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You know like when you found out they were really brine shrimp. Can you say "rebranded PSP"?
It's NOT because they used the original Windows mouse pointer code as their starting point?
http://www.apple.com/icloud/setup/ DOA
Otherwise this all might be a morass of phones and vendors and networks!
At least they could have made it cheery - in a Sirius Cybernetics sort of way. Thank goodness ATT isn't in charge of everything... "Hi there. You're among the top 5% of oxygen users this month. Click here to find out how to avoid reduced respiration rates." By the way, what is the way to avoid reduced data rates? Stop using the service? Pay more?
A chief lesson of the new Pixar Campus is that by spreading things out and having large common areas, people move around, interact, and there's more cross-fertilization of ideas.
It's not reflecting glass. You can see right through the structure. The detail is inside instead of outside. That alone is worth consideration, putting all the visible detail on the inner parts of the building instead of the outer. And it's an 800+ ft radius - so the round thing is no longer round when you're next to it. The renderings seem to show that it curves just enough so you'll never see the immensity of the building, just the part near you. That's pretty...
Classic has no app revenue stream like the Touch. Nano form factor has reached shuffle-ness. The button interface was nice though. We're still using the original shuffle and my original Nano. With syncing an everyday occurrence now, capacity ain't the driver it used to be.
I can cite two local examples of how he's misguided. Mostly he's looking at it from the air. The old Union Carbide campus (now Dow) in western CT is a good example. From the air you would cringe. A bionic caterpillar. Driving into it, parking below it, and being inside of it, you emerge into an office that looks out on the surrounding landscape and has a very nice feel. The building is virtually invisible to the outside world, being encompassed by trees. The...
"you ought to expect that we are rethinking and working hard on what it would mean to do Office Metro style." Ballmer then revealed that Microsoft was still in the early stages of exploring the concept by saying, "the question is Metro interface for Office. How critical is it to Windows 8 adoption to have software that takes full advantage of Office with Metro?” "I'm thinking about this answer for the first time as I speak it. Hope my poker face holds. Next, I'm...
New Posts  All Forums: