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Wlll they ever move FreshStart for non-profits from 2000Pro to XP?
Thanks for this breakdown.
Just in case there were some who didn't think Apple would use Nehalem in an xServe...
...that I got when I heard they greenlit "Jaws 3D"?
Seems Jonny Ive hired Nigel Tufnel. Brilliant.
Apple print ads are sparse. Apple TV ads are all over the place. iPhone / iPT ads are now evenly split between games, music and apps. The Get A Mac ads have slowed down, but likely will pick up. Apple certainly knows which media work best. IIRC back when we were doing external research for them, they actually went 365 days with no mainstream advertising. No TV no radio, no newspapers, no popular press, and they didn't take any hit in sales. Subsequent marketing was...
That's right. The 3-button headphone is a step up. I have an original iPod 5GB, a 1st gen Shuffle, 2nd gen Shuffle, 1st Gen Nano and 2nd gen Touch. The 1G Shuffle is still my favorite, the body was directional and the buttons raised, easiest shuffle/nano nav yet. The 1 gen Nano is my everyday, thanks to Nike+for running and stationary bike in the off season. But the button arrangement on the Nano is flatter=worse for no-look operation. 2 gen Shuffle was less...
You demonstrate the fine art of the irrelevant conclusion. My point was that this is not a rampant problem, and in the event it does happen she's out $29 not $79. Anyone who is serially and reliably ruining headphones by snagging them on things likely suffers from some sort of clinical motor skill deficiency and can't find the door to leave the house in the morning.
The standard (shipping with the Shuffle) ones are the same $29 I have for my Touch and work perfectly in the new Shuffle. If she then *also* bought the $79 in-ear and snags them then yes, she's out $79. But anyone who is in constant danger of snagging their headphones on something would be ill advised to buy $79 headphones or a 4th Gen Shuffle and $79 remote headset.
No, that would be an "opinion". It is however a fact that you *believe* it sucks.
New Posts  All Forums: