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Steve could have pulled this off. Eric? Not so much.
Is this the beginning of the dilution of the Apple brand? I don't see the Beat's designers bringing anything to the table that helps Apple.
Now Apple is going to sit back and laugh their balls off as Samsung wastes millions try to copy this crap.
My current library is almost 51,067 songs and Sonos is working fine for me. I have 8 zones in my house and the system is bulletproof.    
Is that an early version of the 30 pin connector in the upper photo?    
They just added another 185 lbs of suck to this project.
The tax breaks they get should be small compared to the tax revenues generated by the 3600 new jobs as well as the general stimulation of the local economy.
Got my 3 new AppleTVs today. Two installed easily and work great. The picture is improved. The third is giving me audio but no pic so I think I have an HDMI cable problem. Will try and switch the cable and see if this fixes the issue.
Tim Allen at one time had number one movie, book, and TV show in America.
New Posts  All Forums: