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Showing up god-knows-where and having all your bookmarks in a web window on that machine was priceless.
A good number of failures can be from heating and cooling of components poorly designed or manufactured. Time is a factor. More is worse. Anything made of more than one material (each of which have different expansion rates) can separate over time. We had Apple IIs with DIP socketed RAM that failed after several years and needed cleaning and re-seating. Generally solid connections as are used in most computers today are more reliable. Look at original iBook keyboards...
Finally got brave enough to stop by the Apple Store to see the state of PS Elements. Euugghh. Can't they simple deliver a simple cocoa PS5.0 core without an interface hack, iPhoto wannabe and twelve other add-ons when all most of us need to decent photo editing and compositing? Get GIMP out of X11 and I'd likely forget how to spell Adobe.
Right on. They ignored the direct advice to move to xCode for universal development, got egg on their face and have been a year behind ever since. Amazing they couldn't simply take their lumps and make the switch and served the very population that made them what they are today. Just how obstinate can one company be?
G. As in... Gee, that's a lot of bugs! Sorry.
Agreed it has to happen, the question is how will it happen? The cell networks are the last to fall away from the we-can-charge-you-by-the-information-unit paradigm, and as of the iPhone 1.0 model I would have thought they finally "got" it, and were on the way to affordable broadband via cell phones. That was until the iPhone 2.0 model effectively doubled the data cost of having such a novel thingy, and I decided to do without an iPhone and just use a cell phone as a...
(*thud*) is the cell phone CEOs hitting the floor from fainting, realizing that if this becomes big, then they are 1 of 2 gates through which all this data will likely pass. The other (high-pitched) sound is the traditional broadband CEOs double-checking their tasers.
... so I'm still waiting for the one where PC comes running in stage left out of breath fresh from his "I'm a PC" ad... And do we have a count of hate mail for poor sean@windows.com? Please tell me that guy's getting 1 year vesting MS stock for being the whipping boy...
Great. They can use old "Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy" skits for training films. My God, what fresh hell they must face every day. To stand around a retail store and tackle the average Windows user's new problem with a mishmash of hardware. Don't forget your bandelero of rescue floppies...
In the video, the trackpad when clicked seems to actually move - can anyone confirm this, or is a button click simply a tap like the iPhone or the traditional tap-click option on the existing trackpads? (I'm hoping it actually moves...)
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