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"-- and continues to list incompatibility with the public beta of Safari 4.0 as its lone issue." That's kinda a big one. There must be some working Safari in the release, does anyone know if the test release includes an older 3.x version or some better 4.x?
Alan Kay will take that pipe organ (I believe that's still his only professional affiliation). There are plenty of people who would and could rehab that place. Steve just isn't one of them. As for Plan B, good luck disassembling and reassembling a stucco / plaster house. I've lived in two. Close the door too hard and things fall off them.
Send some guy shopping for a car and go right by the 09 Accord, BMW and Camry leaving the lot with an 08 Focus, deliriously happy.
...well, not entirely. "Remove Office" continually quits. So manual it is and good luck. Even after stripping one architecture with Monolingual, each app is still twice the size of their 2004 equivalents. And I can't see any huge gains from 2004. And the font nonsense has to stop. Why they feel they have to install several MS equivalents of existing fonts is beyond me.
Apparently they (MS) don't want to. They've lived long with the Zune embarrassment and the best they can muster is a clone. But that's usual for MS, buy it and kill it or ape it. Innovation is a distant third choice. I forgive everyone but Nathan Myhrvold on that one - he had the chops to make MS an innovator and he's flown. Interesting choice of career since then - buy up every patent you can. I remember after he left MS, Steve Perlman said "there's two ways to be...
Still in the ballpark for overall size - I think they would stick with a 1.33 or close ratio - even the existing iPhone platform has it and they letterbox the 16:9 etc. Why? This would still be more an info device than media device and you need vertical screen real estate. Many netbooks are going 16:9 or 16:10 to match the keyboard aspect and clean up the design - but without a keyboard you don't need to. The bezel is an area ripe for creative thinking - knowing where...
That would make it 6x8" (a shade over the area of a Kindle 2). Slap in the new form-fitting battery as in the 17" MBP. 1/2" thick. Run full OS X with WiFi & BT. MagSafe and 1 USB, headphone and Mini Display port and that's it. I'd get one. The only thing I don't bother with as much as other things on my Touch is the web. Yes, it works, but mostly the web is on the verge of unreadable unless you zoom in, and of course without Flash and Java too much of the...
...has seen the errors of its ways and - according to the desktop chart provided by Mr. Kay - is apparently loading full-blown Office (3 seat license) on every new Windows machine. Good to know. Brilliant plan.
The mind boggles.
Are we talking days, weeks, months?
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