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R.I.P., Steve. You were an original, and you will be missed. .
Well, here's the difference between you and I: I don't care that you care. I don't have to justify my posts to you in any way, shape, or form. The end. If that's your level, you're welcome to it. .
Very likely true. I know Mel. I'm just waiting for the uber-entertaining tortured rationalization/"I'm not really wrong" spiel. Man, I'd read that while eating a carton of hot buttered popcorn. But Mel is smart, and will likely ruin the party by either a) ignoring this, or b) faking EVERYONE out and admitting, for once, that he "may have miscalculated." Which would blow everyone's mind. / I'm still betting on the tortured rationalization, though. And I wouldn't even argue...
By the same token, one could ask you why you care? 'tis a puzzlement. Well, duh. Juvenile ppl do juvenile things. How does engaging in name-calling do anything other than make you look small? Yeah, even I found the Paris Hilton argument funny, and at the time too. I still have to scratch my head over anyone who'd defend her as smart, or ignore just how bad her movies and music are. Guess you'd have to ask Mel about that one..
Nah. If you check out my 'recent posts' list, I'm hardly ever here anymore at AI... been in like three threads in the last year and a half. So, my rep here matters not a whit to me. But hey, thanks for playing. Btw, calling me names kinda just makes you look bad, not me. Though I do agree the original argument got lost in the back and forth. But, 'it takes two', an' all that. In any case, getting back to the original argument/prediction... for the record, Mel, much as I...
Wow. DC, you are that man who's big enough to admit when he's wrong. Props to you. .
Yeah, I definitely took some shots early on here too. Don't understand the need some ppl feel to knock down newcomers... especially when sometimes the veteran poster or mod winds up being wrong and the 'newb' ends up being right. Go figure.Maybe it's some sort of secret AI hazing ritual no one ever told me about. .
Still quite impressive.And I'd guess that with the significant influx of Verizon iPhone buyers from other carriers, VZ will hit 100 million users before too long... perhaps by year's end..
Well, here we are about two years later... aaaand nope, no luck needed, 'parently. Mobile email has not replaced much of anything. Texting? Still damn popular. MMS? Still damn popular. So, Final Score: TBaggins 1, Mel 0. No offense, Mel. You're a great guy. But Nostradamus, you is not.
New Posts  All Forums: