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Now he's all like "youtube is switiching to open VP8 format. WC3 doesn't want HTML5 to support a closed implementation of MP4 video either" double wut
Someone told me that "Xvid is Open; h264 is proprietary and you have to pay a licence fee to use it." Huh.
Obviously on this site we're going to think Steve is a legend. The man died of cancer less than a year ago, do you think it's funny using the exact same photo Apple used on their site the day he died to take the piss?
Ok, that photoshopped photo of Steve Jobs officially puts the Conan show on my s**t list.
What does Woz even do anymore? Apart from being an old face that's occasionally wheeled out for nostalgia?
  Surely Opera Mini for iPhone/iPad doesn't use Webkit? Doesn't it run everything through its own servers to compress and speed up loading times?
Wow, that video really lacks polish.
Will it run Crysis? Hells yes.
By the way, the pleasure of shitting all over you thread is all mine, and I'll continue it into the future - even if my IP has been banned. How much of an idiot are you? You DO realize that I can just register more accounts under different IP addresses? I can even subtly ruin your threads by posting ambiguous flame bait.
New Posts  All Forums: