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iPad has MS Office. It's called OnLive Desktop. Syncs to your Mac and everything.
Mysterious?  Not sure that's the word you're looking for.  MS is a company now habitual in its ability to watch glazed-eyed as Apple hits a mark that MS never knew existed, then arrogantly express disdain for Apple's successful approach, then move into the market years late with an underwhelming offering poured through manifold channels accompanied by inscrutable marketing... it would only be a mystery if they succeeded.     I heard David Brooks today talk about how...
Google Glass:  $1,500 Hoodie to hide the $1,500 thing on your head:  $25 Seeing someone eye-tweet about too much foam on their latte while stepping into an open manhole?  Priceless. 
Well done so far.  It's basically iOS-level iWork, I'll still need to dip into full-blown Mac App for things, but you can get (more than-) basic writing, calculating and presentation done here, and have it everywhere you need it.  Much more user-friendly than Google Docs.  
Ah!  With no CPU, there's that much more space for an extended battery - this thing should run for DECADES on a charge!   Brilliant!
What do these people do when the local fire siren goes off?  Sue the gummint?
Yeah, like the fire sale that saved the Zune!
There's a difference between "flat" and "flatter".  I think it will be "flatter".    I don't much care what the calendar looks like, as long as the default lower-right button on a Calendar event info sheet isn't "Delete".     Skeuomorphism has a role in reminding you what app you're looking at.  I'm not interested in the logical extreme of "flat" which is "terminal.app".    I'd take an iOS junk filter over any layout change.     I'd take integrated OCR...
You want Office on your iPad? Onlive. Next impossible task?
Good to see 1980s MTV is finally being syndicated in Copenhagen.
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