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Still have my '89 shirt & badge.  
So here comes the part where suddenly / magically $299 Studio headphones will be labeled "overpriced" because they're in the Apple ecosystem...
Actually...   http://www.adonit.net/jot/script/
Bug you say? You can only get to your own anyway and all of that is in the GO menu. I for one welcome our user-less overlords!
It mentions Safari 7.0.3 - any indication that it includes the Javascript JIT upgrade that's in the WebKit nightly builds as of this week?
Still have mine. Still runs HyperCard stuff that was pretty slick at its time, still pretty impressive for B&W at that clock speed. Pagemaker in B&W was insanely useful at the time, but I can't imagine we ever did that. I have a 1280x800 desktop on my MacBook with a tattoo of the Classic desktop at native resolution. It's like looking at a Palm Pilot screen now.
Sticking with the 4s for this month's 2-year upgrade.  Why?  No need to re-purchase cables, docks, accessories, cases.  I get Siri, BT4 and an 8MP camera.  Looking at camera shoot-outs between the 4s/5/5s, I'm not convinced that it's a "$200 better" camera, and I have a much better dedicated camera for photography.  I have all of four 3rd-party apps on my phone, so 8GB is not an issue, and use very little data - about 230MB/mo.  So I can get a $55 plan instead of an $80...
Given the big deal they made about the 5c/5s still being able to work one-handed with the average thumb, I'm not sure it'll be as simple as "make-phone-bigger".  Once your fingertips are wrapped around the width of the current 4/5 frames, your thumb is kinda at it's limit.  Go another half inch and your thumb's arc becomes uselessly smaller when you grip a wider phone.  That also balances against the "thin-as-a-touch" rumors - the Touch supports two radios - BT and WiFi -...
Read what John Dvorak suggests concerning Apple. Then do the exact opposite. You will be happier, more productive and richer.
7.1 was far worse on battery life on my iPhone4. Stop laughing. Much better with 7.1.1
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