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Maybe - just MAYBE - this will make up for snubbing us Mac users for so long on the Zune sync client. I'll hafta think about it.
I don't think it's a shift in secrecy so much as a realization that members of the press are a lot better at making noise about a new product than developers are. Props on indispensability to developers of course. But developers are busy developing of this next rollout, while the press is busy getting the word out.
Yeah, I saw that 10,000 R&D personnel number and thought "What a management nightmare." For TVs? Maybe he meant employees involved in "D&D"? When we were an external research site for Apple, I visited what as then the ATG. I was told by our champion I could go in without the usual security rigamarole as long as I promised not to exclaim too loudly when I saw some of what they were doing. It was sage advice. Pretty sure it was a lot less than 10,000 people. QuickTime...
So you get paid Apple-money for a spell and they gauge your performance. Oh, the humanity! Many companies have a probationary period during which your skills on the ground are assessed and then a decision is made for continued employment. Skills in an industry like this would include technical expertise, communication skills, teamwork, people skills and the ability to abide by the NDA portion of your work contract and to not leave prototypes in a bar when you flash them...
Does anyone track if these analysts are accurate after the future actually happens?
There's something else behind that "public" number. Like sales claims that use language like "four times less than the leading competitor!" 121 psi? 121 lbs on that shiny metal display they have in the shot? Well, no - the test video on Gizmodo shows a rig - probably some sort of standard - with a defined probe trying to push through a defined disc of glass with with a (70's throwback wood-grained red-LED-segment display) force sensor. Still pretty tough stuff, their...
You know like when you found out they were really brine shrimp. Can you say "rebranded PSP"?
It's NOT because they used the original Windows mouse pointer code as their starting point?
http://www.apple.com/icloud/setup/ DOA
Otherwise this all might be a morass of phones and vendors and networks!
New Posts  All Forums: