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And have you seen these!! not my thing, having a big 'Mug Me' sign above my head but, how cool
First Thoughts? well i'm sorry to be so crude but 'How the F*** did they do that' 2nd thoughts ' they have done it agean"
Yep, well I'm sorry to say that batteries are not coverd under AppleCare as stated in the TOCs, and as far as I know batteries are not coverd in most warrantys. "e. Limitations.The Plan does not cover:... ...(x) Consumable parts, such as batteries, unless damage has occurred due to a defect in materials and workmanship;" Link
The iPod now has the colour screen across the line (not the mini) note also that 'Photo' has been droped in favor of just plan old 'iPod' the 30Gb has also been droped. The new ipods now have 15h of battery life and up to 5h of SlideShows. The U2 ed has also had the same spec change. looks like they are geting all the small stuff out of the way before the press event in the comming weeks, so not too drown out the biger story ('iPhone).
If anyone can, its Apple
NIce Job, love the lower 'e' thing you did there in the Inteligent Great.
Try installing the Apple Pro App(Tiger) update, here Hope this helps
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