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I know Garmin OnBoard is now pretty crashy on my iPhone4 - was fine before 7.1 and Garmin claims there are no problems. Nothing else has been worse, and with animations off it's pretty snappy overall.
Do it in 7.x Make it a Garmin killer, not a Google killer.
Sony is about the only outsider I could see gaining approval. They have some very forward looking products, and they get the idea of an ecosystem with products suggesting something like a family of objects that complement each other. Toshiba would be close. I still have a Portege 2000 ultra slim laptop banging around somewhere that still runs a robotics setup and it's the closest thing to a MBA and it's from 2001?
In the renderings they show several things not evident on the article's photos - there is a railing on the 2nd floor - likely covered by code and no more dangerous than a bridge.     As for weather - there are two traditional double doors on the far left and right of the front.     Birds - yes, that's a concern.  
He won't dump anything until the share price climbs above his average position.  Which is what will happen if Apple listens to him and executes the buyback.  Which is the only reason he needs Apple to do this.  It makes no sense for them to do so for business reasons.  Investors need to remember, they are just that - investors.  Warren Buffett build his investments on stable companies that make needed things, and he lets the people who know how to run those businesses...
Lisa > MacXL 128 512 II SE30 PB1400 iBook iBookG4 MacBook
Right on.  Icahn's previous AAPL is standing at about $430.  He needs the price to go up so he can make money (=cash out).  When he does, AAPL takes a hit.  If that cascades, everyone loses (except of course those who can buy at the bottom...) It's functionally stock manipulation on his part with no long term gain for investors, and less flexibility for Apple to use their capital.  
Why am I getting a visual of MMaaaaax-x-x Headd-rroom..?
Dang. That's powerful. If you're stuck on the way he's holding the phone, then you don't get it.
Not a bad quick lesson in re-engineering a product.  ME, EE and design coming together.  
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