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Gold back and white front? looks cheap with all that bezel...
Still have the iPad 2 myself... I bet that most people waited until the 2 to buy and then didn't see any real benefit to the 3 or the 4...
Fix your legal system USA. The complaint of having a 1GB file automatically downloaded and stored when there's no intention to install it is actually sort of valid though. Something tells me there's probably an easy way to get rid of it though. Tim Cook should settle for 75$.
Wasn't there an almost identical story with the complete opposite headline? http://************/2013/09/26/ios-7-adoption-rate-much-higher-than-previous-releases-now-approaching-60-percent-overall/ Change is scary to most people, because it forces them to leave their comfort zone.
This just in, VISA has access to your VISA card number, AND pin, AND credit card verification code. Also your older brother knows your weaknesses! Beware of big brother!
Thicker iPads, great...
16gb ram haswell 15" rMBP here I come!
Why Apple 'slimmed down' a big honking desktop machine that NO ONE looks at from the side is beyond me. I can understand removing the CD/DVD drive from the portables, but it's a frickin' imac and people still need to read CD/DVDs, especially on these desktop models. Apple's tendency towards crippling the specs of their machines over form factor isn't always a desirable thing and although I have a 2 year old imac, I can say right now that I won't be upgrading to another...
Does anyone else think this obsession with selling THE MOST phones is bit silly. If a company can make devices, sell them, and stay afloat, isn't that enough? Blackberry was still selling millions of phones and they got hammered so hard. It seems like, as a society, we can't keep up this outlook on the economy, it isn't sustainable. We can't expect growth to last forever, won't we need to balance out eventually?
crap, bought this like 2 weeks ago for almost 70$
New Posts  All Forums: