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"Let's say the industry earns $100 M. Apple could earn $110 M - if someone lost $10 M and everyone else broke even." OK, but that's why Tallest Skil said "profits" and not "earnings".
Stagecast. A neat little simulation environment, Java based. Started life as the "original" Cocoa (get it? Cocoa is like Java but for kids? Cute?) at Apple under Larry Tesler. When NEXT/OpenStep came to Apple and Cocoa was part of it, there was a needed name change and Stagecast emerged as a separate company. IIRC the plan was you would be able to flip the sims over and see the Java code behind what you did in the graphical environment (like in LOGO) but that part...
"phablet"?   This has Ballmer's fingerprints all over it. 
I express great dissatisfaction with any site that displays those interminable ForeSee survey pop-overs.
Yes, unfortunately its most common rating is 1 star - if it works, great.  If not - unlike a physical nuvi - I can't return it and there's $50 down the tubes.  
Meh. Pick your poison. I want my trusty old nuvi in an iPhone. I know, software would cannibalize hardware for Garmin. Apple's map: will get me lost if I ever go to a small town in Australia two weeks ago. Fine for my area. Only true issue: No voice nav on my iPhone4. God knows why. MotionX Drive: Best for actually getting somewhere, great voice nav, screen impossibly busy. Waze: I just want to get there. Enough with the meetups. "Uh-oh! We seem to have...
How about the time they had to hide the Sony engineer brought in to pitch 3.5 floppies for the Mac. Jobs was insisting on sticking with the Lisa "twiggy" drives, so they kept ferrying this poor engineer from lab to office to closet so Jobs wouldn't know he was here from Japan, only to have Jobs run into him at a local drug store magazine rack. He later commented matter-of-factly how he had seen so-and-so at the store with no great concern...
Thank you jeebus. iWork does hold docs in the cloud - I regularly go back and forth, auto sync between IWork on my iPhone and my MacBook. If you mean live editing through a browser... Not sure I'd want that. Google Docs is a far cry from a responsive, creamy-UI-goodness office suite. Instead of WYSIWYG it't more like What You See Might Be What You Get As Long As You And Your Collaborator Have The Same Browser and OS.... Why, just today I was told that "Oh, you need to...
What this case needs is Susan and Grover, a board with four things on it: a bowl of water, a Samsung 700, an iPhone and an iPhone3.  Cue the music:  "One of These Things Is Not Like The Other..."
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