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Well, so far I have had my Rat MMO7, and Glide9 mat for one week, and absolutely love them. The Rat MMO7 is the best mouse I have ever used! So far not one issue! Anyone put off by issues other people have written about, I say go for it! This is running on a Mac Pro desktop 12core to boot! I feel the build quality is first rate! The Glide9 is a wonderful mat for the Rat mice. Tracking is flawless, and the mouse glides across the mat as if floating on air, with just the...
Figured out how to get the pRam reset to work. If I Plug the keyboard into the left most USB slot on the back of my Mac Pro it works fine. The Mac keyboard works in any slot.
Well, I went ahead and bought the Moshi Luna Keyboard, and here are some of my observations. I noticed that the Moshi Luna Illuminated keyboard can't perform a Pram reset by holding the p,r,option, command keys on restart. Other than that one issue the keyboard is simply a joy to use! The key's have a better more solid tactical feedback than the standard Apple keyboard. A much better height angle at 9 degrees feels very comfortable, and totally brilliant white...
Has anyone here tried the Moshi Luna keyboard? Looks like a real nice fully compatible illuminated keyboard. Would like to here your comments.
Look, we have 2 Mac Pros, 3 iMacs, 3 iPads, and 3 iPhones in my household. Not to mention multitudes of iPods. Oh ya, I really hate Apple! Give me a break fanboy!
I think all these new ads are pretty pathetic.
HP sure the hell is. I just configured one last week! Sorry, but Apple is out of exuses.
I'm giving my son my dual quad core 2.8 gig machine with the ATI 5770 video card, but only 4 gigs of ram. He is going to Windows primarily for gaming. We want to put in about a total of 12 gigs. This place is very cheap.
Looking to fill my Mac Pro Early 2008 3,1 machine with this memory before giving it to my son. Is this memory reliable, and do they stand behind it?   http://www.memoryamerica.com/3fk225672800at.html
Oh great. Yet another place to buy an iOS device. Really does Apple actually make anything else, or is this it.
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