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"unfair or clandestine" isn't in the law.com article that is the source.
Was "If you can't adjust to that, maybe you need to learn and use some other language. I'm not sure if such a language exists though." part of the parody or just an attack?
Poaching as regards hunting or business implies something illegal or unethical. There is nothing in the content of Kasper's post (nor in the law.com item - in fact Kasper added the term "lure") that supports anything illegal or unethical on the part of Apple. I was making a play on one of the closer meanings of the word, pointing that out. Calm down.
Please, don't try and act like a journalist if you can't take reader criticism. Tarnishing? Who used the B word here? Not me, not him. I may have been flip, but I was civil.
Did they use headlights and a scatter gun? Please. They offered the guy a job and he took it.
Exist now. They're called wall plugs. ;-) Seriously, the idea of having enough distributed inductive coils planted around your average public spot with enough juice to run and charge a laptop is a bit out there. On the plus side you could likely heat up that metal commuter mug at the same time at SBUX as you work... No junior, don't sit on the... OOPS!
The only iPhone I ever considered were the blowout 4GB at $299 when the dropped both the price and the 4GB. I'm not sure how long the Touch and Classic can overlap - I'd argue for status quo Shuffle & Nano, then a Touch at $249 and iPhones at $299 and $399.
sorry - couldn't resist.
You can delete Safari once you've loaded Opera, Firefox etc... and the machine will work just fine. That was not the case with IE/WIndows. It was not a matter of shipping-with, it was a matter of inextricably-tied. It was demonstrated in the MS case that it took four-strong-men-and-a-mule's worth of hacking to barely extricate IE from Windows. And I believe they're offering the Safari update when you get other things, and it can be refused. iTunes does rely on QT,...
As for Seagate, they were wrong that commoditized devices (under $300) could never afford to hold hard drives. (IIRC WebTV was initially shown the door by Al Shugart himself when they suggested such a thing) The vision thing may just take a bit longer at Seagate. And nothing's stopping them from getting into the SSD business. If it takes off, they stand to make more by leading the industry than collecting royalties on the interface design. They seem to assert that...
New Posts  All Forums: