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The public has spoken.  Apparently Sorkin and Boyle were making a movie for themselves.  
Wasn't "Five of 9" Seven's younger sister?
The university lab I ran had 16 iMacs and 4 Dell PCs.  This was 1999-2001, so it was OS9 vs Win95.  Even then it took my staff the same amount of time each week to babysit the 4 PCs as the 16 iMacs.  Time is money and in this case time was also productivity working on more important things.  
"A more powerful form operational up to 16 feet away would require the hardware be housed in a car or van." Actually the only time I use my phone for music is while traveling - so now I just have to make sure to watch out for vans following me through the airport terminal. That aside, wouldn't you hear Siri reacting to the rogue commands and take notice?
"Triple-LED flash?" Shame on them for not going straight to 11. "Different flash tones help balance out the brightness." Are interns writing sales copy now? Um, no... different flash tones directly help balance *color*. Having additionally-colored lamps will do little more for "brightness" than will just adding more lamps. If the camera has a lousy maximum aperture or iffy chip, then by all means throw more light at the problem. The Zeiss glass is a nice touch, though.
If they don't codename this "Precious" then we need to have a talk with the folks in R&D...
Dear Mr. Sorkin. You make cartoons. Pretty enjoyable live-action ones so far, but you make cartoons. Condensed, dramatized stories with colorful caricatures that shortcut real life so we can live vicariously for 90 minutes at a time and then you can show them to us seven times - in theaters, on cable, over the air, on a DVD, on a BluRay, over a stream, and downloaded. Making money seven ways*. Mr. Cook on the other hand, lived the real version of your cartoon. So you...
Worst Office installation in recent memory. Back to 2011 if I still have the DMG. Every app crashes unpredictably. All three open at once (and nothing else open) take 99% of 4GB RAM. Do not remember a crash with 2011. Tried second time to find every 2011 component and delete it before installing 2016 but that didn't help. Minute launches even after the first launch. Even more fun: the crash reporter stays bouncing after the app crashes. I suspect it has...
Yeah, I was sure this was a bug but now it seems a feature... 
Great. Now how about a stock calculator for the iPad.
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