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Do you think that the 2013 Mac Pro line will be expanded downward so that a new addition would be the XMac? I'd like that personally.
You left out the X-Mac.
 Thank you!      Thank you!      Thank you! My sentiments exactly.
Since someone mentioned POWER chips earlier I have a question:   Has Apple compiled OS X to run on POWER chips and if so how did it perform?   Gene King
I'd like to ask does Apple have a strategy for the Mini which precludes Winter from getting what he wants? I could go for that myself.
I didn't realize that CDW wasn't there anymore. Is CDW gone for good or just that location?
If Apple did something dumb like release iLife for Windows I'd build my own pc and that would be that. :-)
I wonder is it economically possible for Apple to license OS X to one vendor which would produce Mac Pro level machines in the "better" and "best" category? The "good" Mac Pro could be replaced by the X-Mac. BTW, please interpret "economically possible" as profitable for Apple and affordable to those customers who presently desire those machines.
More than one person has suggested stackable Minis to increase computing power. What would have to be done hardware/software wise to accomplish this?
The computer you described above could be the X mac. Maybe Apple should sell that in its present vendor channels, drop the entry level Mac Pro and sell higher powered Mac Pros on a build to order basis. How would Apple re-sellers react to this?
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