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Something tells me the people who planed this have never been to sea for more than a day trip to a nearby island.
So $532 is a very unattractive number for him.  
Wondering how much AAPL Carl Icahn bought at $699...  nah, that couldn't be it.
How long before Johnny Knoxville sues them over this feature?
So those of us who bought iLife and iWork in a box - the only option seems to be $90 worth of buy-again at the Mac App Store for Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iMovie and iPhoto. Or am I missing something?
Apple would make a lot of people very happy if ARD could accommodate iOS. This is the #1 request at each semi-anannual Education Tech Update. They keep pointing everyone towards MDM solutions and 3rd party things (Casper, etc.). The folks at JAMF are great - and the solutions are solid, but it would be nice to have it inside the tent so to speak.
How utterly Microsoft of them...
See, that second video puts the issue on point. "Perfectly capable" vs. "insanely great".
Leaving out Siri doesn't drop the production price, so it can't drive the retail price. I'll wager it's an iPhone 4s with one more row of icons, a plastic case and not much else of consequence.
And the Ballmer Memorial 20/200 Hindsight Prize goes to.. John Legere! "After announcing strong quarterly results on Thursday, CEO John Legere said T-Mobile's performance was thanks to the company's message and service, not the recent addition of the iPhone to the telecom's smartphone lineup."
New Posts  All Forums: