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Live and learn.     Ping was mehware - seemed functional enough, but in the end... meh. 
"Microsoft also on Monday showed off a new version of the Nike+ fitness application, built for its Kinect motion control accessory. Nike has had a partnership with Apple for its Nike+ fitness applications on iPod and iPhone for years."   You get a chip for your shoe, and for the Kinect, a reeealy long cord, and then you run...   It's indeed "cool for Microsoft".  Ticking through the list of what this can do, it's a lot of Sea Monkeys.  ABC already has apps that...
To me this graphic says "massively implemented resolution independence" and hints at Mountain Lion on retina displays and another iOS screen size.  But what do I know?
Buyback makes little sense. Runups happen for two reasons: (1) smart people believe in the future value of the company and are willing to risk a little more than people were risking yesterday. (2) people who think they are smart who somehow believe that 2012 AAPL @ $600 can split thrice and grow 10X after that like 1984 AAPL @ $3 did. These are the same people who bought Cisco when it had triple-digit PE ratios. They won't have the patience to get any...
Yeah, our FreshStart machines with 2000 still do everything we ever asked them too and no one complains because the start menu isn't flashy. And except for having to remind myself which version of Windows I'm peering at based on eye candy, I can't remember the last time I said "I'm so glad the new Windows does [fill in your favorite whizzy thing]"
The iPhone 4S was definitely snappier. These Brazilian iPhones will be definitely spicier?
I don't care to imagine Keynote hobbled by feature-matching legacy PPT themes. Nor do I care to have Pages join Word in treat master items (background PDF letterheads f'rinstance) as lo-res images. Have they fixed either of these "features" in Office Mac 2011? I gave up hoping so since 2001, 2004, 2008... I've made too many clear, good looking, informative pieces of of work in Pages, only to have someone say "Ooh! Now can you save that as Word?" Yes. Right after I...
We need an iPad3 (processor, rez) to even think about actual end users running Office under iOS. But since we can't let that cat out of the bag, we're reduced to making you think we need a few weeks to get our act together. Since we have a history of barely getting our act together on forward looking products, you're buying it. Plus we planted all those images of goofy staged funerals and similar cosplay "events" so you probably figure we're very busy putting together a...
"The screen is expected to double the resolution of the current 1,024-by-768-pixel iPad to 2,047-by-1,536 pixels." Cue the "It's Not Double!" class action suit over that one column of pixels. Srsly - This is a typo, right? It should be 2,048 - there's no obscure LCD/LED construction technical detail that necessitates stripping out one column, right? I cut my teeth on Apple ][ / II/ GS graphics, so I remember when all bets were off for screen res logic.
Maybe - just MAYBE - this will make up for snubbing us Mac users for so long on the Zune sync client. I'll hafta think about it.
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