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As expected.  That said, even the original mini is still a great little machine.  I'd keep the 2 in the lineup - not everyone needs or wants touchID and it saves $100.  Put the 8MP camera in the mini3 if possible and you'll further drive its sales.  
Pretty sure it's a feature you can activate if you want to.  They won't be going door to door and forcing it on anyone or enabling it by default.  
Why wouldn't BB simply buy them? Far more possibilities for when not enough ppl want the BB phones with keyboards, but just enough ppl want the keyboard?
"Install" and "Enjoy" Eerily similar to the motto of the Complaints Division of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation, "Share and Enjoy", which was displayed in large letters atop their building. Unfortunately the Complaints Division's facilities grew so large that the building sank into the ground and what's left of the visible upper half of this motto now reads in the local planet's dialect as "Go stick your head in a pig." Once again, DNA may prove more prescient than...
Apple has no reason to dump Google as a search engine. Google has no reason to dump Apple as a supported platform. Fans on both sides need to get over it.
Not uncommon, especially when the company makes commodity items whose markets periodically get close to saturation.  Investors (short-sighted ones, based on AAPL's history) see good results as a reason to think the next quarter won't be so great.  They model this on individual behavior (hey we each just bought AppleWatches, so we won't each be buying another next quarter) which ignores a lot of other factors.  Of course, last week's news about taptic engine issues didn't...
Which is why police departments are offering their space as a meeting point for Craigslist etc. transactions.
They likely mean right seat, so co-pilot as 737s don't carry a flight engineer.  
Trying hard to imagine what they could be changing in YouTube's API that is beyond an AppleTV Gen2.  API 3 seems to be a superset of 2... sounds like it's time to follow the money.  
Huh.  I have a late 2009 MacBook that runs 10.10.x just fine.  I routinely run Apple hardware for 5 years - 3 on AppleCare and two on Novenas.  So machine age per se is not a deal breaker.  My AppleTV Gen2 that runs everything else that a Gen3 does, only at 720 and without BT AirPlay.  Nothing of either of those spec differences seems to lock out YouTube.  Not sure why having older models means native YouTube is unimportant.  
New Posts  All Forums: