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 The rapid run-up to $203 ($1,400 re-split) has the potential to trigger a massive selloff by everyone who was in up to $100/$700.  Icahn is in apple at $450 pre-split.  There is one and only one reason he wants this at $200.  What do you think he'll do when it hits the point he wants?  Hold?  Not likely.  
Translation: My average pre-split position on AAPL is $450 and I want it to go to $1,400 just because I want it to and I imagine the other billionaire market jockeys will laugh at me if I don't.
Not in the amount of time this guy claims.  
Yes, as does my wife's Dell / Win 8.x, then it does a minute + of initialization once the home screen is deceptively visible...
Tiger server with no 3rd party on it (had Moodle, that's gone along with the supporting MySQL and PHP that I believe needed to call bash).  
For Tiger (don't ask) is it enough to do a command line shell change - to ksh?
Well, issues are to be expected in AU, since everyone in the southern hemisphere is upside down.
"I was insinuating that this was a step in the right direction (though I doubt they made it just today). Apple's releases have been getting slowly buggier across the board for the last few years, it's not just iOS." Opinion. Data suggests otherwise. I manage 50 machines. Not a single kernel panic since 10.8, I have not had to force-quit a machine (except mine with out-there apps and beta OS) since 10.9. Earlier OSs were far more problematic. Could not get rid of my...
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