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Every time something like this happens, John Dvorak grows another toe.
"Apple, like Microsoft, has a huge platform advantage that it could lose if if fails to keep the iPhone a product with clear value to a large audience" If the intimation is that MS *ever* had a clear value, I have to object. "Value" is not he same as "cheap" and MS never had the sort of "value" that iOS has. It could be argued that it never even had the *value* MacOS had. In my time running a university computing lab late 90s we spent the same amount of time supporting...
Talk about your reality distortion fields...
User accounts. I'm beggin' ya, Tim.
"App hides pre-installed iOS titles" Making a folder called "Meh." is still possible.
Why bother with the cooler - just wait for it to freeze on its own... (rimshot)
Schools don't want wireless mice and keyboards. Batteries are one issue, walking is another. In no way is a USB cable any form of security, but psychologically it makes a difference. Good to see the SD card in and BT back as standard. There is still some CD/DVD distribution of software, but almost everything we use is available on the network. Oddly there are still some disc-based licenses that say the software cannot be accessed on a network. It would be nice to...
Don't worry - that 2005 eMac will get around to processing all that web data in a day or two... it's a feature! (I have a few of them still in service...) 
Would a potential workaround be: Quit Safari Open, empty and lock the ~/username/library/safari/localstorage folder? (Loathe to test on my only rig...)
Why is he not in jail?
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