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Read what John Dvorak suggests concerning Apple. Then do the exact opposite. You will be happier, more productive and richer.
7.1 was far worse on battery life on my iPhone4. Stop laughing. Much better with 7.1.1
Luxury items? Nope. So I buy a $900 refurb'd Apple Laptop every five years. (The first big thing that'll go wrong with it already has and was fixed). Three years on Applecare, two on novenas. I part it out on eBay when the OS is no longer supported. Net outlay usually around $600 or $120 per year. My wife buys a NIB $300 HP/Acer/Dell every two or three years. We scramble to rescue the contents when it hardware-borks. We have a pile of them. Net outlay $600 over 5 years,...
Fuelband needed to be $99.
This is some sort of cruel joke, right? How about Office on your iPad. For free. Try OnLive Desktop. Windows included.
OnLive desktop.  Office.  On iOS.  Files available on the computer.  Done.  
It's all fun until someone tries to swipe away the Mack truck bearing down on their texting experience...
"Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite" Once again, the branding geniuses at MS have outdone themselves. Srsly? They're prepping System Center Configuration Manager as what, an ARD killer? Heck, they waved the Mac browser flag once Safari dropped. Bueno to the suerte with that one, guys.
Apple shouldn't have been even remotely worried about buying Oculus.  Apple makes things that people can use as they're doing the other / important things in life.  See the Verse ads for proof.  Siri means you only have to time-slice your ears (the easiest /richest sense to do so with) to be more effective than without it.  You can't do those things with a Rift on your face, and it removes the real ("OUCH!") world from your time-slicing.     MS should have been the only...
She was on Marketplace this evening, and she knows less than she thinks about how Apple works, and speculates all too much on - for lack of a better term - WWSD? I'd like her to list one thing that Steve would do differently from what Tim has done. Probably nothing of consequence. Rule 1 about writing a book is get people talking about your book. She's succeeding.
New Posts  All Forums: