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Well, now, to be fair, they could have animated it using Office's pinhead-stick-figure clip art and done the voiceovers in Esperanto. I hear Bill Shatner is between gigs.
A video that makes "Knowledge Navigator" look like "Godfather II".
You know the last lines of the Songsmith pitch meeting: "Hahahahahahaha...*snort*. Geez, you guys slay me. Nice touch with the MacBook. Okay, enough screwing around. So what's the actual product. No, really. C'mon guys. Somebody laugh. Ohdeargodno. We see Ballmer in :30. Please tell me that didn't ship. Please? Look, we can talk. A simple 'sdelete', this meeting never happened.. and we'll... we'll... vest your stock in ONE year and all the Odwalla you can...
It's great to see that AppleInsider's Yoda-Speak Translator is back in working order.
And to one of the other posters the new <> looks nothing like the <>. Also if you google "<>" you will see they took the idea of the <> and changed it. There. That'll make your next rant much easier.
Wow. This is rarely seen in the wild. Someone on the actual border between "denial" and "anger". Please do come back and treat us to your versions of "bargaining" and "depression". We'll let you go through "acceptance" on your own, but please, do wave to us on your way into the local Apple Store. This is too easy.
(Actually the first clue it was a Mac was when he simply snaps the lid closed and immediately walks away.) Yep. There it is. Magsafe and all. Lameness, thy name is Ballmer. This is right up there with an old Broderbund ad where they tried to take a product action shot in daylight with a CRT screen in it, realized their futility and scotch-taped a printout of the screenshot on the CRT glass. They *almost* made the tape disappear in the shot. Almost.
That piece of video was excruciating to watch. It's over now. Just keep repeating, "I took one for the team... I took one for the team... I took one for the team..." If you tried to parody this in the most deliberate way you would have an exact copy of the actual commercial. It's just that tacky. Just when you were certain you already lived thru the day irony died, something like this comes along and proves you wrong. It is apparently certain that: a. No one in...
It beats the daylights out of sending one word doc out for markup and getting three competing revisions back. They can make great inroads against Office if they roll this into the cost of iWork.
keep the regular apps and add these. life w/o these on local media would be dark.
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