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My guess, and this should be common sense, is that either Apple sticks with dual GPUs, on integrated and one dedicated, both up to date for the times and prices remain the same.   OR   Apple goes with the Iris Pro 5200 HD, an optimized custom version would be great, and they forgo the dedicated chip but lower the price of the machine by at least 100$.   External dedicated GPU would be sick in the t1ts. After all they have to get Thunderbolt 2 and 4k support...
It's tough to say what Apple will do regarding dedicated video cards. The biggest real drawback is the shared RAM, so maybe a supped up Iris 5200 with dedicated memory would suffice? Otherwise let' s hope for a new better dedicated card included as well, just like now. After all, the macbook pros are some people's only machine. I am looking forward to this anyway! Can I wish for a fingerprint sensor on these too?
All wrist watches are uncomfortable.
"Starck said after Jobs' death, he began meeting with his wife, Laurene Powell Jobs, to finish the Jobs." :O
Steve Jobs was ousted once...
Apple maps is great, but leaving out public transit was a huge mistake, that's got to be the main reason I even used Maps.
I smell a whole new ARMs race...
Samsung really needs to stop putting out ads for Apple products... I hear their phones are pretty nice, why can't they just advertise that? And NFC playlist exchange? Isn't that assuming both people have all the same music? And doesn't the app 'Bump' do that sort of thing?
Apparently Apple is the next McDonalds and iOS is the next Big Mac.
And that Galaxy Dock will keep on working right? What do you mean:"no one makes Samsung phone docks." Oh right.
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