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You can blame me. The extended keyboard is a beast. I have the white plastic extended keyboard and love it. Can't stand the large aluminum, don't need the wifi. I'd been saying this option has been missing since the day they intro'd the other two.
The Vanity Fair of tech. Trouble is there are no techie Tom Wolfes and Robert Benchleys, so they go for the young guns and anyone who can provide flash. Coupled with uber-cool and barely readable experimental page design, they think they're "it". Every so often they hit a home run, and every so often they find a corked bat. There needs to be a brighter line between bloggers and journalists than there is in this case.
That's what you have. After many months, even the original screen is amazingly easy to deal with. Yes, Classics on my iPT looks cooler, but I read more on the Kindle. Any existing color display at Kindle size would either mean hours of battery life (instead of days) or truly exorbitant cost.
Cute headline, though. This unit is a big improvement over the first, partially through ergonomics, mostly through increased and improved functionality. They now simply need to add a few UI tweaks (e.g., the relevant functions of the hardware buttons should be included in every menu invoked by the 5-way), and some of the options need to be more intuitive and accessible (you change TTS by using the aA button...).
I still use the female "you've got mail" sound from eWorld. Yes, eWorld. They'll have to pry that from my cold, dead hard drive.
Anything else common to those users? We've got many machines that went from 10.4 to 10.5 and no such issues.
Just hunker down and wait for that whole iPhone thing to blow over. By the way, how'd that MS encyclopedia project work out?
So if we have miniDP to hdmi, vga and dvi, why bother with the miniDVI? I'd guess the MiniDVI is gone by production.
That would hit the home theater and the desktop crowd. I'd bet this is a prototype, with the MiniDVI swapped over to HDMI.
All analogies fail eventually, but in this one, yes there is a way for Apple to certify that the app you download has passed some semblance of rigor - and that's through the App Store. Yes, some stupid ones have fallen through the cracks, and no, not everyone agrees on the limits Apple places on background processes and apps that compete with OS-supplied functions. But caveat emptor like everything else, you can largely trust what you get from the store to not brick your...
New Posts  All Forums: