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Would anyone download an unknown, untested, un-vouched-for "defender" or "guard" or anything else for that matter, but especially something that claims to be a defender, guard, etc....?
Does it involve that stunningly creepy login screen?
I mean really...
Move the SD card slot!
Wait till these folks hear about what their car's GPS is doing. Hope the boys at Garmin have a tramp steamer full of lawyers.
I'm fuzzy on a couple of the references, but I'm pretty sure there's prior art a-plenty on "God Vs. Satan" and the "Passion of the Christ".
Apple holds their cards close to their chest, over-delivers and then updates with pleasant surprises. MS tells everyone what they're going to do and then spends the next product cycle backpedaling.
Maybe now the iPad2 lines will die down and we actual end users can buy more that stay in this country. (Several reports are that the lines for iPad2s include a non-trivial number of people shill buying them to send overseas to Russia etc. where they are not for sale yet).
This from a company that just mercifully put the Zune out of its misery, claiming it magically turned into Windows Phone 7... Wow. Just. Wow.
A second gig for the actors in the Knowledge Navigator video. Seriously, they need to think about having the two "professors" on FaceTime on iPads for WWDC.
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