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Nice backpedal though.
That was the AppleInsider sense-of-humor detector you just jammed your pinky toe on.
I hear Chuck Noland's on the case.
...they recalled them simply due to the rampant spelling errors on the bottom of the box front.
from 8.x IIRC?
either they will bite the bullet and if the iPhone costs $100 to manu, that might put the iPodTouch at less than $75 and charge $150 for it, which I would pay. or they simply will wait until nobody wants the iPodTouch and kill it. Either way I suspect no one is going to pay $249 for an IPT if the more capable phone is $199 I hope they reposition it, I fear they will just kill it.
bad for edu and xserve. lots of g5s recent in both ecosystems
Much of what's in schools is G4/G5 iMacs & eMAcs. They do need to support for 5 years, as this is a pretty good indication of how long schools hang on - 3 years under AppleCare and then gamble for a year or two. I understand the need to push things along, marketing-wise, but this is too early a drop for PPC, if they want to keep their edu market happy. Not to mention the legions of G4/G5 xserves out there. It's one thing to tell your boss you'll have to cripple...
I'm holding a 5x7 card in my hand - nice size, they could put a killer screen in one, still small enough for a one hand multitouch... I know smaller is more acceptable, but you don't want this thing in your pants pocket anyway... I still miss some of the things my Newton could do. At iPhone thickness it fits into a coat pocket and can stand to have a 75% on-screen keyboard. And also - Apple should buy jott.com - what General Magic could have been. Integrate...
Exterior: Mariani Avenue, Cupertino CA. Interior: Dolly through glass doors, pan across Bosendorfer piano. Zoom to double doors, open, revealing tall figure, fifty-ish, close cropped grey hair, blaf mock turtleneck, stonewashed jeans, no belt. POV reverses. Waist-up shot, two asian men, black suits, hands outstretched, palms up, one holds a WII controller, the other a small pile of papers. They bow at the waist, simultaneously. "Wii would like to sue you."
New Posts  All Forums: