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Corruption is so ubiquitous they should just make it legal and monitor it for abuse...
a third screen size in two years? Steve is rolling in his grave... I still want a smaller screen, mobile means small and as such the smaller the better!
Scariest female name ever.
I worked for Ericsson, they are one of the most misguided tech companies out there. They invest heavily in horrible, doomed, ideas. Only job I ever quit; I didn't want to go down on that sinking ship. Seems like a perfect fit for Microsoft.
Do not want. I would LOVE an miniPhone personally. Mobile = smaller is better
http://news.yahoo.com/even-7-000-mac-pro-only-8-faster-180037014.html   This sums it up...
Thanks for the informative reply. I hope they can cut their losses and focus on what they do well. I don't think anyone has ever claimed that they products were "bad" per se. The playbook certainly had it's limitations and in the grand scheme of things was certainly ill-conceived, but I know people who still swear by their services...
Ok but you are comparing them to the market leader... NO ONE sells as many of one model as Apple. How are they doing against Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Huwuai (or however it's spelled). 
I don't get it, 4.3 million devices sounds like a lot to me... Why are they losing so much money?
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