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Autodesk's website doesn't specify any kind of video card nor video memory. Here's the complete list: http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet...112&id=8915326
I'm planning on buying a laptop in the New Year, and need a little input in making my decision. My first choice is the MacBook because of it's size and price. I'll be hauling it back and forth to school, and although the Pro isn't that heavy, the lighter the better. I mainly use my computer now for all the basic things (web, email, iTunes, Office, etc) plus some photo editing (with Lightroom). However, starting next semester I'll be using AutoCAD (specifically AutoCAD...
First off, apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong area, but it seemed like the best option. I'm contemplating upgrading the hard drive in my MacBook, but I'm concerned about what will happen with my applications like Office and Lightroom. If I replace my hard drive, will I have to buy a new serial number for Lightroom, or will restoring from Time Machine save me? Ditto with Office as I have no serial numbers left to use with it. Thanks in advance.
Hey all. Something mysterious has happened. Whenever I save files to my desktop, the file doesn't actually save to the desktop. It does however show up in the desktop folder under Users. Any idea what's happened and how I can fix this? Thanks.
Yes the MacBook has terrible speakers, but I found an easy solution..... EXTERNAL SPEAKERS. Or if you want something more portable, a good pair of headphones.
I'd vote for a DaKine backpack; they're awesome. I got one when I got my MacBook and I love the thing. It has a separate side access compartment for the computer (not just a sleeve inside the mian compartment), a bunch of other pockets, a CD organizer, and plenty of room for anything you carry around during the day. Lifetime warranty on the zippers too.
I just went onto to Apple's online store, and i found a nice surprise: the 8GB Nano in Product(Red) outfitting! Yet, everywhere I look on AppleInsider I can't find a thing about this addition. An overnight release by Apple?
That's all good to know. The only problem now is the refrurb'd iPod video I was looking at has disappeared from the site. *sigh* I guess I'll have to wait for another one to show up, or (*shudders*) have to spend an extra $90 on a new one. Guess I shouldn't have waited that extra day...
Hey, just wondering if anyone out there has ordered a refurbished iPod from the Apple website. I'm looking at ordering one, but my only concern is the condition it's in (ie. scratches, scuffs, etc). If anyone out there has ordered one, could you let me know about your experience with it. Thanks.
Thanks. This is way better than MTR.
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