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No, that would be an "opinion". It is however a fact that you *believe* it sucks.
Right after he lined his own pockets far outside the normal run of business for a "security professional".
If I'm Apple, *pinch me*. A MBA killer that worsens its two critical attributes? Looks like Steve took his leave of absence, donned a mustache and glasses and went to work in the Dell design division.
Because while the Mac community was debating this wrong conclusion by iLounge and EFF, an MS developer has been able to eek out a Windows version of Data Detectors, an Outlook add-in called "GWABBIT" complete with a cartoon rabbit mascot. BOB, Clippy... *sigh* some platforms never learn.
Loved the original - for two reasons: (1) USB was integral, no additional cable needed and (2) the unit was "directional" - because you never had to look at a screen, controller placement is key - the controller was at one distinct end of the unit, you could work the controls blind. 2G Shuffle was a step back in those departments - it was not nearly as easy to figure out which of the outer buttons you had if you weren't looking, I wondered why Apple didn't place a nubbin...
Have all confirmed there is no DRM in the Shuffle 3G headphones. They proved it for me. iLounge still thinks they have a valid point even if it's not technically DRM for content control, and EFF now has a redacted version of the story on the site.
iLounge and EFF ran the table with unsubstantiated claims. Those claims are demonstrably false. Unless they had a source that lied to them, they lied. Where is the retraction?
He admitted he did this, generating "activity" to protect his market position and characterizing the activity as "fiction". When he touts himself as an expert and tells people "but of course you have to do it..." then he's clearly no longer in the "don't try this at home" camp. Absent crystal balls, plain old people will do what the experts suggest. And I don't buy the "Bear Stearns lied to me" defense - if Cramer's such a financial whiz, then he had lots more than the...
Um, yeah. Anyone who listens to this guy for financial advice deserves what they get.
Back in the day I could walk into a room and tell you if there was a monitor on. End of the day I just had to open the lab door to hear if anything was still on. Now I have to go look. My hearing is clipped at about 13,600 Hz. My students think it's a riot. That's when I crank the generator up to 17kHz and then they play nice. Played through a loudspeaker in public it's known as a "yob deterrent" in the UK.
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