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Just hunker down and wait for that whole iPhone thing to blow over. By the way, how'd that MS encyclopedia project work out?
So if we have miniDP to hdmi, vga and dvi, why bother with the miniDVI? I'd guess the MiniDVI is gone by production.
That would hit the home theater and the desktop crowd. I'd bet this is a prototype, with the MiniDVI swapped over to HDMI.
All analogies fail eventually, but in this one, yes there is a way for Apple to certify that the app you download has passed some semblance of rigor - and that's through the App Store. Yes, some stupid ones have fallen through the cracks, and no, not everyone agrees on the limits Apple places on background processes and apps that compete with OS-supplied functions. But caveat emptor like everything else, you can largely trust what you get from the store to not brick your...
...Openmoko. Yes, on the one hand information wants to be free. On the other hand, it also wants a working BT driver, a tolerable data rate, MP3 playback and a GPS that takes less than 10 minutes to get a fix.
A better one would be that BMW tells you look, use our shop and we guarantee the thing will run. Use any grease monkey who thinks they can trick out a beemer and you're on your own. And if we find someone used rogue parts to mod your baby and you bring it to us for scheduled service, we'll make it run to spec and toss the icky parts, duct tape, bailing wire and all. You have been warned. Since there's no ASE-style certification for anyone who writes a rogue app, it's...
According to the red-meat open source crowd, nearly none of it is. There's a steady drumbeat that since the lineage from *NIX is so muddied as to be immaterial, and that since Apple has retained some - make that any - proprietary parts to their builds of the OS, then it's beneath contempt.
What level of hardware are you running it on that it's lean, mean and responsive?
Over on the right of the new ultrabar - That golf flag is immediately recognizable as a... tee time alert, and the... um... monitor with the devil's spear on the left margin means... oh yeah, meeting in Ballmer's office in 30.
Steve Ballmer was heard to remark "I'll have the roast crow with the mango salsa."
New Posts  All Forums: