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Finally! I'm so excited for Turn-by-turn. I missed that feature the most from my Droid X. It's a major selling point for Android phones, which why I suspected we never got it through the Google iMap.   Street view would be nice, Google might release a version of the map app that you can have separate for street view? Who knows. That might be the new selling point of Android's now.
If the 15" is the powerhouse with portability that I hope it, I may have to try and pawn my Air off and get one.
Hi all, I want to be able to mirror videos (as in flip them across the vertical axis), and would prefer to find a program that can do this using .mkv files. I can currently covert the mkv's to mp4 using HandBrake and then flip it using iMovie, but I hate iMovie's interface and it's very slow at importing the videos. Is there another program out there that you guys know of that I can use to do this (preferrably free, but any option is appreciated)? Thanks.
The problem with these computers is that they might undercut the Macbook Airs, but only $50 or $100 frankly isn't going to cut it. They forget the allure and "cool factor" of Macs. My college is pretty much full of Macs, and when kids don't have one they either hate OS X (probably because they only spent 10 min with it and didn't realize it's capabilities) or they couldn't get their parents to pay the extra few hundred dollars. When a kid is begging his parents for an Air,...
I never expected Apple to drastically redesign the iPhone just one year after a major redesign. It costs too much R&D, and if you upgrade when the redesigns come out, then you have to wait 2 years anyway because of your phone carrier contract. Apple is rewarding those in that cycle, and the people 1 year out of cycle get a speed bump. This year's speed bump will come (hopefully) with huge software updates to make it worthwhile. I always expected a 4S and not a 5. Those...
I never understood why anyone wouldn't just buy an iMac for $100 more (well $200 if not a student). They advertise it as being the perfect accompaniment to the MBAir, but you might as well get an iMac and have a quad-core processor and better graphics. $999 for a monitor and a port hub? Give me a break.
I hope this will lead to Apple extending more options to Mac gamers, and thus offer more GPU upgrade options (esp. on the not higher-end model, e.g. maybe on the 21" iMac, and not only the 27").
Actually, Intel's website says that the ULV i5 processor actually DOES have Hyperthreading.i5 linki7 link So the real difference between the 2 is just clock speed. I find it hard to believe Apple would really block the TurboBoost feature in the MBA's. Then what is the point of the i7 processors? If they're operating at only their base frequency of 1.8Ghz (for the i7) and can never get to the 2.9Ghz TurboBoost speed, then it would've made more sense to keep the Core 2 Duo's...
Air superdrive? Why couldn't you just plug it in the back of the Mini?
Yea. The small amount of VRAM isn't optimal, but I'm happy they're at least offering it, even if it's only 256MB of VRAMAgreed. The GPU is a big leap in performance for those who need it.Though after you get the 799 model, and then if you spring for the i7 processor, you're at $900, which then makes you wonder if you should just get a 21" iMac with a quad core i5 and a 512MB GPU, and a awesome 21" screen (IPS?)Didn't know that. Still cool though, heh.
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