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You can reserve iPad's on apple's retail store page apple.com/retail if you reserve one, it will be available, if not, no.
Editing documents: iPad Creating long documents from scratch: Air You can buy a keyboard for an iPad but then it's just an air. Another good way to decide is whether or not you'll be standing up while you work, standing up with an Air isn't doable, an iPad can be held and worked on while standing up with no problem. Also, if you'll be doing more reading than actual work, then again an iPad is the better bet.
You mean like, an iPhone?
Apple designs the chip, Samsung produces it.
I disagree, for the same reason why the iPod is THE mp3 player, I think competition will among Apple's various iPad models and competitors will always just be the non-Apple choice. Tablets just aren't that useful without the App Store.
So Apple Retail stores now let customers reserve an iPad and pick it up the next day, but those who ordered online last week are still waiting for their to be shipped. Uh-huh... So I reserved one at my local Apple store yesterday, picked it up today... it's 16gb instead of the 32gb I ordered, but I figure I can always take this one back within 2 weeks, so it's like a loaner for my wait I'm also wondering if 16gb isn't enough in the end. I have an iPhone 4 with 32gb...
Ok so you're not scum... it's still scalping.
Shows what a square you are! You don't snort 'back' anything... you just 'do'/'snort' a few lines, or 'do' a 'bump'. There now you can sound cool to your co-workers. Reference: Some really wide eyed hipster told me.
My iPad Smart Cover shipped today, it is supposed to arrive on the 4th of April, so 17 days earlier than the initial estimate. I hope the iPad is equally ahead of schedule.
Any backlight bleeding?
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