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I have this problem with my 5.  My 5s and 6 work fine.  I've tried many different cords and computers.   The answer is simple.  The port on the 5 is bad.  The port needs to be replaced.  A simple Google search can show how to repair it if you are up to that.  Or just take it in to an iPhone repair place to get it fixed.
I'd like to have the same =period that iOS has.
I haven't reloaded my iMac since they switched to Intel chips years ago. I've had several iMacs since then, but I've always just migrated over. Over the last few years, my organizational skills decreased and now I have a small mess. I'm going to reload the iMac next week. My plan is to make a Super Duper AND a Carbon Copy Cloner on to 2 different external hard drives that I have laying around. Yes, I know it's redundant, but I don't want to lose anything. Then, I'll...
Can you point me to one?
Uh oh! It sounds like it's time to upgrade my 2010 21.5" iMac. I run with one external monitor now, but would really like to have a third one.
Can it run two external monitors?
I found a brand new, 4GB/128GB 2011 1.6 i5 on Craigslist and bought it for $900. Very good deal for me and for the seller, who actually one it in a sweepstakes. It's very slick. However, the battery drains quicker than my 2010 11.6" did. That one also drained faster after installing Lion. Hopefully a fix will be available soon.
I check many times per day and have never seen a 2011 11.6" MBA, yet.
Yep. I'm fully aware of that. I just think it's strange that there wasn't a single portable Mac available all day until early this evening. I'm just hoping for the 2011 Airs.
I knew that as soon as I posted that, they'd put some back up there. Sure enough - they did, but not the 2011's.
New Posts  All Forums: