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"App hides pre-installed iOS titles" Making a folder called "Meh." is still possible.
Why bother with the cooler - just wait for it to freeze on its own... (rimshot)
Schools don't want wireless mice and keyboards. Batteries are one issue, walking is another. In no way is a USB cable any form of security, but psychologically it makes a difference. Good to see the SD card in and BT back as standard. There is still some CD/DVD distribution of software, but almost everything we use is available on the network. Oddly there are still some disc-based licenses that say the software cannot be accessed on a network. It would be nice to...
Don't worry - that 2005 eMac will get around to processing all that web data in a day or two... it's a feature! (I have a few of them still in service...) 
Would a potential workaround be: Quit Safari Open, empty and lock the ~/username/library/safari/localstorage folder? (Loathe to test on my only rig...)
Why is he not in jail?
"so why no discount for shareholders?" Erm, because they voluntarily signed an agreement that says they assume the risk of their investment / wager, and agree to be compensated by return and - now - by dividend. They could ask for a discount, they could ask to each be given to a purple unicorn. But that's not why true investors are in it. If you bought Apple for long term gain (10, 20 years, etc. - heck, even AAPL 5-yr quadruples your money...) saving $100 on a MacBook...
"There is no reason Apple needs to hoard so much cash." Unless they want to use it for development to scoop the market with another big advance that no one sees coming. Nah, they'd never pull a stunt like that... "Apple has $145 per share of cash on its balance sheet. As a shareholder, this is your money." That assumes the only reason Apple has money is because the shareholders gave them some. It utterly ignores the idea that a company sees gains and is supposed to...
Think of the money they coulda saved on the US93 bridge if they'd just called Apple first. Not to mention one sweeeeet thrill ride.
A couple of my students have the iPad version - it's pretty solid. As opposed to Logitech's USB computer keyboards - which are plastic fluff compared to standard Apple ones. If this lives up to those expectations, then that does it - a Mini and this thing will do it for me.
New Posts  All Forums: