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I'm pro Apple, and I find 4GB of ram in any offered machine insulting. So maybe it wouldn't cost then only 15$, maybe 20$? 30$? It's not a price drop if it's also a spec drop, that's called a value drop.
Just imagine the cost of connecting to AT&T from 10000 feet...
"Company profits 400 million dollars, might as well curl up and die." Capitalism is a problem so long as greed and pure profits is all that matters. What ever happened to rewarding people for the good they do, and not just how badly they can extract profits from consumers?
I personally would love a smaller screen, watching video on anything under 10 inches is just stupid, smaller is better for portable devices. Let the phablets eat themselves.
Taxes in it comes to 3852.5, and that's without Applecare, which anybody buying a 4000$ apple product would most likely buy. My addition seems fine thank you. You say that usually apple laptops catch up to the iMac after a few years, well its been a few years, and they haven't caught up, if anything they are more crippled than ever. As for "not caring about I/O speeds", nothing, I repeat, nothing most people have access to can make good use of Thunderbolt, let alone TB2,...
Wow, the SSDs are slower than they were at the beginning of the year... hey Tim, we care about performance too. The more I read about this new generation of macbook pros, the more it looks like you guys don't give a shit about anything other than looks and size/weight anymore.
SSDs don't offer enough space for a pro machine... was a fusion drive not possible?
Yay, more 4k gear, and I'm not talking about pixels.
I was so excited for the past few months, as my plan was to buy one of these bad boys as soon as they came out, to replace my 2011 iMac (the last one with a DVD/CD drive). Finally Tuesday came and the new models were released; everything looked really good at first. They announced a price drop, TB2, USB3, faster SSDs and Wifi and better battery life (barely). Everyone knew that they were getting Iris Pro, and the most conservative estimates had it get the 750M too, but...
How about Apple just buys Icahn's shares.
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