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Yes, from trial to retail box took an install. It's rather quick. For me it was as simple as deleting the iWork folder. It apparently took care of the app support and any other folders needed without hunting them down for deletion ahead of the install.
Really? The sole word out of Apple about this would be a massive deliberate verifiable lie? That opens up a liability world of hurt that no legal department - not to mention a world-class board made of other companies CEOs - would let out the door... that's your rock solid conclusion?
Apple is in the business of making computers and peripherals. As a matter of their business model, they allow people to buy shares in the company in order to raise capitol and spread risk and reward. They are not - as is often glibly quoted - in the business of making money for their shareholders. They should make money for investors, they likely will do so regularly as the value of the company increases, and every so often they might not. Shareholders have to...
It's the closest feature-match mainstream OS for the client version of OSX. Home Premium leaves out encryption and remote desktop. Ubuntu is wonderful, and a great value, and I use it, but it's no OSX.
My Powermate, 1st Gen iTrip and iTrip 1G Nano are still churning like they first did.
My aramaic is a bit rusty, but I believe the 1st is that A Second Son and A First Son of a Second Son shall both be seated in the House Of White and shall rule for Many Days and bring upon the land great wailing and gnashing of teeth and losing of shirts. But halfway through the second one the Lord looketh upon the Earth and sayeth "Yikes, that second doofus! I gotta top that? Oy. Let me think. I know... Lucifer - you can take this one - call the boys in Redmond, will...
Well, now, to be fair, they could have animated it using Office's pinhead-stick-figure clip art and done the voiceovers in Esperanto. I hear Bill Shatner is between gigs.
A video that makes "Knowledge Navigator" look like "Godfather II".
You know the last lines of the Songsmith pitch meeting: "Hahahahahahaha...*snort*. Geez, you guys slay me. Nice touch with the MacBook. Okay, enough screwing around. So what's the actual product. No, really. C'mon guys. Somebody laugh. Ohdeargodno. We see Ballmer in :30. Please tell me that didn't ship. Please? Look, we can talk. A simple 'sdelete', this meeting never happened.. and we'll... we'll... vest your stock in ONE year and all the Odwalla you can...
It's great to see that AppleInsider's Yoda-Speak Translator is back in working order.
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