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Yes, as does my wife's Dell / Win 8.x, then it does a minute + of initialization once the home screen is deceptively visible...
Tiger server with no 3rd party on it (had Moodle, that's gone along with the supporting MySQL and PHP that I believe needed to call bash).  
For Tiger (don't ask) is it enough to do a command line shell change - to ksh?
Well, issues are to be expected in AU, since everyone in the southern hemisphere is upside down.
"I was insinuating that this was a step in the right direction (though I doubt they made it just today). Apple's releases have been getting slowly buggier across the board for the last few years, it's not just iOS." Opinion. Data suggests otherwise. I manage 50 machines. Not a single kernel panic since 10.8, I have not had to force-quit a machine (except mine with out-there apps and beta OS) since 10.9. Earlier OSs were far more problematic. Could not get rid of my...
~20 devices in about 2 hours yesterday evening.  Mostly iPad2.  Biggest lag was the processor speed once the update was downloaded.  Yes, I know I need the update caching server.  That's coming next month.  
Not a mention of the loophole that can get PayPal payers double their money back if they know how to game unsuspecting vendors?  Odd.  
Anyone know if the landscape home screen is across all of OS 8 or just triggered by the 6+
Just downloaded it.  
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