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It's like getting to the Toyota HQ and finding a parking lot full of Hondas.
There was a Duo with a Dock in that progression too - perhaps that appeared to be a PC to some folks...
Erm, look at AAPL's past two years. Many people made much money. Many more will. You could have made a bit of money in the past year if you timed it right with momentum trading, but that's not what investing is about. Trading volume has tripled since 2005 from its historical levels. And we've all heard how much the execs have made on stocks. Plus the numbers. $24B revenue... $8B profit... 28% return on equity... sounds pretty rewarding to me!
If they want misery, it would be easier and cheaper to simply slam their fingers in a car door or watch any complete season of "Dallas". Trying to impinge on the smallest market section for HW/SW is hardly a solid biz plan. Especially when they get dragged into court by a company with a nine-figure savings account.
"[I] got goosebumps - just, wow," said one insider who was privy to the preview." I'd love to see what passes for generating goosebumps in Redmond. I recall a Jobs Keynote where they hauled up one of the Office Product Managers who was positively rapturous over the fact that you could now press a control that got your Excel graph to stay on one printed page. That was the MS equivalent of a show-stopper. This was somehow the big knee-weakening reveal that was (IIRC)...
He likely does mean POP, standard *retrieval*, so we could explicitly configure a mail.app account to deal with the me.com account without needing the push. Which, by the way currently works just fine. Simply make a POP account for me.com using the same mail and smtp servers, ports and authentication as a mac.com POP setup. Simply substitute me.com for mac.com wherever it occurs. Just tested it from my me.com account to another private account, and all's well. Both...
Nice backpedal though.
That was the AppleInsider sense-of-humor detector you just jammed your pinky toe on.
I hear Chuck Noland's on the case.
...they recalled them simply due to the rampant spelling errors on the bottom of the box front.
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