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"He adds, however, that "Apple is not a bank." " Well then please stop trying to turn it into your own private piggy bank. We get it. Your exposure on AAPL is somewhere around $450/share and you're kicking yourself. Suck it up and stay for the long haul like actual investors do. Let Apple spend its reserve on things (*cough* topsy *cough* primesense *cough*) that will put you way past $450 if you'd just have the patience the good lord gave a golden retriever.
This is huge.
Very nice.  Is there a recipe for this DIY?
Something tells me the people who planed this have never been to sea for more than a day trip to a nearby island.
So $532 is a very unattractive number for him.  
Wondering how much AAPL Carl Icahn bought at $699...  nah, that couldn't be it.
How long before Johnny Knoxville sues them over this feature?
So those of us who bought iLife and iWork in a box - the only option seems to be $90 worth of buy-again at the Mac App Store for Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iMovie and iPhoto. Or am I missing something?
Apple would make a lot of people very happy if ARD could accommodate iOS. This is the #1 request at each semi-anannual Education Tech Update. They keep pointing everyone towards MDM solutions and 3rd party things (Casper, etc.). The folks at JAMF are great - and the solutions are solid, but it would be nice to have it inside the tent so to speak.
How utterly Microsoft of them...
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