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and I for one hope it's the lid of my iBook g4 12" reincarnated as a tablet. Given the iPod Touch and the Air, it's not too far off.
that's a patent drawing? please. i wish i'd patented buying a cup of coffee from a human with a piece of green paper. seems about as viable.
Any estimates for the size of this bad boy?
Glad to see the earth will once again spin now that people can tweak their menubar and dock. Those last three months of the earth not spinning were pure torture.
joy. that vaio is pwned.
MS would create an add-on Pez dispenser that contained chunks of recycled particle board if they thought it would drive console sales and licensee products. So, um... yeah. Blu-Ray in a heartbeat.
Apple sales not living up to spec in the most visibly Apple-hostile country on the planet? In related news, water is wet and fire is hot.
I'm amazed no one has come up with a dongle to go between the older connectors so we can all have magsafe. female g4 to magsafe to magsafe to male g4. perhaps the torque against the case is critical.
Did I miss something? I know about the screensaver mosaics - is this pending or does it exist in iPhoto now?
I thought France hates Apple. Did they put a picture of Jerry Lewis on every box?
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