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I'd love to be able to have an Apple ID that isn't tied to a decade-old email address...
Me of the iPhone4 with 3G am presuming the lack of Siri is mostly due to the networking needed to throw stuff back and forth to the servers, and less an issue of processing power.  Any evidence to support this?
What is this "pay-phone" of which you speak?
It's wonderful!  Marvelous!  Just don't try to touch its one distinguishing feature, the keyboard.   Want to see every MS new product rollout?   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRnX4quv5W4   FF to 2:00, ends at 2:39.
Pentalobe prevents users from opening the device?   Thank the stars Apple has found classified technology to prevent users from opening the device.  Wait, what?   Oh, I see - by "prevents" you actually meant "delays them while they go buy the screwdriver from about a dozen online sources but only after they learn how to spell "pentalobe"".     Got it.
I wish them well, but fail to see how their hardware will outsell anyone else's if any OEM can license W8 on hardware that can have a hundred other ideas/forms/feature sets.  And the way to get a good idea is to have lots of them.     XBOX succeeds as MS hardware because they don't license the OS to anyone else.  That's not the case here, and I suspect it's the one thing they glossed over in the meetings when they were hell bent on leapfrogging the iPad.     They...
Kudos to MS for (1) keeping a secret and (b) hiring someone who knows how to make a product launch video that doesn't make Tim and Eric cringe.     I thought Surface as going to be table-sized and made by Samsung?    I'm most skeptical abou the keyboard/cover, and while the USB port is nice, no one needs to hook a printer directly to a tablet.  The SD slot is nicer, hope Apple is listening.  I'd give up 15 min of battery life for an SD slot on an iPad.  Then...
Are they on display at the stores (yes, I know you can't purchase one on the floor yet)?
Live and learn.     Ping was mehware - seemed functional enough, but in the end... meh. 
"Microsoft also on Monday showed off a new version of the Nike+ fitness application, built for its Kinect motion control accessory. Nike has had a partnership with Apple for its Nike+ fitness applications on iPod and iPhone for years."   You get a chip for your shoe, and for the Kinect, a reeealy long cord, and then you run...   It's indeed "cool for Microsoft".  Ticking through the list of what this can do, it's a lot of Sea Monkeys.  ABC already has apps that...
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