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Photoshop Lightroom is not part of CS3, as of now AFAIK.
I still think the 2G is the superior design. The long seam where the front shell and the "scratch me to hell" back meet is worse then the small seam on the caps of the 2G nano.
No, but I can only assume they bargain with them for favorable service charges on iTunes purchases. I'm sure a multi-million dollar bill that some would have had to pay could sour them to a degree.
...and to keep the credit card companies that offer price protection happy. AE, and others sure did not like eating a 200/phone cost that customers were rightfully requesting.
We won...Thanks Screw Jobs...uhh... Steve Jobs
Here is what we do - we need to become really picky customers. Right now, my iPhone screen is dimmer on the bottom than the top. I now consider this a defect, and will now return my iPhone, and keep returning it, until I get a defect free iPhone. Before I was willing to tolerate things like this - but no longer. Every product I get from Apple must be perfect, and its its not, I will use my warranty privileges to the fullest. I will get my money back, one way...
We are the few, the proud, the iFools. Its not the money, its the idea that we iPhone early adopters were played like a fiddle; like lemmings we were. [CENTER][/CENTER]
Why the increase in size? The last iTunes have been high 20's low 30's. I know there is extra stuff w/ the new iPods - but 20 MB worth ?!?! One word... bloatware
Or, the old price is 50% higher Either way, if you bought an iPhone before today, you were made an iFool of. Yes, I'm an iFool too.
I would be happy with a free bluetooth headset, but I'd take a 75 - 100 iTunes card.
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