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I changed the language, which helps a bit, but it still goes to google.fr, not google.com. It filters much of the content to English sites, but I still get a decent amount of French results. I guess I can live with it... I was just hoping there were a way to make the phone forget I am in France Thanks!
I'm wondering if anyone can help me out here. Safari on the iPhone is driving me crazy. So here's the deal... I'm an American living in Paris so when I use google to search something I usually want the results in English. Every time I use the google search bar in Safari the results are always from google.fr - then I have to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Google.com in English" link in order to get to google.com. Does anyone know how I can make...
How about a 500GB 7200RPM drive? I have the Seagate Momentus ST9500420AS in my MBP and it works great - well worth the $120!
Mr. Blurrycam is back!!!!
Ever since doing this update last night I keep getting intermittent pops or crackles coming out of my MBP speakers. Not tones, more like little pops... very annoying though. MBP Dual-Core 2.0ghz
Same thing here... perhaps we're missing something. Help please?
I'm also looking for a NAS unit, not for backing up, but as a media server. I went out yesterday and bought a Promise SmartStor NS4300N and I must say it does not seem very Mac friendly. You have to use a PC to set it up, which thankfully I have, but not really, because I keep getting cryptic error messages. I think I'll take it back to Fry's and try out another one. The ReadyNAS looks very nice, but it's $800+... I wish Apple would just make a slimmed-down Xserve...
I'm excited for it. I'm gonna go buy myself one of those sleek new keyboards!
That's very silly. You could always chop up the audio how you like in GarageBand and do this. I've tried it with tracks I didn't buy on iTunes and it works flawlessly.
New Posts  All Forums: