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No love for the macbooks?
Wow, lots of hate up in here... These people look no more dumb than anyone staring down at their smartphone.
Samsung: throwing shit on our customers to see what sticks.
where's my new macbook pro!
anyone try iRadio yet? Not sure why Apple invested in a dying medium...
I hope Samsung's ethics don't represent that part of the world in general. I am sure they don't though, corporate entities seem to consistently set new lows for morals, ethics and social well-being when it comes to the effects of their activities.
He wasn't comparing government politics with technology, he was comparing technology with technology. "The government has had 3 years to prepare for this. Apple redesigned iOS in about 7 months. No comparison. Besides minor software glitches are not the same thing as going to an exchange website and not being able to do squat because of server overload." That is inaccurate in the sense that iOS7 builds upon Unix, which has been ion development for 30 years. Or more...
ouch, ramp into 2014? I guess no new macbooks or mac pros in 2013 then...
wow, must be a lot of people hitting Apple's servers to install this update!
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