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What happened to "News"...
And the race to the bottom is on!
Sounds like the Chinese are trying to make up for something...
wtf is that?!
Money markets in general need to go. We do not need non-producing entities swallowing up the world's wealth without giving a damn thing of any use to real people back.
Slow news day?
"Samsung admits to understanding the purpose of injunctions." wtf?
F*ck wallstreet; those money grubbing bastards are ruining ethics and the planet.
Apple has no choice but to pull Nest products now... they are essentially Google products now.
Way to state the obvious. Users always have been and always will be the weakest link...this isn't an insult this is a confirmed, tried, tested and true reality in the field of privacy and security. It's because they are lazy f*cks.
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