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I end up using OneDrive for photo backup since Microsoft is much more generous with what they provide for free (I am getting 40GB free ongoing 100GB free for the next year currently). OneDrive works great for photos and files, but I would really like to see an Apple solution that is just as good or better. I think beluga has it right -- give us iCloud storage that matches the size of storage on the device. That would make the user experience better, and also help to...
 But good for users. And at some point, they need to weigh the risk of losing business in one area to continue pushing forward and maintaining or gaining business in another area. Plus a device like this would likely not compete with the Pro line which would have much more powerful processors.   Also - with iPads much more popular than MacBooks, this could be a good way of introducing more people to OS X that may later decide to buy a full Mac computer.
 I agree. A 12" iPad that can dock or connect to a keyboard/trackpad accessory and automatically switch to OS X would have me very interested in purchasing this new device. Avoiding the need to carry two devices would be a huge benefit -- having all the benefits of iOS and OS X together in one streamlined package.  I am sure the computing power would be limited to some degree, but it wouldn't be a problem for many as long as it is powerful enough to handle common...
Unfortunately -- these iPad keyboard solutions are not nearly as elegant as what Microsoft has done with the Surface Keyboard/Cover that:   Connects magnetically directly to the tablet   Doesn't require separate batteries Has a touchpad (which I agree with the earlier comment can be very useful for certain tasks) Is not nearly as bulky   I really wish Apple would come up with something similar for the iPad. 
In my opinion, they need start with number 3 --  making some basic user interface adjustments first (per my earlier post). All the other stuff is great, but not without the basics that make things easy and joyful to use (which right now suffers greatly). 
The more channels that are added, the more obvious it becomes that the Apple TV interface needs an overhaul. Right now, it's a complete mess from a user experience perspective.   Even the top row icons could use some changes. As an example, you have Movies, TV, Music, etc. across the top. When you go into Movies or TV, you should at least see both your Apple purchases to stream and anything stored on your computer to access locally through your network (you shouldn't...
The more I look at this, the more I like it. Something I didn't see mentioned in the article is that this band includes Cortana voice functionality (but unfortunately only if you have a Windows Phone). If you could use voice with it connected to the iPhone (e.g., to set reminders, do quick replies, etc.) that would be great.
Most of the photos on Microsoft's site show it worn with the screen under your wrist -- when worn that way it's a more natural position/orientation for viewing. You turn your hand over (palm up) to view the screen -- rather than viewing like a traditional watch with your arm bent.
 As it stands right now there are so many very basic features missing from Pages it doesn't have any chance of replacing Word anytime soon.   We'll see what happens over time, but in it's current state there is just no comparison at all and no way it could be substituted for how most people use Word for work. At home, on the other hand, my daughter loves Pages for how easy it is to use to create documents - but she only needs the very basics for what she is using it for. 
 I wouldn't count Microsoft out just yet ... was just at Best Buy and noticed how many more people were trying to get a look at the new Surface tablets (with several purchases happening as I stood there), while the new iPad Air had only one or two people looking the entire time. I am also seeing many more very positive posts on the web about the Surface. Whatever Microsoft has been doing lately to get the word out seems like it may be starting to work for them. It will be...
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