea student discount, and if I add in bluetooth and wireless for the iBook, it isn't that much less than the 12 inch powerbook. I have my mind set on getting a powerbook. but when?
I was actually going to get a 12 inch powerbook when I start school in end of August. So do you think i should wait then for the G5 to come out? The most I can wait is until January. Should I wait until then? What do you think guys? I'm a pretty poor student and I need smart purchasing. Thanks.
Maybe someone can help find out how long it took for a past model to be released after Apple included the machine id in an os update? Does having these new machine id's necessarily mean that there will be a new powerbook before Tiger gets released? Maybe they're just testing it? What does it all mean?
Is your iPod formatted for mac or fat 32 windows? You can get a couple more space if it's mac formatted, I've tried this.
Come on guys, someone help!
Hi, I have an iBook G4 and I like to leave my computer on during the night so I have the spin down hard disk whenever possible feature turned on so I it's not bad for my hdd. Excpet recently I'm waking up to a very hot hdd. On closer inspection the hdd will spin down, but for some reason will start to spin again shortly after it just spins down, and then the pattern repeats. this is really bad for the hdd. The only app I keep on is iChat, and it used to be fine...
Wait, I'm Chinese, What is a "type-A wannabe bohemian"?
you know, I seem to have the same problem. I could do video conference no problem at uni, but now that I'm at home, it doesn't work. I get the following error message in the connection doctor: 2004-05-24 23:29:11 +0200: Maciej did not respond. Tried to send UDP SIP "invite" to the following IP addresses and ports:, Is a port blocked on my modem?
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