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The joke is "The optimist sees the glass half full.  The pessimist sees the glass half empty.  The engineer sees the glass designed and built twice as large as needed." - or - "Dear Optimist and Pessimist.  While you were arguing over the glass, I drank the water.  Signed, The Pragmatist."
Lost 1.5 hours of battery life with ML on my MacBook 6,1
Mail takes a long time to clear unread flags, and is now responding to all messages with only one of my addresses, despite any way of configuring the reply-via settings.  Also always CCs me on every message I reply to.  This was not the case under Lion. 
MacBook 6,1 here.  Battery time fell off a cliff under ML.  1.5 - 2 hours less on a full charge.  
That's nothing - 150,000 people went home thinking they'd bought a car only to find out they were sold a Yugo.  
25% of Americans don't believe in evolution.  25% believe in astrology.  20% (last checked in 1999) would tell you the sun orbits the earth.  So in my mind, that 35% might be a lowball.  
Very nice.  Mid-2009 MacBook White 2.26 4/250 much snappier - huge improvement in Safari.  Not sure Reminders and Notes are up to their iOS brethren, but it beats opening Mail or iCal when you need to remember something.  Wish Notifications was a 4-finger swipe on its side like Dashboard is, but hey, right edge swipe works too...  Alas, no AirPlay Mirroring for me.  Bummer.  
I love the woman on the computer training commercial with the DSLR she's connecting to a Mac SE...
Yes.  Was wondering about that, but since I mostly DL music, I wasn't worrying too much about it...
(1) anyone have a decently accurate figure on the typical data rate that FaceTime uses?     (2) This is hardly surprising.  AT&T would charge users for breathing if they could find a way to do so.  
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