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They passed on Danny DeVito?
Web page icons are mostly useless decoration.  Only one you need is the reader view indicator.     Disabled them a long time ago:   Quit Safari.   Find and delete WebpageIcons.db Open and immediately quit Safari. Find and lock (Get Info) WebpageIcons.db Done.  
Halle-freaking-lujah!     I have had back and forth with a major developer - who should know better and has deep pockets - that their rather mission-critical app has been crashing - with reports pointing to poorly implemented garbage collection.  Hopefully this mandate will solve this problem.  
Yes, Carl. "And I'd like to being of all Londonium and wear a shiny hat." How about you go long on quality stocks and leave the volatility to the amateurs.
Swatch is still a thing?  Will they get Debbie Gibson as their spokesmodel?
I see ARD 3.8 with an release date of Jan 27...
So what this article says is that the horribly irresponsible flaw that was going to zombify your Mac by plugging in some theoretical Thunderbolt hacked thingamabob is... fixed in a little over a month since an exploit was demo'd.
I run Safari with Flash and Java shut down. Keep the Develop menu lit and have a keyboard shortcut to throw the user agent to the current iPad Safari in a pinch.
"It seems my Apple Remote Desktop didn't like this update. I can't see the screen on the host although if I watch the client I am in control. Anyone else seen anything funny with ARD?" Oddly enough ARD has done some thing like this since 10.10... and the fix for viewing issue seems to be to change the view from rows to columns or vice versa. Haven't DL'd the current 10.10.1 seed to see if it persists for me. Tech Update Conference last week as "no comment" on ARD app...
If it's USB dependent then it sounds like doing hands-free rollouts and over-the-air updates and package installs should prevent it.     Of course if you're pushing out pirated packages through your MDM then why do you still have your job...?
New Posts  All Forums: