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A spreadsheet that can't graph data - you're GOOGLE for pity's sake.  
Well, duh - just watch "24" - the good guys used Macs, the bad guys used everything else.
Or would you rather be spinning through your bedroom into a taxi that takes you to your magical dancing office with your Surface Pro? Apple's latest set of ads shows real people doing real things that matter. Microsoft's are silly and Samsung's are vindictive.
Still no WebKit LLVM in the notes...
Whose hand? Gene Simmons? Warwick Davis?
It started on Wednesday. So this is the third day. They have ZERO idea what happened and why. Customer database goes casters-up? Pull the freaking backup instance and make it live. If that fails then you don't really know what happened.
Fear not.  MS would never let their de-facto R&D department to fail in such a way.  
Yep.  Most places, the second cable company has never bothered to overlay a second cable system, so unless they have some magic, hard to imagine how they will profit from it.  Unless they're betting on net neutrality going completely wrong and being The Gatekeeper, or using a war chest to undercut existing cable, or linking the so far unlinkable...
"you might wanna read up on some of their projects like driverless cars and asteroid mining"   Yeah, because that's where personal tech is going, and Apple needs to emulate them.     Google is in this way a bit like a lottery winner.  They are going to buy that marble fountain to put out in front of their six-room prefab ranch.  Yes, it's impressive, but it's still a bit of a head-shake.  They want to be Elon Musk.  They just don't have the vision, they don't know how...
I could imagine part of their snit has to do with the WSJ eating their lunch in terms of tech reporting.     Well, except for Kara.  Compared to Walt, it's like watching a SNL parody of a tech reporter.  
New Posts  All Forums: