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The first time I heard of HP was back in the 1970s - they manufactured electronic testing equipment. Bell Labs was a customer then. Have they left that business?
Has anyone seen or heard a word from an Apple executive stating the company will not produce an Xmac? If not maybe there is still hope.
Maybe I was unclear. 1) My Mac needs replacement. 2) I can't afford a Mac Pro 3) I don't want an AIO or a laptop 4) The present Mini is outdated. I am hoping that Apple will release an updated Mini [or better still an "XMac"] relatively soon. In any event I won't lose sleep because it's only a computer! Sometimes you just have to rant!
When I first heard of the Mini I thought it was supposed to be the machine which would encourage PC users to switch to Macs [since you already had a PC no monitor or keyboard is needed]. But what if you are in my position? I have a 2003 Power Mac G5 (very old in dog years). I am past time for an upgrade but my wallet says pinch pennies because there are other needs of higher priority. I don't need a new keyboard or monitor as the present ones work OK. I can't afford the...
I desperately need to replace my 2003 vintage Power Mac G5 and don't have much $$$. I would be happy if they would release an updated Mini!
http://www.cringely.com/ If he is right would this do away with the Mac Pro?
I hope I'm wrong but somehow I don't think Apple will build the mini that Marvin refers to in post #60. OTOH, if Apple manufactures a small laptop with that much power they might indeed do so.
I got my 3GS iPhone January 2010. I am hoping that when my contract is up I won't have to wait long for the iPhone 6.
No flames from me but I would like to ask a question: How do you tell when Apple is about to refresh its desktop lineup?
That's good to hear. This January 18 I will have had my 3GS iPhone for one year. I am hoping that when the contract runs out in 2012 I can get an iPhone5 with an unlimited data plan.
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