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"Human decency" my ass.
Are they based in the amazon jungle by any chance??
Uh, web apps already exist. k thx bye
Legal or not, the corporations extracting billions of dollars of profit are going to have to start sharing, lest they want the system they profit from be dismantled in its entirety.
Penis envy.
Also 4k is still prohibitively expensive...
Productivity isn't fun, this is real software and it's for work. Work is not fun, so Excel now does math wrong to make sure your day sucks as much as possible. Anybody can have fun, it takes real work to make something painful to use!
Dear Apple, Don't listen to these morons, Smartphone screen size is the megahertz race of our decade, it is a fad. I actually want a smaller iPhone, no bigger than the flip phones used to be.
Du hast
This is what Globalization meant, is was NOT a good thing, it was a way for the Greedy mofos at the top to make even MORE profit. As long as we put dollars before people, we are doomed. Doomed just like Apple.
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